The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 182: Demon Capital Military Region

It was said that Fang Xiaoru continued to guide Liu Mengya in the park to practice martial arts, and Xi Guo just left the park and immediately set off, rushing to the Magic City Military District in a hurry.

The China Empire, as one of the world's largest political economy, also has the largest and most powerful army in the world.

The Modu Military Region is one of the eight military regions of China.

There are 4 group armies and 1 category A unit.The strength of the several armies under his command is relatively even, and because they are located in the magic capital, they are mostly light troops.

In recent years, due to the tense situation with Fusang, the renewal of military equipment has accelerated, and three amphibious mechanized divisions have been formed. The training intensity and level have improved by leaps and bounds. The overall strength has been greatly improved from a few years ago, ranking fourth among the eight military regions.

In the entire Demon Capital Military Region, there are about 350,000 people in all the armed forces.

The number is medium among all military districts, but its navy ranks first.

The trump card special forces that Xi Guogang asked Fang Xiaoru to train were selected from these 350,000 soldiers through selection.

This trump card special force is called Lijian, with a total of 18 people, but every year new people join in and the old people are kicked out.

This is an extremely competitive troop. Among the eighteen people, each of them is the king of soldiers.

They are all the strongest fighters out of a million!

At this time, the Special Forces of Sharp Sword is carrying out heavy cross-country.

They can carry up to 100 kilograms!

This is a weight that ordinary people can't carry on their backs, but they have to run 20 kilometers with a heavy load!

This kind of training intensity is suffocating just to think about it.

The chief instructor of the Sharp Sword Special Forces is standing on an off-road vehicle, holding a microphone and constantly lashing.

"Hurry up! Hurry up! Haven't you all eaten?"

"Look at your speed, it's not even as good as a girl."

"In two months, the U.S. emperor and the soldiers of the Bangzi country will come to our magic capital military area for friendship and exchanges."

"If you lose, you will lose all the face of our Demon Capital Military Region!"

"At that time, not only Lao Mei and Bangzi will look down on us, but even our other military district brothers will look down on our Special Forces of Sharp Sword and our Magic Capital Military Region!"

Under the whipping of the chief instructor, the special soldiers, all with red eyes, gritted their teeth and ran quickly.

"Colon Lin, the commander is looking for you."

In the distance, a soldier drove over in an off-road vehicle and said to the chief instructor.

Colonel Lin was taken aback, and asked, "What is the commander doing with me?"

The soldier said: "I don't know, but it should be related to General Xi. General Xi went to the commander's office just now, and the commander asked me to call you over."

"Old General Xi?!"

Colonel Lin was happy. He admired Xi Guogang very much. He grew up listening to his story of the War of Resistance.

He handed the horn to a deputy instructor in the back seat and said, "I'll leave it to you here. I'll go first."

With that, he jumped off the buggy and got into the soldier's car.

A few minutes later, Colonel Lin came to the commander's office.

As soon as he entered the office, Colonel Lin immediately gave a standard military salute and shouted:

"Report to Commander, General Xi, and Colonel Lin Lei to report!"

The commander is not young, his hair is half white and black.He chuckled and said, "Xiao Lin, it's not me looking for you today. It's our General Xi who is looking for you for something."

Colonel Lin turned forty-five degrees, facing Xi Guogang who was sitting in the chair, and shouted loudly:

"General Xi, please instruct!"

Xi Guogang smiled and said, "I have retired for two years, so I don't need to call me General Xi anymore. Don't stand and sit down."


Lin Lei stepped to the side of the chair and sat upright.Looking at Xi Guogang's eyes, there was a wave of worship and enthusiasm.

Xi Guogang is a legend in the army.

His accomplishments and bravery on the battlefield made countless soldiers yearn for.

Before he retired, he was the commander of this magic capital military area.

The current commander is his company commander during the Anti-Japanese War.

Xi Guo just took a sip of tea and said, "Xiao Lin, I came to you this time because I have something to tell you.

As for me, I met a martial arts master who is very powerful.I told him today, let him train your sword special forces for a week."


Lin Lei bounced off his chair excitedly upon hearing this.His face was full of sadness.

"General Xi, is this not trusting me?"

Xi Guogang sighed and said, "Xiao Lin, it's not that I don't trust you. It's that the other party has unimaginable strength. You know, this time we compete against the American emperor and the soldiers of the Bangzi country, and our chances of winning are not great."

Lin Lei's face was blue and purple, and finally he said, "What's the use of letting him train for a week. Don't let our soldiers regress when the time comes."

Xi Guogang shook his head and said, "I understand your feelings. Well, I will contact him these two days, and then you will pick him up with me. After you have seen his strength, there will be no such thing. Thoughts."

Lin Lei patted his chest vigorously, and said loudly, "Okay! Just as General Xi said, if he is as powerful as you said, I have no opinion!"

Xi Guogang nodded and said, "Okay, you can go down and work."


Lin Lei stood up, walked out of the office at a standard soldier's pace.

After Lin Lei left, the commander curiously asked: "Old regiment leader, then what Fang Xiaoru is really as powerful as you said?"

Xi Guogang sighed: "What I see is only the surface. His true strength must be more terrifying than what I said."

"In the past few years, there are not many young people who can be praised like you. Now even I want to see what Fang Xiaoru is capable of. Even the old leader of you is so praised."

The commander said expectantly.

Xi Guogang smiled confidently and said, "You will definitely be shocked by him."