The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 188 The Dragon Fights Against the Wild

Lin Lei's mouth opened wide enough to fit an egg.

His eyes were full of shock, and he looked at the battle ahead with disbelief.

Looking ahead, Fang Xiaoru, like a dragon, slapped Zheng Xishan with a shocking palm.

Zheng Xishan's thunderous fist was broken in an instant.

With the middle palm of his abdomen, he flew high, and then fell like a kite that dropped.

He was lying on the ground, coughing up blood from his mouth.

"How can this be!"

Lin Lei was shocked to speak when he saw this scene.

The vulnerable young man in his eyes actually vomited blood from Zheng Xishan who made him feel fear and jealousy from the bottom of his heart!

"Hehe, I said a long time ago that Xiao Fang is a master with internal strength. His strength is far beyond our imagination."

Xi Guogang, who was sitting on the sidelines, looked unpleasant.

Lin Lei did not speak, but stared at the two people in the field closely.

Zheng Xishan staggered to his feet, fixed his eyes on Fang Xiaoru, and said:

"You have stepped into Gang Jin, a master-level powerhouse! But there can be no such young powerhouse in the world as you."

Fang Xiaoru smiled, shook his head, and said, "You are too weak, and your internal strength is too rough. Forty years' internal strength is not as good as my ten years.

And your boxing technique is also crude.I thought I could meet an opponent who would make me enjoy myself. It seems that you, like Zheng Nantian, will also die under my third move."

Zheng Xishan's face changed constantly when he heard the words, making it very ugly.

Finally, he gritted his teeth, glared at Fang Xiaoru, and said, "Don't think you have won, I still have a hole card!"

He put his hands on the acupuncture points on his body, and then took out a red pill from his pocket.

He hesitated for less than a second before swallowing the pill in one bite.

As soon as the pill was swallowed, Zheng Xishan's face flushed.

His whole body muscles have skyrocketed, and the blue veins spread all over the skin like a horned dragon.

Fang Xiaoru frowned, he felt Zheng Xishan's inner strength, and instantly boiled.

He whispered: "Burn your internal power to increase your instantaneous explosive power. Even if you don't die, your veins will break. At the slightest level, your skill will regress, and at worst, you will become a useless person."

Zheng Xishan's whole body was hot.The burning of internal force gave him the strongest power for a short time.

He looked at Fang Xiaoru, grinned and said, "It seems that you also know this method of stimulating potential and burning internal energy. Now, I have the power of strong strength, and you have no chance!"

He yelled, and his inner strength came out, clinging to his fist.Then he slammed a punch at Fang Xiaoru.


This punch produced a violent sonic boom.

Zheng Xishan forcibly stimulated his potential, burned his internal power, and his strength was greatly increased.

He was determined to win this punch!

Fang Xiaoru's expression remained the same, without lifting his eyelids.He said flatly: "In front of absolute power, any resistance is of no use.

I have already said that your internal strength is rough, and forty years are not as good as my ten years.What's more, I have 70 years of skill!"

Suddenly, just as Fang Xiaoru was about to fight back, his body suddenly became stiff.

His limbs couldn't move for an instant, as if they had been numbed with anesthetic.

Seeing Fang Xiaoru motionless, Zheng Xishan's eyes flashed with joy.Unabated, the fist slammed into his chest.

Upon seeing this, Fang Xiaoru hurriedly ran the Jiuyin Scripture, his internal strength surged to his chest, covering the vitals.


Zheng Xishan's fist hit Fang Xiaoru's chest hard, knocking him back three or four steps.

It was after Zheng Xishan's punch that Fang Xiaoru's numbness disappeared.

His eyes quickly searched around, and finally caught a person covered in black robe.

This black-robed man made a strange movement with his hands, and he was also chanting something he couldn't understand.

"Dare to plot against me!"

Fang Xiaoru's figure moved, leaving a series of afterimages in the air, and appeared in front of the black robe man in the next moment.

Without saying anything, he directly slapped the black-robed man with a palm.

Under his angry palm, the black-robed man even vomited blood and died before he could react and scream!

It turned out that Fang Xiaoru was out of control just now and became rigid.It is this black-robed man, it is this ghost who is called Pute, who is doing it!

The people present did not react at all, but felt a flower in front of them. Fang Xiaoru, who was repelled by Zheng Xishan, suddenly appeared in front of the black robe man and shot him to death with a palm.

The tragic death of the black-robed man shocked the gang boss present.

The only Hsinchu gang boss who had dared to jump before had no confidence at this time.

He was in the corner of the box, for fear of being seen by Fang Xiaoru.

On the other side, Zheng Xishan looked at Fang Xiaoru with an incredible face and shouted:

"It hit me, since you are not injured!"

"This is impossible! This is impossible!"

He yelled, like a wounded beast, waved a storm fist, and once again killed Fang Xiaoru.

"The worm shakes the tree, since you are looking for death, then I will fulfill you!"

Fang Xiaoru's eyes flashed, and the internal force surged out.

I saw his left leg bend slightly, his right arm bent inward, his right palm drew a circle, and with a whirr, he pushed out.

"The dragon is fighting wild!"


A thunderous sound came, Fang Xiaoru's move Kang Long regretted, and he slapped Zheng Xishan's chest heavily.

Zheng Xishan flew out like a cannonball, knocking down the walls of the box!

He sprayed three mouthfuls of blood and lay outside the king's box, not knowing whether it was alive or dead.

Fortunately, due to the meeting with the big gangsters in the magic city today, Sister Yun anticipated that this kind of fighting scene would occur, so she asked Wangjiang Pavilion to suspend business in advance.

Otherwise, this scene must frighten the visitors.

However, the guests were not surprised.However, Lin Lei, the chief instructor of the gangster and the chief instructor of the sword and special beads army, was terrified!,, ..