The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 164: Fragrant Car with Beauty, Ferrari-laferrar

Fang Xiaoru put his arms around Zhao Wantong's willow, walked to the 4S store manager Sun, and said, "Manager Sun, introduce me to a car suitable for this lady."

Manager Sun was taken aback, and then smiled: "Mr. Miss, please follow me."

Under the guidance of Manager Sun, the two came to the auto exhibition area.Manager Sun asked Fang Xiaoru, "I wonder at what price you are going to buy a car?"

When Zhao Wantong heard this, she also opened her beautiful eyes, looking at Fang Xiaoru expectantly.

Fang Xiaoru smiled softly and said: "The price is not important, as long as the lady likes it."

Manager Sun's eyes lit up and he nodded and said, "I think there is a car that suits this young lady."

He walked to the Ferrari sports car exhibition area, pointed to one of the bright red sports cars and said, "Miss, look at this car, do you like this car?"

I have to say that the car introduced by Manager Sun is very good in appearance.It also matches Zhao Wantong's temperament very well.

When Zhao Wantong saw this sports car, she liked it very much.She looked around, her beautiful eyes were glowing with stars.

Manager Sun introduced: "Miss, this Ferrari LaFerrar, currently the entire magic city, is only available in our shop.

This sports car is distinguished and elegant.If I didn't admit it, you should be Zhao Wantong, miss.A female celebrity like you is a perfect match for this car."

Zhao Wantong was already very satisfied with this car. Hearing what Manager Sun said, he became even more exasperated.

She took Fang Xiaoru's hand and said expectantly: "Fang Shao, I like this car very much."

Fang Xiaoru nodded gently and said, "Since you like it, then buy it."

Zhao Wantong cheered, and immediately sent a sweet kiss, saying: "Fang Shao, I really love you so much!"

Manager Sun on the side saw this scene with a strange look on his face.Murmured in my heart:

"I'm afraid I love his money more. Hey, the current entertainment industry is really messy. This female star who has just starred in a movie has been taken care of by the rich second generation."

Of course, Fang Xiaoru and Zhao Wantong didn't know what Manager Sun thought.

After sending a sweet kiss, Zhao Wantong asked: "Manager Sun, how much does this Ferrari LaFerrar cost?"

Manager Sun smiled and replied: "Including the license, insurance, and all the procedures, it is about 23 million."

"23 million!"

When Zhao Wantong heard the words, she suddenly exclaimed.She originally thought that such a sports car was worth three or four million.Never thought it would be so expensive.

She looked at Fang Xiaoru with a complicated expression. The 22 million car was really too expensive. You can buy two houses in Modu.

Fang Xiaoru squeezed Zhao Wantong's tenderness, and said to Manager Sun, "23 million is not very expensive. Since Wantong likes it, then buy it."

Upon hearing this, Manager Sun's smile became brighter and more cordial.Together with the previous 21 Range Rover Range Rover, his performance today broke the 50 million mark.

"Okay sir, we will definitely give you the best discount. But does Ms. Zhao need a test drive?"

A touch of excitement flashed in Zhao Wantong's eyes, and she cheered excitedly.Then let go of his arms around Fang Xiaoru, nodding his head repeatedly: "Of course."

Manager Sun waved to someone to come over and arrange Zhao Wantong's test drive.And he himself has always been by Fang Xiaoru's side.

Fang Xiaoru watched Zhao Wantong drive a Ferrari-LaFerrar to the lane of the 4S store, and he couldn't help but want to buy a car.

He turned his head and asked Manager Sun, "Manager Sun, do you have a car suitable for me?"

Manager Sun narrowed his eyes and asked, "I don't know what type of car your husband likes?"

Fang Xiaoru thought for a while and replied: "Sports car, choose me a sports car."

Manager Sun kept thinking about it in his mind, and then asked: "So what is the price?"

Fang Xiaoru smiled, and said, "That said, money is not a problem. As long as I like it, it is 100 million, which is nothing to me."

Manager Sun's breathing was stagnant, and his face showed ecstasy.Then he took out his phone, called up a few pictures, and said, "How about looking at this car, sir?"

Fang Xiaoru leaned over to take a look, and saw a pure white sports car shown in the picture.

This sports car is very beautiful.The whole body is overflowing with gold, and it looks like a work of art.

The body is very domineering and unassuming, and very luxurious and noble.

Such a car, even if you put it together with hundreds of luxury sports cars, you can quickly capture its existence.

It seems to be the king of the car, as long as you look at it, it can attract your attention.

Fang Xiaoru looked at several pictures in succession and said, "This vehicle looks very good, and I like it very much. You take me to see the real thing. If it is the same as the picture, I will buy it."

"Sorry." Manager Sun apologized: "Sorry sir, we don't have the actual car for you to see here."

Fang Xiaoru frowned and asked, "What is the reason?"

Manager Sun quickly explained: "Sir, this is Lamborghini's latest VenenoRter series sports car. There are currently only nine cars in the world.

Only the last of these nine cars is left, and the last one happens to be in the headquarters of our 4S shop.We are headquartered in France, so there is currently no way to show you the real thing.

But I can guarantee that the photo is exactly the same as the real thing, without any false or PS.If you are interested in buying, I can apply to transfer this Lamborghini VenenoRter back to China."

"There are only nine cars in the world." Fang Xiaoru thought for a while and said: "You can arrange it. I bought this car."

Manager Sun was overjoyed and said hesitantly: "Sir, due to the particularity of this car, it is a limited edition, and we are going to ship it from the French headquarters, so you need to pay a deposit."

Fang Xiaoru nodded lightly and said, "This is no problem. How much is the deposit, let's talk about it."

Manager Sun immediately said: "Sir, this Lamborghini VenenoRter is priced at 5 million euros. You need to pay a deposit of 1 million euros." ,,.