The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 236 The Shameful Qi Hong

Fang Xiaoru saw Ma Hui's pleasing expression and knew what he was thinking.

It is nothing more than asking for a blood pill for his father.

He shook his head and said, "No, it's easy for me to acquire a company with a market value of 10 billion yuan, without your help."

Ma Hui smiled and didn't care, obviously he knew he would be rejected.

After being rejected, he tried to speak several times, but he stopped talking.

She seemed to want to speak but she was embarrassed to speak.

This shocked the wealthy businessmen in the surrounding magic capital.

Mr. Ma, who has always been known for his strength and self-confidence, when did he have such a performance?

Fang Xiaoru looked at Ma Hui, a middle-aged man, but he felt very funny when he was hesitant to speak.

He chuckled softly and said, "Is it for Qi and Blood Pill?"

Hearing this, Ma Hui nodded heavily.He said embarrassingly:

"Master Fang, my father is getting older and older, but he still insists on working every day.

Although I know this is inappropriate, I was fortunate enough to meet Master Fang today, and I still want to ask Master Fang for a Qi and Blood Pill."

Fang Xiaoru thought about it for a while and said, "As long as you do me a favor, the Qi and Blood Pill will not be a problem."

When Ma Hui heard the words, his eyes lit up, and he immediately patted his chest and said, "Master Fang, let me do it! I will help you do it!"

Although he promised so decisively, he still felt a sweat in his heart.

At the beginning of Fenglin Tea House, he was also with his father Ma Hongqiang.

Therefore, he also knew how terrifying Fang Xiaoru's strength was, beyond ordinary people's imagination.

Now even Fang Xiaoru has to ask for help, making him feel uneasy, wondering if he can help.

Fang Xiaoru said, "Didn't I buy a piece of land not long ago? I am going to build a building there.

You have a wide network of Pacific Internet companies. See if you can help me find some internationally renowned designers to help me design the building."

When Ma Hui heard that it was just such a request, a stone in his heart suddenly fell.

Their Pacific Internet company has established many buildings all over the country. Ma Hui is very experienced in this area. Fang Xiaoru is looking for the right person to ask him for help.

He immediately agreed and said: "This is no problem at all! I will definitely help you contact the best international designers in the shortest time!"

Fang Xiaoru nodded in satisfaction after seeing Ma Hui's promise.

Previously, he left this aspect to Lin Caizhe to do it, but Lin Caizhe lacks contacts, where can he contact internationally renowned designers.

So after a few days, without the slightest clue, he pleaded guilty to Fang Xiaoru.

Now with the help of Pacific Internet, everything will be easier.

Fang Xiaoru said: "In this case, you will save it later, and I will give you two Qi and Blood Pills in advance as reward."

"Okay, okay, thank you Master Fang, thank you Master Fang."

When Ma Hui heard the reward for two Qi and Blood Pills, he danced with excitement, and Le's mouth couldn't close.

The other wealthy businessmen and their respective children in the villa were completely speechless after seeing this scene.

The shock in their hearts can no longer be expressed in words.

The successor of Ma Hongqiang, the leader of the Internet industry, who is a master of the Chinese business community, would actually behave like this in front of a 17 or 18-year-old boy.

Everyone was completely stunned.

Especially Qi Hong, she felt very embarrassed when she thought of all the disdain and contempt of her former counterpart Xiaoru.

Especially before, she also directly expressed the suspicion of the other party Xiaoru, asking how he obtained the pair of earrings worth 55 million pounds, and almost asked if he got the earrings by improper means.

Good now, she has always been dismissive of the teenager, actually got the respect of Ma Hui, general manager of Pacific Internet Company!

Yes, it is respect!

Who is Ma Hui?He is the only son of Ma Hongqiang!

There is a saying circulating on the Internet that China has three horses, Ma Liang, Ma Wei, and Ma Hongqiang.

These three horses are all giants of China's Internet industry.

As long as Qi Hong remembered the attitude of the other party's filial piety before, Qi Hong couldn't help being flushed and embarrassed, wishing to dig a hole in!

After this incident, it was originally Oona's birthday banquet, but only halfway through, it became the pursuit of a group of wealthy businessmen, Xiaoru.

"President Fang, I am Lin Shuliang from Hualin Logistics."

"President Fang, President Fang, I am Huang Mingda from Honor Machinery Company."

"President Fang, I am Liang Ye, the general manager of TEDA Group."

These wealthy businessmen all want to make friends with Fang Xiaoru, so as to bring greater opportunities and business opportunities to their company.

They held up their wine glasses and wanted to have a drink with Fang Xiaoru and talk about it.

But without exception, they were all rejected.

Fang Xiaoru ignored these people and went straight upstairs to his room and went to the points mall to buy two Qi and Blood Pills.

Although these rich people were rejected, no one dared to express dissatisfaction.

Because they dare not!

Among these people, most of them are wealthy businessmen with hundreds of millions of assets, and a few of them reach billions. However, there are only two or three CEOs of super-large enterprises with tens of billions.

After seeing Ma Huidu's filial piety and respect, as long as they are not fools, they will never be dissatisfied with each other's filial piety.

In their opinion, a person of Fang Xiaoru's level should have this reaction.

Therefore, Fang Xiaoru's indifference to these wealthy businessmen increased their position in their hearts.

A birthday party lasted for three hours and finally dissipated.

After everyone left one after another, Fang Xiaoru obeyed the previous agreement and gave Ma Hui two Qi and Blood Pills.

Ma Hui took the Qi and Blood Pill and trembled with excitement. He said ecstatically: "Master Fang, thank you, thank you!"

The Qi and Blood Pill of Zheng Hu was evenly divided by several old men at Fenglin Tea House.

His father, Ma Hongqiang, took only about one-eighth of the medicine, and his blood and spirit improved significantly.

Now that he has won two at once, how can he not let Ma Hui be ecstatic.

Ou Zhengfei and Qi Hong on the side were stunned when they saw Ma Hui's excitement.

With countless questions in their hearts, they asked Fang Xiaoru after Ma Hui left.

People who have lived under their noses for nearly 400 days have so many secrets they don't know.

If this series of things are not clear tonight, they will go crazy.,, ..