The richest man in the magic city

Chapter One Hundred Fifty One

Magic City, an industrial park in Jiangsong District.

Ahui drove the car and came to a square in the industrial park.

At this moment, the square was already crowded with gangster disciples.

Many famous cars parked around the square, Audi and Mercedes-Benz can be seen everywhere, and many Bentley Jaguar.

In the center of the square, a one-meter-high square platform was erected, which is the arena of this arena.

The ring is very big, about 100 square meters, far enough for two people to fight on it.

Around the ring, there were seats full of seats for the leaders of the twelve gangs of the magic city to sit and watch.

Fang Xiaoru and Sister Yun got out of the car, and before they walked a few steps, a voice stopped him.

"Fang Xiaoru?"

Fang Xiaoru turned his head and saw a woman on his left side looking at him in surprise.

The height of this woman is around 168cm, and her skin is very white and tender, like snow.

A small face is very delicate, white and red, as if a light pinch can pinch water out.

Her Qiong nose is small and exquisite, with a small beauty mole on the tip of her nose, which is more playful and cute.

She has red lips and white teeth, and she looks very healthy but she has a charming feeling.

The red V-neck T-shirt reveals her sexy collarbone and her white chest. Vaguely, she can see a looming career line, which makes people reluctant to divert their attention.

Underneath is wearing a white hot pants, with the same white flat shoes, full of moving breath.

Fang Xiaoru was taken aback for a while, he had no impression of the beautiful girl in front of him.

He asked, "Are you?"

"I'm Su Yan, Su Yan from the second grade of high school. Don't you know me?"

There was a touch of disappointment in the beautiful girl's eyes, but Fang Xiaoru didn't expect Fang Xiaoru to recognize her.

There are four recognized school talents in Magic City One Middle School.They are Liu Mengya and Ou Na from the first grade of high school, Su Yan from the second grade of high school, and the prince and concubine from the sixth grade of high school.

Among the four, Fang Xiaoru knew three.The only one she didn't know was Su Yan from the second grade of high school.

But he has also heard people say that Su Yan's origin is very mysterious. It is said that she is the granddaughter of the secretary of the Demon City Committee.

But this is just a rumor, Su Yan has never admitted.

Fang Xiaoru greeted faintly: "Su Yan, hello."

Su Yan looked at Fang Xiaoru's indifferent look, and she was surprised.

She is very confident in her charm, and the boys who she meets on weekdays don't flatter her.

But after Fang Xiaoru's closed doors, the other party didn't even know her?Could it be that he pretended to be like this on purpose, behaving differently, so as to attract his attention?


She smiled freely and said, "Fang Xiaoru, why did you come here? Today, this is the place where the underworld is fighting in the underworld. It is very dangerous."

Fang Xiaoru smiled and said, "Since it is so dangerous, why are you here?"

Su Yan was taken aback, she didn't know how to refute.

"Fang Ye, let's take a seat as soon as possible."

At this time, Sister Yun, who had been standing behind Fang Xiaoru, spoke.

"This sister is?"

Su Yan only noticed Sister Yun, glanced up and down, and a strange light flashed in her eyes.

Although Sister Yun is over 30, she maintains her skin very well, and her skin is soft and supple, no different from a woman in her twenties.

Not only did her age not reduce her points, it made her more attractive.A mature young woman charm.

Coupled with the elegant temperament of Sister Yun's body, people would think it was a lady at first glance.

"Fang Ye, it's late, the ring match is about to start."

Sister Yun looked at the seats of the other gangsters and was full of people, obviously not wanting to waste time with the little girl in front of her.

"Xiaoyan, who are these?"

This is, a handsome tall man walked to Su Yan's side.

When this man saw Sister Yun, a greedy color flashed in his eyes.

"This is my classmate Fang Xiaoru and his friend." Su Yan introduced.

"It turned out to be Xiaoyan's classmate. It seems to have come here too, wanting to watch the arena match of the Demon City Gang." The man's eyes lit up suddenly, and his eyes swept past Sister Yun when he spoke.

A stunner like Sister Yun is too attractive to young people.

He is dressed very well, with a famous brand and a Patek Philippe watch on his hand. He knows that he has an extraordinary family background.

But what is more eye-catching is not what he wears.It was his strong arms and muscles.

His muscles are not the kind of muscles that are trained in the gym.But the kind of streamlined, this kind of muscle has more strength and beauty.

His temples bulged high, and from a comprehensive observation, it was obvious that he was a practitioner.

"no need."

Fang Xiaoru glanced at the man briefly and said lightly.Then sister Yun and Yun walked to the front seat where Fangmen was written.

As for those little brothers, they can only guard the periphery, and cannot follow in.

After Fang Xiaoru killed Zhou Tianqiang, he integrated his strength and became known as Fangmen.

Seeing that Fang Xiaoru and Sister Yun didn't give any face, and walked directly in front of him, the man's eyes were filled with anger.

He turned his head and asked, "Xiaoyan, what is your classmate's status?"

When Su Yan watched Fang Xiaoru sitting in the place where the twelve gangsters of the Magic City were sitting, she was surprised and said:

"Big Brother Ding, I don't know now."

Big Brother Nading shook his head and said, "Forget it, let's go in now. The ring match is about to begin."

Speaking of the ring competition, Su Yan immediately became interested, "Big Brother Ding, you are a black belt in Taekwondo, how do these black bosses compare to you?"

Big Brother Ding smiled disdainfully and said: "These people's style of play is street gangster fights. If I didn't want to see bloody fights, I wouldn't bother to watch them.

Last time I participated in a national taekwondo competition and won the second prize. The prize money alone was 500,000.If they have the ability, they can go to the competition.Why work for the gangsters?"

Su Yan nodded, thinking that Big Brother Ding made some sense.,, ..