The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 213 Call from France

After Fang Xiaoru left the Royal Fantasyland, he rushed to the Vienna Hotel.

Along the way, he has never forgotten Zhou Ziyuan's body.

Not only is the figure so good, but the face is also like a fairy.The only flaw is that she is too cold and arrogant.

"Jingle bell, jingle bell"

But when Fang Xiaoru recalled Zhou Ziyuan's taste, his cell phone rang.

It was from Lin Caizhe.

Fang Xiaoru answered the phone and asked faintly: "What's the matter?"

Lin Caizhe said: "Fang Shao, I forgot to tell you before. Hasn't the right to use our land already been obtained, and the next step is to prepare for the construction of the Huanyu Building.

I wonder if Shao Fang has any requirements in this regard?"

Fang Xiaoru thought for a while, and said, "I only have one requirement for the construction of the building. That is grand and luxurious!

You go to contact the most well-known designers at home and abroad, and spend a lot of money to invite them to design buildings for us.Remember, don't be afraid to spend money!"

"Understood, Shao Fang. Then I won't disturb you, goodbye."

After the phone was hung up, Fang Xiaoru also came to the Vienna Hotel.

Just now he took away Zhou Ziyuan's blood, and now he wants to fight Zhao Wantong again.

Fang Xiaoru felt that his life was getting more and more nourished.

Fortunately, because of his strong internal strength, his physical fitness is very good.

Although it was just a shot, he didn't enjoy it at all.

Don't know if it was young and vigorous or other original intentions, Fang Xiaoru felt that his demand for this aspect was getting stronger and stronger.

Following the room address sent by Zhao Wantong on the mobile phone, Fang Xiaoru came to the room she opened.

As soon as the door was opened, Fang Xiaoru was stunned by the scene before him.

Zhao Wantong was wearing a bunny girl uniform, standing there shyly.

She is also embarrassed to wear such clothes for the first time.

But in order to keep Fang Xiaoru's heart, she also went out and listened to the advice of her roommate Xiao Xuan.

Obviously, by observing Fang Xiaoru's expression, we know that this effect is still very good.

Zhao Wantong looked at Fang Xiaoru and replied shyly: "Fang Shao, you are finally here."

Fang Xiaoru touched Zhao Wantong's double peaks with both hands, and said, "It seems that you are here prepared."


Zhao Wantong yelled loudly, looked at Fang Xiaoru with a silky eye, and said, "Fang Shao, have mercy on me."


Fang Xiaoru turned into a wolf and threw Zhao Wantong onto the bed.

In the evening, after Fang Xiaoru had a meal with Zhao Wantong, he was planning to accompany her to go shopping, but received a call from France.


In a small town in France, an old man in a black suit and top hat took a cellphone and said:

"Are you Mr. Fang Xiaoru?"

This person is the old man who captured Sophia last time-the gentleman in black who ranked eighth on the Blood Kill List!

Hearing this Chinese language with obvious foreign emphasis, Fang Xiaoru judged that this person was a foreigner.

He knew a few foreigners, but they were all women, not a single man.

This sudden call caused Fang Xiaoru to frown, and a bad feeling suddenly rose in his heart.

"you are?"

"Haha, I'm sorry, but forgot to introduce myself. My name is Edward and I am from the Blood Killing List."

The uneasy thoughts in Fang Xiaoru's heart are more and more related to Sheng, could it be related to Sophia!

Sophia said that after paying a memorial to her mother with the blood-clothed bishop, she would come to China to find herself.

But now it's been a month, and I still haven't seen her.

Fang Xiaoru's eyes narrowed, and a cold light projected from his eyes.

With this cold light, Zhao Wantong's heart was beating violently.

"Is Sophia caught by you."

His voice was very deep and cold.

"I admire, Mr. Fang Xiaoru's thoughts are really meticulous, so soon I guessed that Sophia was arrested." The gentleman in black chuckled lightly and said:

"Yes, Sophia is in my hands now. You have to pay for your actions if you kill the blood-clothed bishop of our ranking.

Within 24 hours, if you have not felt the designated address.Don't blame me for killing this pretty little girl!"

Although he spoke with a smile all the way, his tone was full of murderous aura.

Sure enough, Sophia really had an accident.

Fang Xiaoru's heart couldn't help but sink.

"Okay, give me the address. I must be there on time!"

Fang Xiaoru's face was completely gloomy.

The flashes of the eyes are daunting.

A depressing breath radiated from him unknowingly.

"South of France, the small town of Saint-Saul."

After speaking, the black gentleman hung up the phone.

He turned to look at Sophia on the side, smiled, and said:

"Look, even if you don't tell me, I can find him.

But rest assured, you are a member of our organization after all, and you didn't kill the people.

So as long as I kill that Chinese kid, I will let you go.

After all, a gentleman like me would not do anything unusual to a lady."

There seemed to be a shadow over Sophia's head, and she had no idea what the black gentleman said.

It's just that the eyes of the pair of Lan Yingying are full of the other's Xiaoru's worries.

Logically, she should have hated Fang Xiaoru.

But after going through a series of things, Fang Xiaoru, in particular, helped her kill the Bishop in Blood and avenged her.

She would no longer be able to bear the hatred of Xiaoru, but worried about her safety in her heart.

Huaxia, Fang Xiaoru calmly said to Zhao Wantong after the black gentleman hung up the phone:

"Send me to the airport!"

Seeing Fang Xiaoru's eager appearance, Zhao Wantong didn't dare to ask more.

The two got on the Ferrari-laferrar and drove all the way to the Magic City International Airport.

Zhao Wantong knew Fang Xiaoru was anxious, so she ignored it.

Just like the last time I went to Liu Mengya's house, I ran the red light all the way and hurried to the airport.

It originally took half an hour to drive, but Zhao Wantong arrived in 15 minutes.

When he arrived at the airport, Fang Xiaoru didn't say a word, so he hurried to the ticket office.

"Blood killer, right? If Sophia has any difference, I will uproot your bullshit blood killer!"

After learning of Sophia's situation, Fang Xiaoru felt worried and annoyed.

He worried about Sophia's safety.

I am annoyed that I didn't insist on paying homage to her mother with Sophia. If she was by her side, how could Sophia be caught! ,, ..