The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 142: 150 million signing fee

Fang Xiaoru took his cell phone and walked to the taxi pick-up area at the airport, and said: "Our company has no reputation. It is a good thing to sign a singer at the queen level. You can sign it."

Lin Caizhe said: "But Shao Fang, the signing fee for this divas is really high."

Fang Xiaoru smiled slightly and said, "As long as it is a matter of money, it is not a problem. What is her signing fee?"

Lin Caizhe replied: "At present, only a few days after the expiration of the domestic contract, only Manzhi He. Manzhi He's agent paid a signing fee of 150 million yuan for five years. The company can't get such a sky-high contract fee.

"He Manzhi?"

Her figure appeared in Fang Xiaoru's mind.He Manzhi is the queen of the new generation of singers, and has great influence among the younger generation.

Not only does she have excellent singing skills, she is also an amazing composer and lyricist.

From her debut to today, almost 80% of the songs are composed by herself.Loved by the post-90s and post-zeros, she is called the master of the jade girl.

Fang Xiaoru thought for a while, and said: "Can the 150 million signing of Manzhi He achieve the effect of causing a sensation in the entire entertainment industry?"

Lin Caizhe said: "He Manzhi is the hottest singer in the last two years. If she joins our newly created company, she will definitely attract the attention of the entire entertainment circle."

"Then sign her! You make an appointment with Manzhi He, come to our company tomorrow, I want to negotiate with her personally!"

Fang Xiaoru's most indispensable thing now is money. If the company's reputation can be established, this 150 million is nothing at all.

After tomorrow, it is a new week.The amount he needs to consume next week has reached 18384 million!

As long as it is a problem that money can solve, it is not a problem here!

"That's all right, I'll go and make an appointment with Manzhi."

Lin Caizhe hung up the phone eagerly.

For this newly opened Universe Film and Television Media Co., Ltd., Fang Xiaoru has successively invested about 160 million yuan.Now another 150 million will be invested to sign a singer queen for the company.

I have to say, Fang Xiaoru's Hao.It refreshed Lin Caizhe's senses for him again.

"It's really lucky for me to work under Fang Shao's hand!"

As soon as Lin Caizhe hung up, he couldn't wait to dial He Manzhi's agent.

But it was said that after Fang Xiaoru got off the plane, it was already more than seven o'clock in the evening in China.

He was sitting in a taxi, thinking that before going to university, he must buy a luxury car and drive, so that travel should be more convenient.

"Jingle Bell"

When the taxi drove out of the airport and came to the elevated highway, Fang Xiaoru's phone rang again.

This time it was Qin Anqi's call.

"Hey, Xiaoru. I went to the hotel and found that you have checked out. Where are you now?"

Fang Xiaoru said, "Oh, I haven't had time to tell you. I bought the ticket last night and I have returned to China now."

"Return to China?" Qin Anqi's voice suddenly became louder, "Isn't there still a third course of treatment that hasn't been performed, why are you returning to China now?"

Fang Xiaoru put his hand on the car window, feeling the cool breeze, and said: "The third treatment can only be done when she comes to her aunt. I don't have time to stay in Geely for a month."

Qin Anqi asked anxiously: "Then what should I do, Princess Catherine's illness has not completely improved yet."

Fang Xiaoru said dismissively: "You let her not get Huaxia in a month, what a big deal."

After all, he hung up.How can a doctor guard the patient's truth? There is still a big deal waiting for him in China.

Ji Liguo, Qin Anqi heard a beep in the phone and knew that the other party had hung up.

"How? Did you find him?"

Catherine, who was sitting next to Qin Anqi, quickly asked when she finished the call.

Qin Anqi shook her head and said: "I found it, but he has returned to Huaxia now. He also said that you will go to Huaxia to find him in a month."

"Back to China!"

Catherine was startled, then nodded.Said: "He also has his own business, I understand him. Then, one month later, An Qi, you take me to China. For so many years, I have never been abroad."

France, Catholic headquarters.In a magnificent conference hall, there is a round table.

On the edge of the table, sitting three purple bishops and one cardinal.

These people are all around 60 years old.

Among them, the cardinal sitting on the main seat said in a deep voice: "Everyone, you all understand the situation. One of our bishops in purple died in the birch forest next to St. Paul's Church.

When we found his body, his head had been brutally cut off.This is not only a provocation to our Catholic Church, but also disrespect and blasphemy to the Lord!

In any case, we must find the criminal and punish him to make up for the crime he committed!"

From the cardinal's voice, he could hear the anger he suppressed deep in his heart.

The faces of the three bishops in purple were also very ugly, and the cardinal who was a little earlier said:

"According to our observations, Oros' chest has sunken a lot, and it can be seen that it is a palm print. And there are no scars elsewhere on his body.

From this we can judge that Oros was killed by a palm or severely wounded, and finally his head was cut off.This kind of palm strength is amazing.I now seriously suspect that this matter was done by the King Kong of the Blood Killing List!"

After hearing the words, everyone was silent for a while.

They had all seen the corpse of the blood-clothed bishop Oros, the internal organs were all broken, and all the bones in the chest were broken.

With such strength and motivation to kill the blood-clothed bishop, only King Kong ranked sixth in the sky list!

Finally, the cardinal said with a sullen face: "In any case, let's investigate in secret to find the murderer. If it is really done by King Kong, even the blood killer will not protect him!"

At the end, a murderous air radiated from his body.Being shocked by this breath, the expressions of the three bishops in purple suddenly changed.,, ..