The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 165 Vanity leads to depravity

But it is said that on the test drive lane of the 4S store, everyone is driving the brand new Range Rover, having fun.

After all, there are more than 1 million cars, and none of these people have ever driven such cars.

The happier they are, the more they like it. As long as they think of a car like this, they will truly become their own, and they will feel excited.

Since there were only 3 lanes on the test drive lane, everyone was divided into three rows, each with seven cars, driving the Land Rover one after another, galloping on the lane.

When they had enough hand addiction, they parked their Land Rover next to them neatly and orderly.Get out of the car and look around, looking for Fang Xiaoru.

Suddenly, a bright red sports car drove in from the entrance of the test drive lane.

"Wow! This sports car is too cool!"

The current person, the moment he saw this sports car, couldn't help exclaiming.

When the sports car drove up to the lane, it also attracted the attention of others.

They cast their eyes on this red sports car one after another.

"Ferrari-laferrar! I'm going, this is Ferrari-laferrar!"

A middle-aged man who likes cars recognized the sports car in front of him at a glance, and shouted out in shock.

"Ferrari-laferrar, what class of sports car is this?"

A young supporting actor asked with eyes wide open.

The middle-aged man looked at the sports car obsessively and sighed: "Tsk, Ferrari-laferrar, this is the world's top sports car.

I once saw its offer in China on Ferrari's official website, which cost a full 22.5 million!A complete set of procedures will probably cost 23 million!"

"Oh my God! It costs 23 million! Our Range Rover is already very good. But compared with this sports car, it's really not a star and a half."

"Don't complain, people are incomparable. If it is not for Fang Shao, we have worked hard all our lives, and we may not be able to drive the 1.5 million Range Rover."

"Yeah, that's right."

When everyone was watching the Ferrari-laferrar, suddenly someone screamed loudly:

"Look, everyone, Zhao Wantong is sitting inside!"

Just when the sports car turned a corner and drove towards everyone, everyone suddenly discovered that the person sitting in the driving seat was indeed Zhao Wantong!

"Zhao Wantong is too courageous, she dare to test drive such an expensive car, if it bumps into it, it will be over."

"But didn't Zhao Wantong only draw the third prize, and she doesn't have a car, why would she follow us here?"

Some people are puzzled about this.

Amidst the people's discussion, Zhao Wantong drove the Ferrari for a few laps, and then stopped in front of Zhang Zimei.

She opened the door and got out of the car like a proud little peacock.

Zhang Zimei had a guess in her heart, but she was still not sure, and said, "Wantong, what are you?"

With a smile on her face, Zhao Wantong said braggingly: "Fang Shao wants to give me this car. I must thank him well."

"What! Wantong, you mean, Shao Fang wants to give you this car?"

As soon as this remark came out, the frying pan suddenly came to the scene.

"This is a top sports car worth 23 million yuan. Are you sure that Shao Fang really wants to give you this car?"

Someone asked incredulously.

"Of course, as long as the procedures are completed, I can drive away." Zhao Wantong said proudly.

Fang Xiaoru gave her such a car, which made her feel very face-saving in front of everyone, and her body was light and fluttering.

She opened the door, took the driving seat, and galloped on the test drive again.

Looking at the super sports car galloping in the lane, everyone was jealous.

"What is the relationship between Zhao Wantong and Fang Shao? She obviously only won the third prize, but why Fang Shao gave her such an expensive sports car?"

"According to my guess, maybe Fang Shao is pursuing Zhao Wantong."

"It's very possible!"

"Wantong is so beautiful and her figure is comparable to a model. Fang Shao is really likely to pursue her."

At this point, a person suddenly turned red with excitement, and said: "I finally understand why Fang Shao would give us such a big benefit!"


"In order to chase Zhao Wantong, Fang Shao only needs to show his wealth. The probability of catching up with Zhao Wantong will not be greatly improved?"

His explanation was immediately rejected by everyone.

"Impossible, I don't know if you have noticed that when you were eating in the Royal Fantasyland before. As soon as Fang Shao came in, Zhao Wantong greeted him enthusiastically, and the two looked very close.

It can be judged from this that the relationship between them has long been set.There is no such thing as Fang Shao giving us benefits in order to pursue Zhao Wantong, in order to demonstrate his financial resources."

"Haha! Can't you see it yet? Zhao Wantong joined Fang Shao's Global Media before making this movie. In my opinion, she must rely on her beauty to approach Fang Shao."

When everyone heard the words, their faces changed drastically.

"You mean, she was raised by Fang Shao?"

At this time, Lin Caizhe knew that he had to stand up.He coughed twice, attracting everyone's attention.Said:

"Everyone, Shao Fang has given us such generous benefits. It is to thank everyone for their contributions to this film, not to let you gossip about his personal affairs."

After hearing Lin Caizhe's words, everyone bowed their heads, but they were more sure of the possibility of Zhao Wantong being nurtured.

Standing in the middle of the crowd, Zhang Zimei looked at the super sports car with great visual impact, struggling constantly in her heart.

In the end, he was cruel and said in his heart: "In terms of acting skills, Zhao Wantong is inferior to me. In terms of beauty and figure, I am no worse than her.

But I debuted for five years, and I haven't acted as the female number one.But Zhao Wantong can play the heroine of this film that cost nearly 100 million yuan, I am not convinced!

Such an acting career with no hope is not what I want!All that Zhao Wantong has obtained so far is nothing more than relying on unspoken rules.She can hook up less, so can I!"

There are eight out of ten women in the world who have a strong sense of comparison and vanity.

Since his debut, Zhang Zimei has abided by herself.In the face of extreme injustice, in the face of the vanity of supercars.Finally gave up the principle in my heart.,, ..