The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 238 As long as money can solve the problem, it is nothing

On the third floor, Oona's bedroom.

Oona, Lin Xiaomei, and the prince and concubine were looking at the mirror inside.

But all women have no resistance to beautiful things.

The prince and concubine Lin Xiaomei took turns to wear the earrings that Fang Xiaoru gave Oona.

As the saying goes, diamonds last forever, adorn your country and city.

Such a pair of beautiful earrings can really enhance a person's charm.

Both Prince Concubine and Lin Xiaomei are already in love.

But no matter how much he loves it, he still has to return it to Oona.

The prince and concubine took off the earrings from her ears, handed them to Oona, and said with envy: "Nana, these earrings are so beautiful. It really makes us envious."

Lin Xiaomei's eyes never left the pair of earrings, and she fantasized in her heart: "Yes, if I could have such a pair of earrings, that would be great."

On hearing the envy of her girlfriends, her heart felt even sweeter.

Suddenly, Lin Xiaomei asked with her eyes open: "By the way, Nana, that Fang Xiaoru, what kind of identity can you buy such expensive earrings for you! And President Ma of the Pacific Internet all respect him very much."

Oona shook her head and said, "I don't know either."

Lin Xiaomei widened her eyes and said, "Aren't you his fiancee? How can you not know?"

Ona blushed and said, "It's just my father who has this idea. I'm not his fiancee yet. And..."

Lin Xiaomei asked, "And what?"

The brilliance in Oona's eyes also dimmed, she said sadly: "Moreover, he already has a girlfriend."

"He has a girlfriend!" Lin Xiaomei made a fuss, and then saw the gloom in Oona's eyes and realized that she had asked questions that shouldn't be asked.

She waved her hand, chuckled, and said, "What's wrong with having a girlfriend! Could it be her girlfriend, and whether we can still have Nana?"

The prince concubine glared at Lin Xiaomei and motioned her to stop talking.

Sure enough, Ona heard the words and sighed leisurely: "In terms of appearance, his girlfriend is not the same as me."

Lin Xiaomei was taken aback, her eyes rolled, and she said, "Even so, you still have an advantage."

Oona asked: "What advantage?"

Lin Xiaomei said, "You are living with Fang Xiaoru now, and being able to see him every day is your advantage!"

Oona sighed and said, "In two weeks, we are going to enter the university. Xiaoru and his girlfriend were admitted to the Beijing University, and I was at the Imperial Academy of Fine Arts. By then, what you said The advantage is gone."


Lin Xiaomei didn't know what to say for a while.

The prince concubine saw that Oona was in a good mood before, and she was upset by Lin Xiaomei. She couldn't help but glared at Lin Xiaomei and scolded:

"Just you talk a lot!"

Lin Xiaomei chuckled, not saying much.

But not long after, she suddenly shouted again and said excitedly: "I know! I know where your advantage is, Nana!"

She leaped forward, hugged Oona’s body, pointed to her pair of huge breasts, and said: "Nana, your 34E breasts are your greatest advantage! At least I have never seen more than you big!"


Seeing this scene, the prince and concubine couldn't help laughing out loud.

Oona was very embarrassed by Lin Xiaomei's words. She pulled Lin Xiaomei's hand away, blushing and said, "What an advantage is this."

"Why isn't this an advantage?" Lin Xiaomei said excitedly: "Don't men like big ones? How can Fang Xiaoru be an exception?"

In Oona's mind, she suddenly remembered that when she was going to school, Fang Xiaoru would ride her bicycle very fast, and then deliberately slowed down so that her chest hit his back.

And when he wakes up to wash in the morning, he always looks at his chest secretly.

I used to feel very awkward and uncomfortable.But thinking about it now, there is a hint of joy.

Oona's eyes were getting brighter, she kissed Lin Xiaomei's cheek fiercely, and said, "Xiaomei, you are right. Big breasts are also an advantage!"

Lin Xiaomei took a triumphant glance at the prince and concubine who was sitting in a daze, and said to Oona: "So Nana, you have to make good use of your advantages."

The day after the birthday party ended, Fang Xiaoru went to Universe Media and asked Lin Caizhe to check the information of Ruihua Technology Company.

Finally, I found that this company specializes in research and development of mobile phone screens, and it is a domestic leader in the screen industry.

And this company has three main shareholders.

Among them, Wang Yang's father Wang Zhixue, as the chairman of Ruihua Technology Company, holds 41% of the company's shares.

In addition, he has two partners, occupying 25% and 22% respectively.

In addition to these shares, the remaining 12% is scattered in the hands of the rest.

These three people are firmly in control of Ruihua Technology Company.

Sitting in his spacious office, Fang Xiaoru had a countermeasure in mind.

He directly issued an order to Lin Caizhe: "Caizhe, we must buy all the shares of Wang Zhixue’s two partners, and then gradually embezzle the entire Ruihua Technology Company. I want to drive Wang Zhixue out of the company and become the new helm. people!"

During the banquet, Wang Yang constantly wanted to highlight himself through Cai Fang Xiaoru.

Fang Xiaoru said at the time that he would lose all his confidence and buy his company. This was serious, not just for fun.

Lin Caizhe said with a look of embarrassment: "Shao Fang, the market value of this company is about 12 billion. It is said that the two partners of Wang Zhixue have a very good relationship with him. If you want to buy the stock in their hands, I am afraid The amount to spend will far exceed the price on the stock market."

Fang Xiaoru smiled disdainfully, and said contemptuously: "As long as it is something money can solve, it is nothing. I will transfer you 4.6 billion yuan later, and you will go to the door to negotiate with them immediately."