The richest man in the magic city

Chapter One Hundred and Sixty

After the introduction, Lin Caizhe led Fang Xiaoru to sit on the main table.

The finale banquet is also the beginning.

Royal Mirage, as a seven-star hotel.The food made is worth the price.

Even the most common dish can be made delicious by these Michelin-level chefs.

What's more, the dishes on this table are all extremely precious ingredients.

During the banquet, everyone ate very happy.

Except for one person, this person is the male number one Wang Liang.

Wang Liang's face was very green from beginning to end.

Regardless of everyone's strange gaze, Zhao Wantong kept picking up vegetables from the table and feeding them into Fang Xiaoru's mouth.

She is like an ancient maid, waiting for the master to eat with all her heart.

"Come on, Shao Fang, eat another shrimp."

Wang Liang lowered his head and cursed fiercely in his heart: "This bitch, I asked her for dinner several times, but said that I was not free. I was always cold to me, I thought she was really a cold goddess.

Unexpectedly, it turned out to be a bitch!Seeing her look like this, Fang must have given the unspoken rules.What a bitch!After Lao Tzu becomes famous, he must practice unspoken rules!"

The deputy director sitting next to Lin Caizhe asked softly in his ear: "Director Lin, are Zhao Wantong and Fang Shao a boyfriend or girlfriend?"

Lin Caizhe looked up at Fang Xiaoru, and then whispered back, "No."

The assistant director's face was startled, his eyes widened randomly, and he trembled: "Could it be..."

Lin Caizhe nodded gently, then picked up a wine glass and said, "Director Han, thanks to your assistance during this time. I respect you for this glass."

Deputy Director Han quickly picked up the wine glass and worked with Lin Caizhe.

Fortunately, he had listened to Lin Caizhe's words and didn't follow Zhao Wantong's unspoken rules.

On the opposite side of the wine table, female number two Zhang Zimei raised her glass, beside Fang Xiaoru in the aisle, smiled: "Fang Shao, I am the second female number Zhang Zimei of this movie. Thanks to Fang Shao’s investment, our film talents Filming goes on smoothly. I toast you."

After that, she lightly opened her red lips and drank all the wine in the glass in one breath.

As soon as the wine was finished, her cheek instantly turned red.

Zhang Zimei is as the name suggests, with a very charming face.

She wore a black low-cut evening gift today, and a blue crystal necklace around her neck, which was submerged in the deep career line.

It has been five years since her debut.But she has never played the female number one.

During the filming of this film, she kept wondering.Why is Zhao Wantong's acting skills inferior to her, and her appearance is 50-50 compared to her, and why can she get the role of female number one.

And now she finally understood that everything was an unspoken rule.

Seeing Zhao Wantong wishing to put the whole person into Fang Xiaoru's arms, everyone knew that their relationship was abnormal.

After Fang Xiaoru finished drinking, he nodded to Zhang Zimei and said:

"I heard from Director Lin that your acting skills are very good. If there is a chance, I look forward to you joining the big family of Universal Media."

Zhang Zimei showed a charming smile on her face and said, "I also look forward to working with Fang Shao again."

A final banquet took about two hours.

When everyone was full, Lin Caizhe stood up and said loudly:

"Everyone, be quiet, we have something to say to you from Fang Fei from World Media."

The noisy scene soon became quiet.

Fang Xiaoru just got up and said, "Everyone, Director Lin has already said that this time the finale is over, and I want to surprise everyone.

In fact, it is not a surprise, at most it is a bonus to you, thank you for your contributions in the movie "Song and Go"."

He nodded to Lin Caizhe, and Lin Caizhe came over immediately with a carton box.

Fang Xiaoru pointed to the box and said, "Everyone present, there are a total of fifty-six people. And in this box, there are also fifty-six pieces of paper.

On these notes, there are written the names of some prizes.Whatever you get, I will give it away."

A middle-aged actor raised his hand and asked, "Shao Fang, what are the prizes?"

Everyone wants to know this question.Everyone listened attentively.

Fang Xiaoru smiled slightly and said, "The prizes are divided into special prizes, first prizes, second prizes, and third prizes. Let’s start with the third prizes. The first, second and third prizes have 18 places. Among them, the third prize The prize is 1 million in cash!"


In an instant, there was an uproar at the scene, and everyone present was completely shocked. They even wondered if they had auditory hallucinations.

"I heard it right, the third prize is 1 million in cash!"

"God! There are a total of fifty-six prizes, and each of us can get a prize. In other words, even if we are bad luck, we still have 1 million cash!"

"Fang Shao, we heard that right? The third prize is 1 million in cash?"

Everyone can't believe that they are all small characters.It's nothing compared to the big stars who pay millions of dollars at every turn.

Even if Zhao Wantong played the heroine, the pay was only 100,000 yuan.

In the eyes of these people, 1 million cash is already a huge sum of money.

Fang Xiaoru raised his arm lightly and said, "Don't get excited, you guys have heard it right. The third prize is a cash prize of 1 million."

"Oh Mika! The third prize is already such a high starting point. How rich is the second prize, even the special prize?"

Everyone's eyes were hot, staring at Fang Xiaoru expectantly.

Fang Xiaoru added: "The second prize is based on the third prize, plus a Land Rover Range Rover worth 1.5 million!"

As soon as the words came out, everyone was in an uproar again, and they cheered enthusiastically.

"Fang Shao, what about the first prize, what is the first prize?"

After hearing such a generous reward, no one could sit still, looking at Fang Xiaoru eagerly.,, ..