The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 156: True Internal Force

On the ring, Zheng Nantian looked at Fang Xiaoru and said faintly: "My disciple Zheng Hu was cut off by you. He was a waste of martial arts. People who practice martial arts are killed if they are killed. They are really inferior to humans.

But you let him become a useless person, life is better than death.As a master, you must give me an explanation, give me an explanation for the Zheng family.I came today to seek revenge for my disciple!"

Suddenly, a majestic breath swept out from Zheng Nantian.

A whirlwind suddenly blew up in the void, and everyone subconsciously blocked them with their hands, and their hearts trembled.

This is a kind of aura and coercion unique to those who are strong. If ordinary people get close, they will probably kowtow on the ground.

Those who watched the battle were all panicked, as if something was pressing on them, very uncomfortable and depressed.

Someone exclaimed in fear:

"It's horrible, just looking at him, I feel a sense of breathlessness."

"Yeah, I feel uncomfortable and depressed."

"This Fangmen boy, even if it is true that he repelled hundreds of brothers from Mr. Liu alone, as the rumors say. But facing this Master Zheng, he has absolutely no hope. Because the other party is not a human at all! His martial arts strength It's horribly suffocating."

Everyone looked at Fang Xiaoru with a look of dead people.

Su Yan was even more scared, Huarong paled, and her eyes were full of pity.

It's a pity that I just got acquainted with such a character today, and he is about to die here.

As for the big brother Ding next to her, his face paled by Zheng Nantian's aura.

The cruelty and blood of Muay Thai King Ba Song made his heart tremble, and Zheng Nantian's appearance shattered the last trace of confidence in his heart.

He originally thought that he was a black belt in Taekwondo, the second prize in the national taekwondo competition, and he could be regarded as a master.

Now, he knew that the strength he thought was just a joke in front of the real strong.

At the center of the ring, Fang Xiaoru said contemptuously: "Your disciple Zheng Hu, martial arts is not good, deception is good. After I exposed the deception, I became angry and shot at me.

I didn't kill him, I was very kind.Since you want to avenge him and have murderous intent towards me in your heart, then you have to be prepared to be killed by me.

Your disciple can't even stop me, I hope you, a master, don't let me down."

Zheng Nantian's face was completely gloomy, his eyes were gloomy, and he said, "What a kid with sharp teeth, I hope you can be as good as your mouth."

Fang Xiaoru ignored Zheng Nantian's iron-green face and continued: "I estimated that with your strength, I need five moves to defeat you. But if I want to kill you, I only need three moves."

His voice is not loud, but not too small.The scene was silent, and everyone in the front row of the audience could hear his voice clearly.

Everyone was in an uproar again, their faces full of joy and horror.

"This kid is really overwhelmed, dare to say such things."

"I don't think he is self-defeating, he is also lacking in mind. How big is his heart to say such things when facing Master Zheng?"

"Don't look at it, the majesty of the master cannot be provoked. If he surrenders as soon as he goes up, he may still be able to save his life. Now, he will definitely be slapped to death by Master Zheng."

After Zheng Nantian heard Fang Xiaoru's words, he was so angry that his face was about to drip out of water.

"Good! Good! Good!"

He said hello three times in succession, and then leaped to the sky and swooped down towards Fang Xiaoru.

His inner strength was all over his body, shaking hands into a fist, and slamming a fist, making a buzzing sound.

This is the speed of punching too fast, exceeding the sonic boom produced by the speed of sound.

His fists are more ferocious than bullets!Being hit by such a fist, even ten centimeters of granite will be blown up instantly!

Not to mention Fang Xiaoru, who was facing his fist, even the crowd watching from behind felt a panic.

Among the spectators in the field, there are also a few strong dark players.After seeing this punch, their faces were extremely frightened.

"Inner strength possesses the body and punches like a cannonball. It is worthy of being a powerful person, and it is as terrifying as this!"

Fang Xiaoru looked at Zheng Nantian who had fallen from the sky, sneered, and said, "Although you have cultivated your internal strength, your internal strength is still too shallow, far less than your physical strength.

Perhaps with this little internal strength, you can also look down upon ordinary Huajin masters.But in my case, it is far from enough.Forget it, I will let you see what is true internal strength!"

Fang Xiaoru stepped on thunder and left and right Qinglong fist.Void punched out two punches, and the internal force came out.


There was a dull sound, and the majestic and fierce Zheng Nantian was seen flying upside down in the air.


After he landed, he retreated three steps on the ground, clutching his chest, his face was not bloody, a ray of blood spilled from the corner of his mouth, and he had obviously suffered serious injuries.

He looked at Fang Xiaoru in horror.Murmured:

"How can this be possible! You are so young, how can you have such a deep internal strength!"

"Haha." Fang Xiaoru smiled sarcastically and said:

"I said, I want you to see what is true internal strength. There is another trick. If you can resist my next trick, you can save your life. If you can't catch it, I'm afraid you will die here. It's done."

All those present who were not optimistic about Fang Xiaoru were completely stunned at this moment.

"How can this be?"

In their eyes, they couldn't imagine why Fang Xiaoru just hit two punches out of thin air, and the famous Zheng Nantian flew upside down, bleeding in his mouth.

"I don't believe it! Even if you are so young, even if you have excellent talents, it is impossible to release your internal strength at this age. You must have used some secret method!"

Zheng Nantian firmly believed that Fang Xiaoru could not possess more internal power than him. He roared in place, his figure rioted, and rushed towards Fang Xiaoru again.,, ..