The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 141 After signing a song

Sophia glanced at Fang Xiaoru and said, "I said, if you help me take revenge, my body will always belong to you.

But now I can't go with you, I will take his head and worship at my mother's grave.But don't worry, I will go to China to find you after I pray."

It is understandable to use the head of the enemy to worship your mother. Fang Xiaoru smiled slightly and said, "You are my woman. It is only natural for me to avenge you. Would you like me to accompany you to worship your mother?"

Sophia shook her head quickly and said, "No, I can do it alone."

Sophia wrapped his head in the bishop's uniform from the blood-clothed bishop.Then Fang Xiaoru was sent to France International Airport.

She looked at Fang Xiaoru's disappearing back until she disappeared at the end of her vision, and silently thanked him in her heart.

They killed the blood-clothed bishop, and the Holy See would never sit idly by.

In the Holy See, masters are like clouds.Sophia was worried that Fang Xiaoru would be involved in the revenge of the Holy See because of this incident.

However, during the period when Fang Xiaoru came to France from Geely, the domestic social platform was boiling again.

All kinds of headlines have attracted everyone's attention.

"The Queen of Gili State publicly expressed in Baijinhan Palace that she supports Princess Catherine's relationship with Fang Xiaoru!

"Shock!This year's college entrance examination champion, has a secret meeting with Princess Catherine of Geely in the hotel!

"Princess Catherine may become a Chinese wife!

"Breaking News!The heir to the queen of Geely is in love with the filial piety and ruin!

If it is said yesterday that when netizens saw the news about Fang Xiaoru's departure from Windsor Castle, they still held a ridiculous attitude.

So today, they are completely boiling!

In a secret meeting with Princess Catherine Hotel, the Queen of Gili State publicly expressed support for the exchange of the two.

Such breaking news has completely exploded China's social platform.

"Fuck! Fang Xiaoru is too fierce!"

"666, I am not convinced that he was admitted to the top pick. But this time I must take it!"

"Don't talk about it, the Oscar actor, the pop star Paul is already crying in the toilet. Manually funny."

"Strong! I actually got Princess Catherine."

"I want to know, how did this guy know Princess Catherine?"

"Same question +1"


"Hahaha, the iceberg goddess of the West, the glamorous princess Catherine, was actually taken by the people of our country. It's so happy!"

"This incident hasn't happened yet. Princess Catherine has not admitted that she is dating Fang Xiaoru."

"That's right, she is a princess of Geely, how do you think that she is a filial child?"

"You stupid upstairs, haven't you seen that Western netizens are fried. Western news has reported that Princess Catherine and Fang Xiaoru have a secret meeting in the hotel."

"Maybe they just talked about life in the hotel?"

Netizens' comments are rising at the speed of a rocket ride.Within a few hours, the number of comments reached an astonishing 100,000.

Domestically, Oona looked at the hot spot on the phone and shouted angrily:

"This bastard! How did he hook up with Princess Gili?"

Oona was very angry. There was originally an opponent Liu Mengya, but now there is another opponent who is still known as the most beautiful woman in the 21st century.

This opponent is not only noble, but also breathtakingly beautiful!

Her small mouth was pursed high, and angrily tossed the pillow on the sofa aside.

"Nana, what's the matter?"

Hearing the movement, Qi Hong who came here after hearing the news asked with concern.

Oona was very angry and wronged in her heart. She ignored Qi Hong and ran upstairs.

Qi Hong opened her mouth and suddenly saw Oona's cell phone on the sofa, and hurriedly shouted: "Nana, your cell phone."

As if she didn't hear her, Oona rushed upstairs.

Qi Hong shook his head and sighed, "This kid, what's the matter?"

She picked up Oona's mobile phone and saw the hot news on the phone at a glance.

"The Heir of the Queen of Gili State and Fang Xiaoru Hotel Secret Meeting!

She frowned and pulled it down curiously.At first glance, she was stunned.

She was stunned and muttered: "He... how does he know Princess Gili?"

Qi Hong was completely shocked by the news. Fang Xiaoru said two days ago that she was going to Gili Country, and she was still a little baffled.Unexpectedly, he actually went to see Princess Catherine, and watching the media reports, the relationship between the two is still extraordinary!

Her heart can be described as mixed, she never thought of the person she had looked down upon in every possible way.Not only did he take the lead in the college entrance examination, he was also awarded the top prize.

Nowadays, the relationship with the heir to the queen of Geely is even more ambiguous, which makes Qi Hong feel that he has always been ridiculed by the other's Xiaoru, very funny, and he is like a clown.

Liu Mengya touched the Tiffany necklace on her neck in a community of Demon Capital for a few years.What Fang Xiaoru said to her at the beginning resounded in his mind:

"This necklace is a key pendant. I will use this key to open your heart."

She wanted to pick up the phone several times, call Fang Xiaoru, and ask him what is the relationship with the Princess of Gili State.

But after repeated hesitation, she still did not make a call.She was afraid that she would hear something she didn't want to hear.

"After he returns home, ask him again. If he really wants to break up with me, I can only end this relationship."

It takes more than ten hours to fly from Paris to the magic city.

Fang Xiaoru Zhengxiang, who was sleeping on the plane, was shaken by the flight attendant.

"Mr. wake up, the plane has landed, please hurry up and get off the plane."

Fang Xiaoru nodded to the flight attendant, thanked him, and got off the plane.

After getting off the plane, he received a call from Lin Caizhe.

"Fang Shao, you can be regarded as getting through your phone. The company has a major event that requires you to make a decision!"

Fang Xiaoru asked: "What's the big deal?"

Lin Caizhe said, "Did you not inject another 90 million yuan into the company last week? I used the funds to set up the music department. In order to improve the company's reputation, we plan to sign a heavyweight singer.", ...