The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 201 Land and Resources Bureau Auction

Lin Caizhe frowned and said, "Shao Fang, I also know that piece of land. It will be auctioned on Wednesday, the day after tomorrow.

But as far as I know, many big companies have taken a fancy to that piece of land.According to market conditions in previous years, this land is likely to break the record of 100,000 square meters.

Our company has just gotten on the right track and has not yet begun to make a profit.Fang has less than 300 million of the capital you invested before and after.

If you want to bid for this piece of land, judging from the company's current funds, it is far from enough."

"Who said I would use company money?"

Fang Xiaoru turned around, sat back in the boss chair, and said:

"We will start bidding on Wednesday, right? You will remind me when the time comes. Let's go and photograph this land together."

Lin Caizhe looked at Fang Xiaoru like this, and didn't know whether he was short of money.

His heart beat violently, and his eyes flashed with excitement.

I feel lucky that I met Fang Xiaoru more and more.

He resisted the excitement in his heart and said, "Yes! Shao Fang!"

Two days later, Wednesday.

Fang Xiaoru, Lin Caizhe and He Manzhi came to the Land and Resources Bureau of Demon Capital.

Fang Xiaoru originally planned to take Lin Caizhe alone, but He Manzhi didn't know where he heard that Fang Xiaoru was going to participate in an auction, so he became curious and wanted to go with him.

Fang Xiaoru did not refuse the beauties who asked for each other and was an artist of his own company.

A group of three people had just arrived at the entrance of the Land and Resources Bureau and was about to walk in when they were stopped by the security guard at the entrance.

"Sir, please show me the invitation."

"Invitation?" Fang Xiaoru frowned and asked Lin Caizhe: "Don't you have an invitation?"

There was a cold sweat on Lin Caizhe's forehead, and he said anxiously, "Shao Fang, I have never participated in this kind of auction. I didn't know if I wanted an invitation, so I didn't think about it."

"Sorry sir, you can't enter without an invitation."

The security guard stopped at the door, acting like an inflexible man.

In this auction, the Bureau of Land and Resources participated in some large domestic companies.

After all, the 20,000 square meters of land cannot be photographed by any company.

In order to prevent too many participating companies, they issued invitations to those companies interested in auctioning.

Just as Fang Xiaoru was thinking about how to get in, a voice came from behind him.

"Master Fang, please wait a moment."

Fang Xiaoru looked back and saw a middle-aged man getting lucky and got off an S-series Mercedes-Benz.

With a black briefcase in his hand, he quickly ran to Fang Xiaoru.

He looked at Fang Xiaoru, his eyes lit up with a hint of joy on his face, and said, "Hello, Master Fang, I didn't expect to be able to meet you here."

Fang Xiaoru frowned and asked, "Are you?"

The blessed middle-aged man patted himself on the head and said, "Hi! Look at me, I am really confused.

Master Fang, I am the son of Kong Lecheng at Fenglin Villa, Kong Donglai."

Fang Xiaoru stretched his brows and nodded: "It turns out that it is Mr. Kong's son. Do you want to participate in this auction. It just so happens that I don't have an invitation, so you can take us in."

With a smile on his face, Kong Donglai quickly said: "It is my blessing to be able to do Master Fang a favor."

He took out an invitation card from his briefcase and handed it to the security guard, saying, "Master Fang, can you go in with me?"

The security guard looked at the name on the invitation, which was written in big characters like Kong Donglai, general manager of Fenglin Tea House.

As a well-known domestic enterprise, Fenglin Tea House does not dare to neglect the security.

He flashed his body, moved aside, and said, "Of course, please come in."

A group of people walked into the Bureau of Land and Resources, and under the guidance of the signs, they all came to the auction hall of the Bureau of Land and Resources.

The auction hall of the Bureau of Land and Resources is magnificent, and there are already a group of people sitting in twos and threes.

Looking at their dresses, they are all extraordinary, and they are very generous, and at first glance they are not ordinary people.

The people who come here are all demon capitals and even wealthy businessmen across the country.

The company represented by each person is a giant.

"President Kong, you are here too."

"Good morning, Mr. Kong."

"Is President Kong's father healthy?"

"It's over. Fenglin Tea House has also taken a fancy to this land. It seems that we have no chance."

As soon as Fang Xiaoru and his party entered the auction hall, many people recognized Kong Donglai's identity and stepped forward to say hello.

Although all of them are the big names of the rich, but after all, what Kong Donglai represents is Fenglin Tea House, which is the top group of companies in China.

Amidst the friendly greetings, a cold snort suddenly came from the front left:

"Fenglin Tea House is no longer what it used to be. The future tea business will definitely belong to Jazz Xiangjiang Tea."

Kong Donglai's face changed and he looked to the front left.

I saw a tall, pretty woman sitting on a chair.

Her chin was raised high and she was looking at Kong Donglai with disdain.

After Kong Donglai saw her face, his pupils shrank slightly.Also sneered:

"Who is it? It turned out to be Zhou Ziyuan of Xiangjiang. Although your Xiangjiang Jazz tea has been growing in recent years, you want to catch up with my Fenglin Tea House. I am afraid it is not that simple."

With that said, Kong Donglai sullenly went to sit down.

The proud woman named Zhou Ziyi looked at Kong Donglai, her eyes flashed with disdain.

"Fenglin Tea House cannot keep up with the times. It has become a thing of the past. The tea market in the future will definitely belong to Jazz Xiangjiang Tea."

Fang Xiaoru glanced at the woman and took He Manzhi and Lin Caizhe to sit next to Kong Donglai, waiting for the start of the auction.

He said to Kong Dong: "I really thank you just now for bringing us in."

Kong Donglai faced Fang Xiaoru, the gloominess on his face was hidden by him, and he smiled: "Master Fang is polite, it's just a trivial matter."

Fang Xiaoru shook his head and said, "Although it is a trivial matter, I don't like to owe favors. Isn't your father always begging me for vitality and blood pills? Today I will give you two."

When Kong Donglai heard the words, his eyes widened immediately, and his face was full of excitement: "That's really grateful to Master Fang!"

The reason why he respected the other party Xiaoru so much, besides his father's special explanation, the more important thing was that he came for the Qi and Blood Pill.

Last time his father asked for two Qi and Blood Pills, and he and his mother took one. The Qi and blood immediately improved a lot.

Now Fang Xiaoru offered to use two Qi and Blood Pills as a thank-you, which really made him overjoyed.

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