The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 242 Removal of your chairmanship

In the afternoon, Fang Xiaoru and Lin Caizhe came to the headquarters of Ruihua Technology Company in Magic City.

"Sir, who are you looking for?"

The reception lady at the door of the company, seeing Fang Xiaoru and Lin Caizhe were so popular, she did not dare to neglect.

Lin Caizhe stepped forward and said, "Go and inform your chairman Wang Zhixue that the largest shareholder of the company wants to see him."

The receptionist heard the words and took a look at Fang Xiaoru.

The entire company knows that Chairman Wang Zhixue holds 41% of the company's shares and is the largest shareholder.

But she was just a receptionist and didn't dare to talk too much, so she called the chairman's secretary.

"Secretary Liu, there is a person who claims to be the largest shareholder of the company and he wants to see the chairman."

In the chairman's office, the secretary scolded: "Aren't the company's largest shareholders the chairman, don't let them come up."

With that, the secretary is about to hang up the phone.


But at this moment, Wang Zhixue stood up suddenly, grabbed the phone from the secretary, and ordered the receptionist: "Bring them to my office."

The secretary asked puzzledly: "Wang Dong, that's obviously a liar, why do you still see him?"

Wang Zhixue leaned on the boss's chair and remained silent for a long time.

After a while, he sighed heavily and said leisurely: "The largest shareholder of the company may not be me anymore."

The secretary blinked his big eyes and asked in surprise: "Who can you be if you aren't?"

"Naturally we are less."

Suddenly, a voice came from the door of the office.

I saw two young men standing at the door, one of them in suits and shoes, the other dressed as a social elite.

The other young man was a bit younger, but his entire body was exuding extreme confidence, as if there was nothing in this world that he couldn't do.

Although he is not particularly handsome, he is very attractive.

Wearing a set of casual clothes custom-made by Geely, the watch worn on the wrist should be the latest Patek Philippe limited edition watch, valued at 3.2 million US dollars.

The moment Wang Zhixue saw Fang Xiaoru, he had already determined in his heart that he had acquired the shares of his company.

"If I didn't guess wrong, this is Mr. Fang Xiaoru, right?"

Wang Zhixue narrowed his eyes slightly and stared at Fang Xiaoru unfriendly.

Fang Xiaoru stepped into Wang Zhixue’s office, did not answer him, but looked around, and finally shook his head, saying:

"The decoration of this office is not good. It is too tasteless and style. So Zhe, you will find someone to redecorate it tomorrow."

Lin Caizhe replied respectfully with a smile on his face: "Alright, Shao Fang."

When Wang Zhixue heard this, his face was gloomy and water was about to drip out. He suppressed the anger in his heart forcibly, stared at Fang Xiaoru closely, and said solemnly, "What are you trying to do?"

Fang Xiaoru laughed and said, "Don't you know what I want to do? Your son mocked me that day and used Ruihua Technology to suppress me.

I was very upset, so I bought this company and kicked you out."

As he said, he cast a look at Lin Caizhe.

Lin Caizhe immediately took out an equity statement from the briefcase he carried with him. The document showed that Fang Xiaoru held 57% of Ruihua Technology.

A 57% stake means that he has absolute control over this company.

When Wang Zhixue looked at the shareholding book, he immediately sat on the boss chair with a decadent face.

He looked at Fang Xiaoru blankly, knowing that his decades of hard work were about to fall into the hands of others.

Although he owns 41% of the equity, he is at an absolute disadvantage compared with Fang Xiaoru's 57%.

Fang Xiaoru is now the largest shareholder, and he has done his best to remove Wang Zhixue from the chairmanship.

Sure enough, Lin Caizhe took out another document from the briefcase.

He unfolded and placed it in front of Wang Zhixue's eyes, which was a letter of appointment and dismissal.

Fang Xiaoru, the largest shareholder of Ruihua Technology, decided to remove Wang Zhixue from the position of chairman.

"I am here today just to inform you that from now on, I have absolute control over Ruihua Technology.

You are also a company shareholder and you have made a lot of contributions to the company.I will give you one day to move out of this office, and someone will come to redecorate it tomorrow."

Fang Xiaoru glanced at Wang Zhixue lightly, and left the office with Lin Caizhe.


As soon as Fang Xiaoru left, Wang Zhixue grabbed the ashtray on the table and threw it out, smashing the glass in the office.

"Wang Dong, what happened?"

The secretary asked with astonishment. She has not yet reacted to why the young man just became the company's largest shareholder.

And he even came up with a letter of appointment and dismissal to remove Wang Zhixue from the position of chairman!

She thought all this was crazy.

Wang Zhixue did not answer the secretary's doubts. He took out his cell phone and dialed Zhao Rui's number.

As soon as the phone was connected, Wang Zhixue roared: "Zhao Rui! Why did you betray me and why you betrayed the company?"

Zhao Rui said with a smile: "Zhixue, you don't know that the other party paid 1.5 times the price of the equity in my hand. Ask yourself, can you resist this temptation?"

Wang Zhixue scolded angrily: "Asshole! Do you know that because of your betrayal with Li Weichang, Ruihua will completely become someone else's company!"

That Fang Xiaoru came to my office just now and exercised his rights as the largest shareholder of the company to me. He deposed my chairmanship!"

Zhao Rui said dismissively: "Zhixue, let me tell you that that person is really rich and he is very interested in our company. You can sell all your equity to him.

Your equity is nearly twice mine, and if you sell it to him at 1.5 times the price, you will make a lot of money and you can start another company."

Wang Zhixue hung up with a snap, his angry face turned purple.

As Zhao Rui said, if Fang Xiaoru really intended to buy his equity at 1.5 times the price, he would definitely sell it without hesitation.

But Fang Xiaoru retaliated because of his son and deliberately bought Ruihua Technology Company in order to sweep him out, so how could he be cheaper.

"This damn guilt! Why would you offend such a person!"

At this time, Wang Zhixue couldn't wait to rush home immediately to smoke his son.

He sat in the boss chair, thinking about where he should go.

He was unwilling to hand over the company to Fang Xiaoru. He became a shareholder without real power, waiting for the money at home.

He was afraid that Fang Xiaoru would ruin the company and ruin most of his life's hard work.

His heart was full of unwillingness.

After a long time, Wang Zhixue's face suddenly became filthy, and said cruelly:

"Since you are removing my chairmanship and sweeping me out, don't blame me for being cruel!

What's wrong with you if you have money? It's still not a life, as long as you die, this company will still be under my control!,, ..