The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 180: Mengya Practice

When Liu Mengya finished her breakfast, Fang Xiaoru took her out.

Fang Xiaoru took Liu Mengya directly to the park in the community where he often meditated.

Liangchen Meijing District is a villa district, and today is a working day, so there are basically no people in the park in the district.

Coupled with the open space and green grass, it is a very good place for practice.

Coming under the huge poplar tree, facing the early morning breeze, Fang Xiaoru began to explain Jiuyinzhen to Liu Mengya sentence by sentence.

"The Way of Heaven, more than damage but not enough..."

Liu Mengya is a smart person in her own right, otherwise it would not have been possible for three consecutive years to firmly occupy the first place in the whole year.

In addition, Xiaoru's explanation from the top is also very good, so she understands it quickly.

In this way, another two days passed, when it was confirmed that Liu Mengya had learned and understood all the Jiuyin Scriptures.

In the early morning of the third day, Fang Xiaoru decided to let Liu Mengya begin to enter the state of meditation, using the Jiuyin Scripture to draw and control the internal forces in the body.

Fang Xiaoru looked at Liu Mengya, who was still a little timid, and encouraged: "Mengya, remember, you must hold your dantian and feel the air in the dantian. I believe you can do it!"

Liu Mengya nodded heavily and said, "En!"

She closed her eyes and assumed a five-hearted pose, her breathing gradually eased, and she slowly entered a state of emptiness.

Fang Xiaoru stood by to avoid being disturbed and awakened Liu Mengya from this state.

I have to say that Liu Mengya's comprehension ability is very strong. The first time she meditated, it only took less than half an hour to find her breath.

Of course, this may be related to the ten years of pure internal power in her body.

After Liu Mengya found the sense of qi, she guided the internal force in her dantian to run in the veins according to the running route of the Jiuyin Scripture.

She kept in mind Fang Xiaoru's words, the first time she practiced, it's best to run the whole week.

Because of the first time, her internal force runs a week, and it takes much longer than Fang Xiaoru.

When she worked hard for a full week, two hours had passed.


A week later, Liu Mengya let out a heavy breath, she opened her eyes, and a light flashed from inside.

This is a performance of small internal strength.

"Xiaoru, it's amazing. The internal strength of Dantian is just like a kid, it's really fun."

Fang Xiaoru smiled slightly and said, "After you can run for twelve weeks, you will be able to completely control the internal forces in your body."

Liu Mengya clenched her fists and said cutely: "I must come on!"

Fang Xiaoru said again: "Okay, you have mastered the operation method of internal force, and then I will teach you how to use internal force to perform moves."

"Movements? Is it the nine-yin white bone claws and heart-destructive palms? I don't learn it. After learning these, it is easier to kill people."

Liu Mengya waved her hand repeatedly, refusing to learn.

Without learning moves, she would have killed people.Wouldn't it be even more dangerous if you learn these terrifying martial arts techniques.

"Mengya, your idea is wrong. Learning martial arts is to protect yourself. Think about it, if one day you meet a bad guy, you can easily subdue the bad guy with martial arts.

You only need to practice the Nine Yin Scriptures diligently to strengthen your control over your internal forces. At that time, it is up to you to decide whether to hurt or kill."

Finally, under Fang Xiaoru's painstaking explanation, Liu Mengya also thought he was right.

She nodded and said, "Okay, I will learn."

"Okay, I will teach you Jiuyin White Bone Claws first, and after you learn it, I will teach you the Nine Spiral Nine Shadows."

Fang Xiaoru is undoubtedly a good teacher, and Liu Mengya is also a good student.

The two are dedicated to teaching and the other is serious in learning.

One day passed, Liu Mengya's Jiuyin White Bone Claws also learned the same.

She swiped a paw, and if she cooperated with her internal force, she could also bring up a strong wind.

According to Fang Xiaoru's calculation, if Liu Mengya can fully control the internal force in the body, plus the Jiuyin Scripture, her strength will crush all the strong dark powers, and even fight against the Huajin masters.

After five o'clock in the afternoon, more people went to work.

Fang Xiaoru asked Liu Mengya to stop her cultivation and said, "Okay! Mengya, you are making rapid progress. Go back today and take a good rest. We will continue tomorrow morning."

After a day of practice, Liu Mengya was already tired and sweating.

But she didn't cry out for suffering. Compared with practicing qigong, when she was eight years old, she often did hard housework to help her mother.

When I was young, I was not tall enough to reach the kitchen counter.She was standing on a small stool, tiptoeing, and learning to cook.

At that time, she was often splashed on her skin by hot oil and water.But she never complained of pain, let alone complained.

The immature face is full of perseverance.

Just like her practice today, after four or five hours of continuous practice of Jiuyin White Bone Claw, her fingers became stiff and very painful.

But she always endured it and did not shout out.

Fang Xiaoru felt heartache in his eyes.

But practice is inevitably a process of enduring hardship, so he didn't let her stop practicing because of his distress for Liu Mengya.

At the end of one day, the next day came as scheduled.

As the red sun in the east rose, Fang Xiaoru and Liu Mengya appeared under the poplar again.

The first thing is to meditate and cultivate internal power.

Today, Liu Mengya's operation time is a few minutes faster than yesterday, which is a slight improvement.

But this speed is still not enough. Fang Xiaoru asked her to run a week in half an hour.

There is still a big gap to this goal.

After the meditation is over, the sun has risen, and the time has reached more than eight o'clock.

Fang Xiaoru checked Liu Mengya's fingers again, and there was no problem.Then he said: "Mengya, you try to attach all your internal strength to your fingers, and hit this poplar tree with all your strength, let me see the power."

"it is good."

Liu Mengya agreed, and she was also very curious about the power of the nine-yin white bone claw she had practiced.

She stood in front of the poplar tree, and the Jiuyin Scriptures circulated, pour the inner force on her fingers strangely, and then waved a claw towards the poplar tree in front of her from top to bottom.


The poplar tree that was at least five hundred years old, under Liu Mengya's claw, looked as vulnerable as tofu.

The degree of hardness of poplar trees over five hundred years is self-evident.

But Liu Mengya went down with this claw, but left a deep paw print on it.

"What kind of martial arts is this? It's terrible!!"

But at this moment, behind the two of them, there was a sound of shock.

Fang Xiaoru turned her head and saw that it was Xi Guogang and her granddaughter Xi Qiuwei who came here for a walk again.

The person who was shocked just now was Xi Guogang.

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