The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 335 Hello, Master Fang

Fang Xiaoru's remarks about buying Ruihua Technology Co., Ltd. surprised and surprised all the guests present.

This Ruihua Technology Company is not a small company. It is a listed company with a market value of tens of billions. If you have the money to buy it, doesn't it mean that your net worth is in the tens of billions?

Wang Yang laughed extremely arrogantly, "I'm waiting for you to buy it! If you can't buy my dad's company, you are my grandson!"

Fang Xiaoru raised his eyes slightly when he heard the words, looking towards Wang Yang like a knife.

A coercion, like a deep sea, swept away toward the ocean.

In an instant, Wang Yang only felt as if Yiye Qingzhou himself was in the stormy waves, in danger of being buried in the waves at any time.

An inexplicable chill rose from the bottom of his heart, and he thumped back three steps, before he was frightened and fell to the ground again.

He looked into Fang Xiaoru's eyes, full of fear.

"Yangyang, what's wrong with you?"

Wang Yang's mother Zhang Li squatted down and lifted Wang Yang up, with a worried look on her face.

Wang Yang grasped Zhang Li tightly with both hands. From Fang Xiaoru's eyes, he really felt the breath of death, which was terrifying and terrifying.

Fang Xiaoru laughed and said coldly, "You will kneel down and call me grandpa in two days!"

But under the pressure of Fang Xiaoru's aura, Wang Yang felt an inexplicable fear of him. He wanted to say something to refute, but he didn't dare to say what he said.

"With Master Fang's ability, it is not easy to acquire a company with a market value of 10 billion yuan."

Suddenly, a middle-aged businessman came over, with a kind smile on his face, and said with a smile:

"But if Master Fang needs help, I, Ma Hui, can provide you with financial support on behalf of Pacific Internet."

As soon as this remark came out, the audience was suddenly upset.

Everyone was not calm, and started to talk one by one.

"President Ma of Pacific Internet, could it be that Fang Xiaoru couldn't communicate with him?"

"My God! President Ma is the young owner of Pacific Internet. I went to talk with him just now, and he just ignored me. I didn't expect to take the initiative to help Fang Xiaoru at this moment!"

"Yeah, I just wanted to talk with him for a while. But I have billions of net worth, and people would not appreciate it. If I hadn't heard that Pacific Internet happened to cooperate with Zhengfei Group, I am afraid Mr. Ma would not Attend such a banquet."

"What is Fang Xiaoru's identity! Even President Ma, who is the heir to the 100 billion delegation, wants to make friends or even please him?"

"Unbelievable, unbelievable. Fortune 500 companies, domestic Internet giants, Ma Hongqiang's son, will take the initiative to make friends with a teenager!"

Not only the guests were shocked, but Ou Zhengfei was equally shocked.

This Ma Hui is his largest trading partner of Zhengfei Group this year.He tried to invite Ma Hui to Oona's birthday party two days ago. He had no hope, but he didn't expect Ma Hui to actually be there.

But at this moment he saw Ma Hui take the initiative to show his favor to Fang Xiaoru, which made him unable to figure out.

He stepped forward and asked, "Mr. Ma, do you know our Xiaoru?"

Ma Hui's rich face was full of smiles.Said: "My other master has long heard of it, but I didn't expect to see Grandmaster Fang in a scene like today.

But I said Zhengfei, you are so strict about your concealment. Our two companies have also cooperated for nearly half a year. I only now know that Master Fang is your family member."

"Fang...Master Fang? What Master Fang?"

Ou Zhengfei was completely stunned, and did not react at all.

Now Fang Xiaoru is face to face, Ma Hui still has the heart to chat with Ou Zhengfei, his smiling counterpart Xiaoru said:

"Hello Master Fang, it's really an honor for me to meet for the first time."

Fang Xiaoru frowned and asked, "Are you?"

When everyone heard the words, they suddenly dropped their glasses.

Ma Hui, the general manager of Dignified Pacific Internet, is in front of him, but Fang Xiaoru doesn't even know him!

This makes their heads dizzy and feel a little dreamy.

Ou Zhengfei on the side, seeing Fang Xiaoru's attitude, almost was not scared to death.

"Mom, what is the identity of President Ma? Why does everyone seem to respect him?"

Oona asked Qi Hong softly.

Qi Hong looked at Ma Hui's Xiaoru respectfully or even flatteringly, and was shocked to doubt his life.

At that time, they were flying the Group, in order to win the Pacific Internet customer, but struggled to talk and negotiate for a long time.

Moreover, in her impression, Ma Hui was not as humble as she was facing Fang Xiaoru today.

From his banquet tonight, his attitude towards the CEOs of tens of billions of companies can be seen.

Qi Hong looked at Ma Hui and Fang Xiaoru blankly, and said, "He is the son of Ma Hongqiang, chairman of Pacific Internet, Ma Hui!"

"Ma Hongqiang's son!"

Oona was shocked when she heard this.

Ma Hongqiang's domestic reputation can be described as a household name.

He founded the Pacific Internet Company, which claims to have 700 million users!Is a domestic giant enterprise!

Oona asked with a bewildered face: "But why would he treat Xiaoru so... so kindly?"

Although Qi Hong didn't want to admit it, as Ou Na said, from Ma Hui's face, he could indeed see that Xiao Ru was holding a pleased look.

In her heart, there has been a turbulent wave, and the expression on her face has changed and changed, very complicated.

On the other side, facing Fang Xiaoru’s question, Ma Hui, instead of being angry, patted his forehead and said:

"Look, I haven't introduced myself yet. Hello, Master Fang, my name is Ma Hui and I am the son of Ma Hongqiang."

"Ma Hongqiang."

Fang Xiaoru nodded faintly, this old man named Ma Hongqiang was somewhat impressed.

Some time ago in Fenglin Tea House, among the people who participated in the purchase of Zhenghu Qi and Blood Pill, there was an old man named Ma Hongqiang.

After he exposed Zheng Hu's scam, this Ma Hongqiang first stated that he would spend a big price to buy Qixue Dan from him, but Fang Xiaoru refused.,, ..