The richest man in the magic city

Chapter One Hundred and Fifty-Nine Chapters

Overnight, Fang Xiaoru's reputation as Fang Ye spread throughout the underworld.

The name of Fang Xiaoru has entered the ears of the high-level leaders of the magic city.

Fangmen, such a newly emerging power, attracted everyone's attention.

The day after the ring, Lin Caizhe reported to Fang Xiaoru that his movie was finally finished.

It is planned to hold a final meeting on the weekend, and Fang Xiaoru is invited to come.

Fang Xiaoru immediately stated that he would invite all the actors to a big meal in the Royal Fantasyland.

The weekend came as scheduled, and eight tables were filled with banquets in a Tianzi box in Royal Fantasyland.

There were seven or eight people sitting on each table, and the forty-five actors and eleven behind-the-scenes staff of the movie "Song and Go" were all here.

"Wow! This is the Royal Mirage Hotel, the only seven-star hotel in the city."

"I heard that the consumption here is ridiculously high, and our table is probably worth hundreds of thousands."

"Hundreds of thousands? You are a real turtle. Have you seen the food on this table, have you seen the wine? This table will have at least millions!"

"My God! There are millions of dishes on a table, it's terrible!"

"But where does the director get so much money to invite us to dinner?"

"You don't know this, right? According to the gossip, it was the director's company boss who invited guests. The big boss has money. In his eyes, this tens of thousands is not money at all."

"Tsk tsk, rich people are rich people."

"But having said that, what company is our Director Lin?"

"You don't know this? There has been a lot of noise recently, and the world media that signed a contract with the head of Jade Girl He Manzhi at a price of 150 million is Dao Lin's company."

A crowd of actors and film crews were talking about it.

On the main table of the Tianzihao box, there are six people sitting at this time, namely the screenwriter, director and deputy director, female number one, female number two and male number one.

The screenwriter looked around and asked, "Director Lin, the people are already here, shall we not start yet?"

Lin Caizhe checked the time on the phone and said, "Don't worry, the CEO of our company will come later."

"Director Lin, will Shao Fang also attend this finale?" Zhao Wantong, who was sitting on the side, asked with a bright face and expectant expression.

Lin Caizhe nodded slightly and said, "Yes, Fang Shao heard that the filming went well, and he wants to come over and celebrate with everyone in person."


Zhao Wantong clenched her fist, her face filled with excitement.

Seeing this, the male number one sitting next to her frowned and asked: "Tongtong, who is this Fang Shao?"

"Fang Shao." Zhao Wantong couldn't help recalling the scene in the hotel that night, with a smile in her eyes, and said: "Fang Shao is the boss of Universal Media."

Male One looked at Zhao Wantong's appearance, and his brows became tighter.

He often saw this expression from those nymphomaniac girls who regressed him. He forcibly suppressed the unhappiness in his heart and said: "Tongtong, I don't know what I mentioned to you last time, how did you think about it?"

When Zhao Wantong heard the words, the smile on her face immediately closed, and said: "Wang Liang, it is impossible between us. You and I can only be ordinary friends."

The male number one Wang Liang's face suddenly turned dark. He looked around and found that no one had noticed his conversation with Zhao Wantong.

He lowered his voice and asked: "Tongtong, don't you know what I want for you? Why is it impossible between us? Am I not good enough?"

Zhao Wantong shook her head and said: "I am excellent, and I also know your intentions. But it is impossible between us."

"Why!" Wang Liang asked again.

Since he first met Zhao Wantong, he was deeply attracted by her.So I followed Zhao Wantong every day with the opportunity to film.

But no matter how he pleases, how courteous he is, Zhao Wantong just ignores him.

This made Wang Liang feel deeply frustrated.

He graduated from the Beijing Film Academy and is handsome and tall.At school, I don’t know how many girls chased him.

Three years after graduating, his reputation is getting bigger and bigger and his star rating is getting higher and higher.

But he was frustrated by a senior female student in the acting department, which made him very unwilling.

He stared at Zhao Wantong with his eyes tightly, wanting to ask why.Why did Zhao Wantong reject such an excellent him?

"Fang Shao is here!"

Suddenly, Zhao Wantong got up from her chair excitedly and ran to the door of the private room.

I saw the private room door opened and a young man walked in.

This boy is about seventeen or eighteen years old. He is dressed in black Armani casual clothes. Although he is not particularly handsome, he cannot compare with the stars.

But there is a unique temperament in him, even standing with the most handsome star, you can let people see him at first sight.

Zhao Wantong Ruyan rushed into the boy's arms like a forest, and said with joy: "Fang Shao, you are finally here."

Fang Xiaoru smiled slightly, put his arms around Zhao Wantong's willow waist, and walked towards the main table.

At this time, Lin Caizhe also saw Fang Xiaoru, got up quickly, greeted him from a distance, and respectfully said: "Thank you very much for Fang Shao's coming, Fang Shao sits here."

As he spoke, he introduced to all the actors and staff behind the scenes:

"Everyone, this is our wholly-owned investor in this movie. It is also the boss of Lin and Fang Xiaoru, the founder of Universe Media!"

As soon as Lin Caizhe's voice fell, everyone stood up and applauded to welcome Fang Xiaoru's arrival.At the same time they sighed:

"I didn't expect investors to be so young, it's incredible."

"Gosh! Who would have thought that the boss of Universe Media is so young."

"150 million signed He Manzhi, this Fang Xiao, I am afraid it is the son of a rich man in China."

Lin Caizhe clapped his palms, interrupted the discussion, and said, "In addition to inviting everyone to dinner, Fang Shao also prepared a big surprise for everyone!"

"What surprise?" someone immediately asked.

Lin Caizhe smiled mysteriously and said: "What is the surprise? We will know after eating this finale." ,,.