The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 209 Meeting Zhou Ziyuan again

"I'll go to the bathroom."

Halfway through the meal, Fang Xiaoru got up and walked to the bathroom.

"Fang Xiaoru!"

Just as Fang Xiaoru had gone to the bathroom and came out after washing his hands, a cold female voice stopped him.

Fang Xiaoru turned around and found a beautiful woman with a beautiful face standing behind.

This woman is exactly Zhou Ziyuan, a cold and arrogant woman from Xiangjiang who met in the Bureau of Land and Resources yesterday.

"It's you?"

After seeing the person who came, Fang Xiaoru frowned.

This woman is beautiful, even more beautiful than any other woman he has ever seen. Even the head of the jade lady, He Manzhi, can't compare to her.

But her temperament is too cold and arrogant, even more arrogant than Princess Catherine of Gili, as if she is a high queen.

Zhou Ziyuan walked up to Fang Xiaoru, raised her chin high, and said, "Fang Xiaoru, I didn't expect to meet you here. I have something to talk to you."

Fang Xiaoru looked at this woman who put on high heels and was a line taller than himself, and refused, saying:

"I don't even know you, there is nothing to talk about between you and me."

With that, she pushed Zhou Ziyuan away and walked past her.

When she was rejected like this for the second time, Zhou Ziyuan's eyes were angry, she shouted loudly:


However, Fang Xiaoru ignored him at all and walked straight ahead.

"Why are you so innocent of a gentleman, Miss Zhou has something to tell you, are you deaf?"

Suddenly, a handsome man with a decent dress, shiny hair and a precious watch on his hand walked up to Fang Xiaoru and blocked his way.

"Fang Xiaoru, I really have something to talk to you."

Seeing that Fang Xiaoru was stopped, Zhou Ziyuan hurried up.

In a hurry, she even pulled Fang Xiaoru's arm directly, for fear that he would leave again.

Fang Xiaoru glanced at Zhou Ziyuan and said, "I'm celebrating for a friend. I can only give you five minutes."

"Okay, five minutes is five minutes. You and me go to the previous card discussion."

Zhou Ziyuan led Fang Xiaoru directly to the deck by the window.

The handsome man who stopped Fang Xiaoru just now also followed.

He sat at the deck next door and said to Zhou Ziyuan: "Miss Zhou, you will talk about you first. I will sit next door."

Zhou Ziyuan didn't want to talk to him, so she nodded perfunctorily.

"Go ahead, what do you want to talk to me?"

After sitting down, Fang Xiaoru asked lightly.

Zhou Ziyuan said sincerely: "Fang Xiaoru, the land auctioned by the Land and Resources Bureau yesterday is extremely important to our Xiangjiang Jazz tea.

But because of the insufficient budget in my hands, I didn't take it.Thinking about it now, I feel very regretful.Please also be able to resell that piece of land to us."

"Sell it to you?" Fang Xiaoru looked at Zhou Ziyuan with a stunned look, and smiled: "I said this lady, are you stupid? I spent 2.2 billion on the land, so why sell it to you?"


As soon as Fang Xiaoru's words fell, the handsome man sitting in the deck next door took the scene.

He got up angrily and walked over, the other Xiaoru stared angrily:

"What kind of thing are you, you dare to insult Miss Zhou so much, don't you have to apologize!"

"Ding Jun, there is nothing wrong with you here, please walk away for me and don't make trouble." Zhou Ziyuan's face sank, and he directly scolded the man named Ding Jun.

Although she was very angry when she heard Fang Xiaoru's words, but now she is asking for help. This piece of land is indeed very important to her, so she forced her to endure it.

"Miss Zhou, you don't need to sullen down to such a hairy boy. Let's look at my methods and make sure to let him agree to your request."

Ding Jun pleased Zhou Ziyuan and said, then his face changed and he looked at Fang Xiaoru threateningly.

"Boy, you advise you to apologize to Miss Zhou as soon as possible, and then agree to his request, otherwise you will regret it."

Fang Xiaoru raised his eyelids, glanced at Ding Jun, and said lightly:

"What kind of thing are you? To please this woman, insult me ​​for no reason. If you don't kneel down and apologize to me today, I can't spare you."

"Haha, hahahaha!"

Ding Jun laughed furiously when he heard the words, as if he had heard the funniest joke in the world.

With sharp eyes, he stared at Fang Xiaoru closely, and said coldly:

"You have a kind of kid! How dare you talk to me like this!"

With a sound of "pop!" Ding Jun directly took a pistol from his pocket and pointed it at Fang Xiaoru's head.

"Don't you want to know what I am? Then I will tell you that I am the current officer of the Mordu Military District with the rank of second lieutenant.

My father is a major in the military, and my cousin is a major.Believe it or not, I just shot you, nothing will happen?"

"Ding Jun, put down the gun!"

Zhou Ziyuan, the Leng Ao female, was also taken aback.

She sought Fang Xiaoru for that piece of land, but she didn't want to kill anyone.

Ding Jun was originally intended to scare Fang Xiaoru, but he just wanted to show off his charm in front of Zhou Ziyi, so how dare he shoot.

In fact, there were no bullets on his gun.

"Ha ha."

Fang Xiaoru's face gradually turned cold, "A second lieutenant has such a big tone. It's okay to kill someone, I don't believe it."

Ding Jun saw that Fang Xiaoru's eyes had no fear at all, and he was anxious and said with stern expression:

"Aren't you afraid of death? Good, good! I'll give you one last chance. If you don't know what is good or bad, don't blame me!"

While speaking, he opened the pistol insurance.


But at this moment, seeing a flash of silver light, Fang Xiaoru abruptly stood up from the chair.

Looking at him, he also held a pistol.

This pistol was shining silver with restrained patterns engraved on it, and its exquisiteness was obviously not comparable to that of the gun in Ding Jun's hand.

Fang Xiaoru jokingly said, "Guess I can kill you before you shoot?"

When Ding Jun saw the gun in Fang Xiaoru's hand, his pupils shrank sharply, and a trace of fear flashed in his eyes.

" are holding a gun illegally. You are going to go to jail for this kind of behavior!"