The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 185: Demon City Gangsters Gather Again

After having dinner with Liu Mengya, Fang Xiaoru sent her home safely.

Before leaving, Fang Xiaoru said: "Mengya, I have something to do tomorrow. You take a day off and we will continue the day after tomorrow."

Liu Mengya nodded, not knowing whether it was because of a good mood or what was going on, she stood on tiptoe and offered Fang Xiaoru a parting kiss.

After the kiss, his face flushed.Head down and walk in.

"I'm going in, you must pay attention to safety."

Fang Xiaoru covered the place where Liu Mengya had kissed just now, with a smile on his face.

With a happy mood, he turned and left.

The next day, which is Saturday.

At the same time, it was also the 15th day since the last Modu Gangs Challenge.

On this day, it was the time limit set by Fang Xiaoru for the gangsters.

Fifteen days to consider time, surrender to Fangmen, or resist, all have to make a decision today.

At noon on Saturday, the Wangjiang Pavilion King's Box.

Except for Fang Xiaoru, all the twelve gangsters in the magic capital have arrived.

These gangsters are all nervous and nervous.

They had already seen Fang Xiaoru's strength, and he was so tough.

The gang originally followed the rule that the strong is king, and if they oppose the choice and Fang Xiaoru, they will definitely not end well.

Because he alone has the ability to destroy a gang!

The gangsters all looked gloomy.

"What to do, the fifteen-day deadline has come. If we don't submit to Fangmen, we will definitely be brutally attacked by Fang Xiaoru!"

"The boss of Fangmen is not something we can offend. He has shown his prowess since March of this year. He first killed Zhou Tianqiang and took over Zhou Tianqiang's territory.

Later, we met with Wenqiang, the biggest gangster in the capital. It is said that Mr. Liu's withdrawal from the capital was also related to Fang Xiaoru."

"He has the strength far beyond our ordinary people, and in the past two months, Fangmen has gradually absorbed Mr. Liu's influence.

Today's Fangmen is so powerful that it surpasses any of our gangs.Now it seems that there is really no way to deal with this Fangmen."

"There is no way to deal with Fangmen, but I am not reconciled! I have been working hard for half my life before sitting in the position of boss. Now I want me to surrender to this hairy boy, I am unwilling!" One of the big guys said Grumble.

"Hush! Forbidden! You don't want to live anymore, so you dare to say that he is a hairy boy."

Hearing this, the big man's heart suddenly tightened.

He quickly looked around and found that the people from Fangmen hadn't come yet, he couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief.

Suddenly, she fell silent, afraid to speak ill of Fang Xiaoru, for fear of causing trouble for herself.

Among these bigwigs, only the boss of the Hsinchu Gang was not worried and uneasy.

His old god was sitting on the side, drinking tea leisurely.

Beside this Hsinchu gang boss, two people were sitting.

One of them was shrouded in black robes, making it difficult to see his appearance and age, but based on his sluggish body, it could be judged that this was an elderly man.

The other one was a burly old man.

Yes, a burly old man!

This old man looks sixty years old.But the spirit and spirit are very abundant, his face is ruddy and his complexion is very good.

His eyes are piercing, and his temples are puffed up.

But the most impressive thing is his aura.

He just sat there, giving people the feeling of a tiger going down the mountain.

If ordinary people look at him, they will lose their minds and feel scared involuntarily.

These two people are the descendant teacher Pute from Malaya, and Zheng Xishan, the guardian elder of the ancient Wu Zheng family in Ganxi Province!

They rushed to the magic city two days ago, and wanted to find Fang Xiaoru to avenge Zheng Nantian and Zheng Hu.

After coming to the magic city, Pute took the initiative to contact the boss of the Hsinchu Gang.

In the last ring contest, Zheng Nantian represented him in the ring.

The three of them summed up, and decided to attack Fang Xiaoru when he gathered the big gangsters in the magic city today.

"Senior, Fang Xiaoru is very strong. He only used three moves to kill Zheng Nantian.

When you fight with him later, don't relax.Be sure to do your best from the start!

As long as you hold Fang Xiaoru in check, I can cast my head-down technique in secret and kill him in one fell swoop!"

Pute spoke to Zheng Xishan in a bad Cantonese.

Zheng Xishan sat there with the golden sword, sneered and said:

"It's just a mere change of energy, how can it be put in the eyes of the old man? Although he killed Nan Tian with three moves, he still didn't look enough in front of the old man.

Fifteen years ago, the old man had already broken through to Huajin.Now one foot has stepped into the threshold of Gangjin, at the peak of Huajin.

Except for the strong in Gang Jin, no one is my opponent in the transformation.As long as he is not strong, I kill him like a chicken!"

Gang Jin, also known as the master.Once you enter Gangjin, you are a master.In ancient times, he was also a big man who was able to start a school.

According to Zheng Xishan's knowledge, Fang Xiaoru was only eighteen years old.He could cultivate vigorously, and the eyes that had shocked him almost came out.

If Fang Xiaoru had the strength of Gang Jin and was a master-level powerhouse, he would not believe that Zheng Xishan was killed.

Just when everyone in the king's box was anxious and talking.

The door of the box opened, and Fang Xiaoru walked in, surrounded by sister Yun and Ahui.

His body seemed to have another huge aura.

When he walked into the private room, the noisy scene immediately fell silent.

Except for Zheng Xishan, Pute, and the boss of the Hsinchu Gang, everyone stood up to welcome Fang Xiaoru's arrival.

Fang Xiaoru strode like the wind and walked to the main position.

He glanced around, and all the gangsters of the magic city were present.

He nodded in satisfaction and said: "Sit down, everyone sit down."