The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 220 The Beauty Stained in Blood

The atmosphere in the conference room is very depressing.

Including the leader Golden Eagle, all people are very worried.

Through monitoring, they clearly saw the entire process of the demon cowboy's defeat.

From appearance to death of the Devil Cowboy, all the time adds up to less than a minute!

In less than a minute, kill the top killer king with an overwhelming advantage!

Such a record has enveloped everyone in a haze.

The killers in the conference room are all top figures in the killer world.

They all have blood on their hands, but they have never had such a desperate moment.

With their strength, they cannot see the flying trajectory of embroidery needles.

They only saw a silver light flashing by, and the demon cowboy who was almost invincible above their heads died just like that.

"Chief, he is walking towards our meeting room, what should I do?"

A one-eyed killer looked at the monitor in the meeting room and said anxiously.

The other killers also looked at Golden Eagle nervously.

There was a flash of light in the golden eagle's eyes. He was calm on the surface, but his heart was already turbulent.

His voice was low and hoarse, "He is just a person."

With that, he stood up directly from the chair and looked down at the crowd condescendingly.

Coldly said: "When he comes in, all of us will rush in! No matter how strong he is, he will fall here today!"

Two minutes passed, and the depressive atmosphere in the conference room had risen to the extreme.

For them, these two minutes are like a year!

As long as the thought that there will be a powerful enemy that never existed at the door, as long as the thought that the demon cowboy ranked number one in the sky was easily killed by him, these people shudder.


Suddenly, a loud noise came from the door of the conference room.

The heavy iron gate flew instantly.

Everyone's heart suddenly stopped, and then they all focused their eyes on the door.

At the door, a young teenager put his arms around a woman with strong clothes, and slowly entered from the door.

With a gentle smile on the boy's face, like the big brother next door, he is not threatening at all.


Jin Ying shouted fiercely when Fang Xiaoru stepped into the meeting room.

Forty-six Celestial Killers, plus himself, a total of forty-seven people, all quickly pointed their guns at Fang Xiaoru and pulled the trigger.




The sound of gunfire was like firecrackers, continuously exploding in this conference room.

Facing such a scene, Sophia couldn't help but let out a scream of fear.

But the next moment, a scene that made all the killers desperate happened.

Their pupils shrank instantly to the size of a pinpoint, and they looked forward with horror.

At the door of the meeting room, Fang Xiaoru put Sophia in his arms.

His body shook, and he constantly shuttled in the air, avoiding the dense bullets.

Because of his speed, a series of phantoms appeared in the air!

When all the bullets in the pistols of the forty-seven people were all lit up, Fang Xiaoru and Sophia stood safe and sound.

The wall behind them was beaten into a sieve.

"How can this be!"

"With so many guns, I can't even hit him."

"Oh Maga! Is he God?"

"It's terrible, the opponent's strength is too strong. We are not opponents at all."

The killers of Tianbang felt a panic in their hearts.

He hugged a woman, and in just three seconds, he hid hundreds of bullets from 47 guns.

What a shock!

All the killers were deeply shocked, and the last line of defense in their hearts had been completely defeated.

Golden Eagle's face was gloomy and water was about to drip out, but in such a dense rain of bullets, there was no harm at all.

The strength of the comer once again refreshed his judgment.

When the gunfire stopped, Sophia looked scared.

She couldn't imagine that she could be unscathed in this situation.

Fang Xiaoru put his arms around Sophia and walked forward step by step.

Wherever he went, the assassins of the ranks, one by one, retreated in panic.

He walked in front of Golden Eagle and stood still, and said lightly: "You should be the boss of this killer organization, right?"

After tightly touching Fang Xiaoru's eyes for less than a second, Jin Ying lowered his head quickly.

He nodded and tremblingly said, "Exactly."

The leader of the blood kill list named Golden Eagle can actually speak Chinese.

And his Chinese language is much more authentic than Sophia, and he doesn't carry that foreign accent.

"It's just you."

Fang Xiaoru flew out fiercely, kicking the golden eagle directly to the ground.


Golden Eagle vomited three mouthfuls of blood, lying on the ground weakly.

Fang Xiaoru's kick has already made him lose his fighting ability.

"Spare, spare!"

Golden Eagle weakly opened his mouth begging for mercy.

Under the threat of life, the golden eagle, who has always been aloof, regards beings as ants, and does not put life in his eyes, and chose to yield and beg for mercy.

"Spare you?" Fang Xiaoru sneered and said: "How dare you send someone to arrest Sophia and threaten me with her, how can I spare you? The last thing you should do in your life is to offend me!"

"If you spare my life, I will surrender to you. By then, the entire blood kill list will be yours."

The voice of Golden Eagle suddenly became a female voice.

She reached out and took off the golden eagle mask she was wearing on her face, revealing a waterfall of golden long hair and a delicate western female face.

This sudden scene stunned everyone present.

Blond, blue eyes, red lips.

No one thought that the leader of this blood kill list was a veritable stunning girl!

Due to the severe damage, Golden Eagle's face was as pale as paper.

She continued: "Let me go, you can not only get the blood kill list, but also me."

Fang Xiaoru smiled, a bright smile appeared on his face.

Upon seeing this, Jin Ying showed a poignant smile on his pale face.

Thought Fang Xiaoru decided to spare her.

However, the next moment, she froze and stopped moving.

I saw a red dot on the center of her eyebrows.

Her poignant smile also solidified on that beautiful face.,, ..