The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 155 You are qualified to let me remember your name

"Fang Ye, this man is too strong, let's give up this ring match!"

Sister Yun was worried, she was afraid that Fang Xiaoru would end up like that Muay Thai King Ba Song.

Although she had seen Fang Xiaoru's strength before, what the old man showed was equally shocking and stunned.With Jie Yun's eyes, she couldn't tell who was stronger between the two.

Fang Xiaoru shook his head and said faintly: "He is very strong. He is the most powerful person I have ever seen. But it is not important. It is easy for me to defeat him."

Among the attention of all the spectators, Fang Xiaoru stepped towards the ring.

The moment he boarded the ring, there was an uproar at the scene.

The gangsters who were watching the battle from the periphery began to discuss.

"I'm going! This young man is really not afraid of death. He dares to go up at this juncture. I don't know if he is stupid or has courage."

"Even the Muay Thai king Basong was shot dead. Let's just wait to see how this boy splashed blood on the spot."

"This young man is said to be the boss of Fangmen. Ha ha, after Zhou Tianqiang's death, it was a pity that such a person usurped the throne."

"Hush forbidden. Don't look at his age, but I heard that he used to kill Mr. Liu with one enemy and one hundred, and killed several hundred little brothers. Mr. Liu's palms were also cut off by him on the spot. Really ruthless."

"Hehe, do you believe this kind of rumor?"

"That's it, just a hairy boy, how can you blow so hard."

After seeing the horror of Zheng Nantian, everyone is not optimistic about Fang Xiaoru, waiting to see his good show.

To the northeast of the spectator stand.Su Yan suddenly exclaimed when she saw Fang Xiaoru walking to the ring.

"Gosh! Why did Fang Xiaoru run up? Is he going to die?"

Next to Su Yan, a middle-aged man in his 50s frowned and said, "Xiao Yan, do you know him?"

It is precisely because of this middle-aged man that Su Yan and that Big Brother Ding have the opportunity to come here to watch the game.

Su Yan looked at the ring with a worried face, grabbed the middle-aged man's arm, and begged: "Second uncle, this is a classmate from our school, and this year's college entrance examination champion. I don’t know what he has gotten into. This is up.

That old man was so powerful, Fang Xiaoru would definitely be beaten to death.Second uncle, save him!"

"What?" The second uncle was surprised when he heard the words, "The boss of Fangmen is actually a student of your school, or is this year's college entrance examination champion?"

Su Yan looked at the two already facing each other on the ring, and said anxiously: "Second Uncle, you can save him quickly. He will be beaten to death later."

The second uncle sighed with a pity in his eyes, and said, "If your grandfather is here, maybe you can stop them from the ring competition. But I'm just the head of the tax bureau. These demons are gangsters and won't sell me face."

"Yeah, Xiaoyan, as long as you go up in this kind of ring match, you will definitely have a victory or defeat." Big Brother Ding also interrupted, his face showing the look of the theater, "Maybe this Fang Xiaoru is lucky, not It's not necessarily killed."

Su Yan stomped her feet and complained: "He is a good college entrance examination champion, how can he become the leader of the underworld."

In the ring, after Zheng Nantian saw Fang Xiaoru come on stage, his original inattentive expression finally became a little more solemn.He looked up and down Xiaoru and said:

"My disciple said that you are a master of Huajin, but I have never felt the existence of internal energy from you. I think he is short-sighted.

But it’s okay. Even if you use Dahua Jin, how can the accumulation of more than ten years compare with my internal strength of decades."

Fang Xiaoru looked at Zheng Nantian calmly with his hands on his back, and said, "You are the strongest person I have ever encountered. I also look forward to your strength."

Zheng Nantian's face was stagnant, Fang Xiaoru's indifferent appearance made him startled, but then he showed a joking smile and said: "In the face of absolute strength, bluffing is useless."

Fang Xiaoru replied faintly: "Oh."

Then he said: "You are qualified to let me remember your name, so tell me your name."

Zheng Nantian chuckled and stood proudly in the middle of the ring, saying:

"Ganxi, Zheng Family Zheng Nantian!"

When he said this, everyone was shocked.

The name of the ancient martial family of the Zheng family in western Jiangxi may not have been heard by many people, but these three words Zheng Nantian, these underworld people can be described as thunderous.

Three years ago, in search of a breakthrough, Zheng Nantian went all the way north to kill the biggest gang in Sujiang Province.The corpses that killed him were all over the field, and there were more than 2,600 members including the gang leader, all of whom were seriously injured and fell into a pool of blood.

As a result, the gangs in Sujiang Province were wiped out by law and order, causing an unprecedented sensation.

So far, for three full years, the gangs in Sujiang Province have not grown up.

Zheng Nantian's reputation is too great. The twelve gangs of the Demon Capital are not at the same level as the gangs in Sujiang Province that Zheng Nantian has eliminated alone.

Even if these twelve gangs are united together, it is not worth mentioning in front of Zheng Nantian.

"It turned out to be Zheng Nantian, no wonder it's so powerful."

"Damn it, how can the Hsinchu Gang invite someone like Zheng Nantian?"

In the spectator stand, Su Yan heard the exclamation and discussion around him, and asked curiously: "Second Uncle, who is Zheng Nantian and why is everyone like this?"

The second uncle stared at Zheng Nantian tightly, and explained: "Zheng Nantian is a strong man who has already stepped into the Huajin. He is also an elder of the Zheng family of the ancient martial arts family."

"Guwu Zheng Family!" Su Yan's face changed drastically, and she had obviously heard of the name of the Zheng Family.

Although her grandfather is the secretary of the Municipal Party Committee of the Demon City, he is so authoritative and capable, but he dare not shake the Guwu Zheng family.

Because the Guwu Zheng family is a family that can directly talk to the leaders of the country!

"Fang Xiaoru is dead today!"

Su Yan couldn't bear it for a while, she still wanted to know this college entrance examination champion, who knew he was already facing a mortal situation at this moment.,, ..