The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 333: Just a mere ant

"These earrings are picked up or stolen. Do I have money? What does it have to do with you?"

Fang Xiaoru's eyes are as sharp as a sharp sword coming out of its body, with extreme sharpness.

This man named Wang Yang knew exactly what ideas he had in his mind.

Since he wanted to highlight himself by hitting himself in the face.

That Fang Xiaoru would not be polite.

"you you……"

Wang Yang's eyes were full of fear. When Fang Xiaoru saw him, his heart beat violently involuntarily.

A strong sense of oppression pressed him, making him feel that his breathing was a little bit blocked.

In the end, he was even more overwhelmed and fell to the ground, feeling very embarrassed.

Fang Xiaoru glanced at Wang Yang disdainfully, and sneered, "It's just a mere ant. You can't stand still in front of me, so you dare to question me?"

The naked disdain and sarcasm on his face made Wang Yang feel particularly uncomfortable.

He wanted to stand up, but found that he didn't know why. As long as he saw Fang Xiaoru's eyes, he was weak and unable to stand up. It was not until his mother Zhang Li came over that he helped him up.

Wang Yang was frightened by Fang Xiaoru's eyes, but Qi Hong did not give up. She continued to ask: "Xiaoru, how did your earrings come from?"

In her heart, she had already settled her attention, the earrings were obtained by Fang Xiaoru through improper means.

At this time, she wanted to expose Fang Xiaoru in front of everyone, let Ou Zhengfei see Fang Xiaoru's true face, and cut off his determination to marry Ona to Fang Xiaoru.

"Enough!" Ou Zhengfei walked up to Qi Hong's sullen face and whispered, "There are still so many people in the family. It won't be too late for Nana's birthday party."

Ou Zhengfei was also very disturbed, worried that Fang Xiaoru really used improper means to get these priceless earrings.

"Ha ha……"

At this moment, Fang Xiaoru smiled softly.

The corner of his mouth curled up, raised his eyes, looked at Qi Hong, and said lightly:

"Originally, I didn't intend to tell the origin of this pair of earrings. I was afraid that it would cause your anxiety. But now that Jiang Zhaolong has recognized it, I will not hide it. Since the aunt has to know, then I might as well. Tell you."

Fang Xiaoru's opening immediately attracted everyone's attention.

The people present all listened attentively, wanting to hear whether this seventeen or eighteen-year-old boy got the priceless earrings.

Just listen to Fang Xiaoru said in a flat tone: “In your eyes, 55 million pounds may be a lot of money. But to me, it’s not worth mentioning at all. I don’t know if anyone here understands it. World Media?"

Everyone wondered why Fang Xiaoru had brought the topic to World Media.

But there was still a middle-aged woman who raised her hand and said, "I'm in the news industry, and I have several newspapers under my name, and I know something about World Media."

Fang Xiaoru nodded to the middle-aged woman, and asked: "Then can you tell us about the reports of Huanyu Media during this period of time."

The middle-aged woman was taken aback. Although she didn't know what Fang Xiaoru meant, she still introduced:

"As far as I know, Universe Media is a newly established entertainment company. A big news broke not long ago. Their company signed the head of Jade Girl He Manzhi with a signing fee of 150 million yuan.

Although this news is big news, it is not shocking enough.But the benefits that the president of Universe Media gave to the crew afterwards really shocked everyone's eyes.

According to reports, their bosses spent RMB 160 million just to provide benefits to employees.This news caused an uproar in the industry, and many people in the entertainment industry wanted to move to World Media."

"Thank you very much for your statement. You are correct but not comprehensive enough."

Fang Xiaoru smiled and said: "In fact, a week ago, Universal Media made another big move. It bought a piece of land covering an area of ​​20,000 square meters in the third ring road for 2.2 billion yuan. I don't know the news. , Do you know?"

After sitting in a chair and resting for a while, Wang Yang, who was relieved, said loudly, "What does the matter of Huanyu Media have to do with you?"

Everyone present also looked at Fang Xiaoru with questioning eyes.

Obviously, Wang Yang had an idea in his heart.

"Of course it has something to do with me." Fang Xiaoru walked directly towards Wang Yang.

When Wang Yang saw Fang Xiaoru coming, thinking of the oppressive feeling Fang Xiaoru's eyes had brought to him just now, he fell to the ground uncontrollably.

Like a frightened bird, he said with a panic: "What are you going to do? Don't come over!"

Fang Xiaoru walked up to Wang Yang and said contemptuously: "Take out your storage, log on to the website of the Demon Capital Bureau of Land and Resources, and take a look at the latest news."

As Fang Xiaoru's eyes were oppressed before, Wang Yang was frightened, and hurriedly took out his mobile phone, and according to Fang Xiaoru's statement, logged onto the website of the Mordu Land Bureau.

Among those present, some curiously followed and logged into this website.

When Wang Yang entered the website of the Mordu Land and Resources Bureau, he saw a big picture at first glance.

In the picture, a teenager shook hands amicably with a leader of the Land and Resources Bureau, and a few agreements were placed next to him.

At the top of the picture, there is a headline.

It reads: “Madu Land Auction has reached a new high. Fang Xiaoru, the CEO of Universe Media, has sold a piece of land in the third ring road at a unit price of 110,000 per square meter and a total price of RMB 2.2 billion!

Wang Yang's face changed drastically, his eyes suddenly widened, and his face was full of disbelief and said, "This... how is this possible!"

All the people who turned on their mobile phones and entered the official website of the Land and Resources Bureau of Demon Capital had a sudden realization on their faces when they saw the news, and they understood why Fang Xiaoru could afford diamond earrings worth 55 million pounds.

Others paid more than one billion in welfare to the crew. It cost 150 million to sign an artist and 2.2 billion to buy a piece of land.

It is normal for such a person to spend £55 million.,, ..