The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 167 Return to Vienna Hotel

Fang Xiaoru and Zhao Wantong sat in the 23 million sports car, and left the 4S shop first under the envious and jealous gaze of everyone.

The man envied Fang Xiaoru's youth and gold, while the woman was jealous of why the woman next to Fang Xiaoru was not himself.

Wang Liang, who had been pursuing Zhao Wantong but couldn't, looked at the back of the super sports car, sighed heavily, and laughed at himself:

"She has already approached a high-quality man like Fang Shao, so how could she like me."

Wang Liang shook his head, dispelling the idea of ​​chasing Zhao Wantong.

However, it was said that Fang Xiaoru did not leave for a long time, and the manager Sun of the 4S shop told them that the procedures were complete and they could drive on the road.

A group of 21 people, each driving a Range Rover, drove out of the 4S shop mightily.

A total of 21 identical Range Rover Range Rover appeared on the road, very domineering, attracting the attention of almost everyone on the roadside.

The four news reporters who came to hear the news immediately beamed their eyes when they saw this scene.

"There really is big news here!"

Several reporters, with photographers, swarmed up.

"Are you all the staff of a 4S shop? What are you going to do when you drive so many Land Rover?"

A reporter in the lead stopped at the front of the convoy.

The car in the front was driven by Lin Caizhe.

He saw the crowd of reporters and sighed in his heart: "Fang Shao is really witty, everything is arranged."

He opened the car door, walked down and said, "We are here to buy a car. What are you doing to stop us?"

"He is the new talented director Lin Caizhe!"

Lin Caizhe was recognized by one of the reporters as soon as he got out of the car.

Several other reporters took a closer look and found that it was indeed Lin Caizhe, the newly anticipated new director.

They immediately began to introduce themselves:

"Hello, I am a reporter from Xunteng."

"I'm a reporter from Wangyi."

"I'm a reporter from Somao News."

"I'm a reporter for Suzaku News."

Several reporters introduced themselves in twitter, and then rushed to interview Lin Caizhe.

Lin Caizhe coughed twice and said, "Don't worry, come one by one. A reporter from Soomao News, please ask first."

The reporter of Sou Mao News was named, with a happy face, and quickly asked:

"Director Lin, I heard that you are shooting a new movie recently, with an investment of more than 90 million yuan. I wonder if this news is true?"

Lin Caizhe replied: "This news is of course true. The shooting of my new movie "Song and Go" has been finished.

No, our company boss, in order to express his gratitude to us, gave each of our actors and behind-the-scenes staff a big benefit."

A reporter from Suzaku News could not wait to ask: "Director Lin, are these cars a bonus given to employees by your boss?"

Lin Caizhe smiled and nodded, and said, "Yes, our boss has prepared a generous gift for all the people involved in this movie."

Immediately, Lin Caizhe carefully explained the benefits that Fang Xiaoru had prepared to several reporters in front of him.

After listening, the shocked eyes of these reporters came out.

"God! I heard you right, there are such rich benefits!"

"My God! The lowest third prize has 1 million in cash, and the special prize is as high as 5 million!"

Several reporters were full of excitement.Needless to say, this kind of news can definitely catch on and attract people's attention.

They interviewed several actors and behind-the-scenes staff one after another, and it was not until an hour later that they ended the interview with satisfaction.

After the interview, the reporters from these four newspapers went back and started writing articles with great interest.

However, Zhao Wantong was excited to drive the newly bought Ferrari-laferrar on the streets of Magic City.

Such a super sports car worth 23 million has attracted the attention of passers-by.

Wherever it goes, it will inevitably arouse the attention and discussion of passers-by.

Most of the women who choose the path of the showbiz are women with great vanity.

Zhao Wantong is no exception. Seeing the envy and feelings of passersby, her vanity is greatly satisfied.

She turned her head and glanced at Fang Xiaoru in the front passenger seat, with a happy smile in her eyebrows, and drove to a hotel.

For some reason, Zhao Wantong drove to the Vienna Hotel.

This Vienna hotel was the first time she dedicated herself to Fang Xiaoru.

After parking the car, the two walked into the Vienna hotel for the second time holding hands.

The hotel doorman almost looked straight when he first saw this supercar.

After seeing a super beauty and a teenager come out of it, she couldn't help sighing in her heart:

"Made, the beauty of Xiangche, when I can bring such a beautiful woman who drives a supercar to the hotel to open a room, it is really a dream to wake up."

Soon, after registering the room opening information, the two came to the chief suite of the hotel.

Alone men and widows live in the same room, and the atmosphere suddenly becomes ambiguous.

Zhao Wantong took the initiative to take off the T-shirt and hot pants, and then pressed her whole hot body against Fang Xiaoru.

Feeling this graceful body with bumps and convexities, and smelling the nice fragrance.Wherever the bloody Fang Xiaoru could stand it, his body immediately reacted.

He turned around, threw Zhao Wantong onto the bed, kissed her face, and his hands and feet began to move restlessly.

Zhao Wantong's complexion was bloodshot, her exhalation was blue, her eyes were silky, and her jade arms wrapped her arms around Fang Xiaoru's neck.In Fang Xiaoru's ear, he said: "Fang Shao, I want to be your woman forever."

Unlike the first time, Zhao Wantong took the initiative this time.

Soon, a beautiful scenery appeared in the luxurious and extravagant chief suite.,, ..