The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 210: Impersonating an officer?

"Illegal gun possession? Haha."

Fang Xiaoru directly took out a certificate from his pocket and it appeared in front of Ding Jun's eyes.

Ding Jun looked over subconsciously, and this look made him laugh.

"Haha, hahahaha."

Ding Jun laughed loudly and mocked: "It seems that you not only hold a gun illegally, but also pretend to be a military leader.

The instructor of the Sharp Sword Special Forces really laughed at me."

His voice was paused, and his face was full of smiles, "I forgot to introduce to you, my cousin who holds the rank of colonel in the Mordu Military Region is the chief instructor of this sword special force!

It’s not good for you to pretend to be on my cousin’s head!

Illegal holding a gun and impersonating an officer should not be a trivial matter.I will see you explain to the police later!

But as long as you apologize to Miss Zhou and agree to her request, I will show mercy and let you go."

Ding Jun's head was raised high, even if the gun in his hand had no bullets, he was not afraid at this time.

He thinks he has mastered Fang Xiaoru's death hole, Fang Xiaoru can let him control.

Fang Xiaoru looked at Ding Jun and muttered, "So Lin Lei is your support."

Ding Jun was shocked when he heard the word Lin Lei, his eyes flashed with surprise, and he said in amazement: " do you know my cousin's name?"

"But it's a pity, let alone you, even if Lin Lei dares to insult me ​​face to face, I will destroy him!"

Fang Xiaoru's eyes flashed sharply, and with a sweep of his legs, Ding Junsaw fell to the ground.

Immediately, he stepped heavily on Ding Jun's stomach and screamed.

"Ah! Do you dare to hurt me, I won't let you go!"

Ding Jun's eyes were full of resentment, he stared at Fang Xiaoru fiercely, and kept threatening.

"Don't let me go?" Fang Xiaoru smiled contemptuously, "It just so happens that I won't let you go!"

"In order to stand out in front of this woman, you dare to use me as the background of being stepped on. This is already doomed to your end!"

After all, he twisted his hand, twisting Ding Jun's hands into twists.

This time, both hands were completely broken, and comminuted fractures occurred in some places.

Ding Jun couldn't bear such severe pain.

He let out a scream of exhaustion, but he choked off before the sound lasted for a second.

Because Fang Xiaoru touched his dumb acupoint.

Ding Jun could only open his mouth feebly, trying to scream in pain, but couldn't make a sound.

The pain caused by this fracture made his whole body convulsed.

Even though the air conditioner had been turned on in the Royal Hotel, there were still dense beads of sweat on his forehead.

Standing on the other side, Zhou Ziyuan, who had captured the whole scene of this scene, was already shocked.

She covered her mouth with her hands and looked at Fang Xiaoru in horror.

She couldn't think that this quiet-looking young man would be so cruel between shots.

As soon as he started, he broke the opponent's hands alive.

She even saw a sharp bone pierced from Ding Jun's skin!

"you you……"

Zhou Ziyuan pointed to Fang Xiaoru, you, yours, but they just couldn't say a word.

Fang Xiaoru glanced at Zhou Ziyuan and ignored her.

Take out the mobile phone from his pocket and call the contact number of the sharp sword training base.

"Hello, hello, who are you?"

"I'm Fang Xiaoru, ask Lin Lei to listen to the phone."

"Instructor Fang! Okay, instructor Fang, please wait a moment, I'll go to instructor Lin."

Lying on the ground, Ding Jun wailing silently, when he heard Fang Xiaoru call Lin Lei, his body was shocked again, besides the painful expression on his face, there was a trace of worry on his face.

About two minutes later, the phone was connected again.

"Hey, instructor Fang, this is Lin Lei, what can I do?"

Lin Lei's deep voice rang over the phone.

"Lin Lei, someone who claimed to be your cousin provoked me and claimed that even if he killed someone, you could keep him.

I didn't expect that you, a big colonel, would have such great powers."Fang Xiaoru said lightly.

Lin Lei asked: "What! Is that person called Ding Jun?"

Fang Xiaoru said, "Yes, it's Fang Jun. It seems that he is your cousin."

"This bastard! I must be posing as a second lieutenant outside again, and flaunting outside under the banner of me and his father, I will never spare him!" Lin Lei's voice sounded very angry.

Fang Xiaoru glanced at Ding Jun, who was lying on the ground, his eyes getting flustered.

He wrote lightly: "Hehe, I don't need to trouble you anymore, I have already abolished his arms."

After speaking, Lin Lei obviously paused.He immediately said: "Instructor Fang, please tell me your address, and I will come over to deal with this immediately."

"I'm at the Royal Mirage Hotel. I'll give you an hour. After an hour, if you haven't come, I'll leave."

Fang Xiaoru finished speaking and hung up.

As soon as the phone hung up, he went to the front desk downstairs to open a room.

The Royal Mirage is not only a very high-end hotel, but also a luxurious hotel.

After opening the room, he directly clicked on Ding Jun's acupuncture point, left him on the floor of the room, and then went down to drink and eat.

As for Miss Leng Ao Zhou Ziyuan of Xiangjiang, after seeing Fang Xiaoru's methods, she did not dare to come forward to harass for a while.

When Fang Xiaoru returned to the banquet, the atmosphere of the banquet had reached a climax, and everyone was drinking Zheng He.

"Young Shao Fang, why did you go to the bathroom for so long?"

As soon as Fang Xiaoru returned to his seat, He Manzhi complained.

He chuckled and said, "If something happens, everyone should continue."

A banquet on why Manzhi celebrated his third anniversary of debut finally ended in more than forty minutes.

After the banquet was over, everyone left, but Zhao Wantong stayed.

"Why, aren't you leaving?" Fang Xiaoru was about to walk to the room he was driving, and found Zhao Wantong trailing behind him.

Zhao Wantong pursed her red lips, raised her head to look at Fang Xiaoru, and said with courage: "Fang Shao, I...I miss you."

Fang Xiaoru touched Zhao Wantong's face, and said, "If you miss me, then go to the Vienna hotel last time and wait for me. I'll go to you after I have settled the matter."

Zhao Wantong nodded shyly, "Okay."

After Zhao Wantong left, Fang Xiaoru came to the room, and it didn't take long for him to receive a call from Lin Lei.,, ..