The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 244 His majesty is beyond challenge

Sister Yun glanced at Wang Zhixue with her beautiful eyes, and said faintly: "You don't have to report this kind of thing to me in the future. He wants to kill Lord Fang, how should I deal with him, do I have to teach you?"

Scar was taken aback, and immediately apologized: "I didn't think about it well."

Saying that he walked to Wang Zhixue with a gloomy look, and kicked him to the ground with one kick.

Wang Zhixue felt that something was wrong. He was scared in his heart and shouted: "Scar, what on earth do you want to do?"

"What are you doing?" Scar said with a contemptuous smile, "You asked me to help you kill Lord Fang, and why did you ask me?"

"Master Fang? I didn't ask you to kill Master Fang, I asked you to help me kill someone called Fang..."

As Wang Zhixue said, he was stunned.

His pupils shrank suddenly, and his eyes were filled with horror and horror. He murmured, "Fang Xiaoru, who is the boss of your Fangmen?"

Scarlet said with a grinning smile: "I said you are really brave. You even wanted to kill our Lord Fang and found my head.

What is this called?Heaven's sins are forgiven, but you cannot live your own sins!You old boy, you are so courageous!"

Scar stomped on Wang Zhixue's belly, causing him to turn upside down.

Wang Zhixue was full of fear and pleaded: "I don't know he is Master Fang, please spare me once."

"Spare you? You are going to kill me my boss, how can I forgive you?"

The cross meat on Scar's face, coupled with the eye-catching scar, made him look abnormally hideous.

He squeezed his fist, his eyes filled with sorrow.

With her legs crossed, Sister Yun, who was sitting lazily on the sofa, lightly opened her lips, and said faintly, "Hold on."

Scar was taken aback, but he was still very obedient and did not take action against Wang Zhixue.

Seeing this, Wang Zhixue thought that Sister Yun decided to let him go, and his hope came. He quickly said: "I have money, I have a lot of money. You let me go and I can give you money."

However, Sister Yun's next sentence made Wang Zhixue's heart fall into a trough again.

Just listen to the gleam in her eyes that makes you dare not look straight, and said coldly: "If you dare to kill the other person, you must be ready to die. Drag him out for disposal, don't make a mess here."

"Yes, Sister Yun."

Scar Jiejie smiled, grabbed Wang Xuezhi's feet, and dragged him out like a dead dog.

"No! No!"

Wang Xuezhi shouted sadly, but his begging for mercy was useless.

From the moment he decided to ask Xiaoru to act as a killer, he was doomed.

It's just that he was so unlucky that he actually found a killer to find Fang Xiaoru's younger brother.

If he knew that Fang Xiaoru was the master Fang who ruled the underworld, he would not have such thoughts when he was killed.

Two days later, Qi Hong received a call from her good friend Zhang Li.

Zhang Li cried out on the other end of the phone: "Sister Hong, my old Wang hasn't returned for two days since he drove out alone the night before.

I couldn't get through with him, and now I can't reach him at all.Do you think he can't stand the company's change of ownership? What stupid things he does because he can't think about it?"

Qi Hong was shocked and comforted: "He is not a kid, how can he not even be able to withstand such a blow. Have you called the police?"

Zhang Li cried and said, "I called the police. I called the police the next day after he disappeared. But it was useless at all. I still couldn't find him."

Qi Hong said: "Don't worry, maybe he just went out to relax, maybe he will be back that day."

Zhang Li was sad in her heart, she could only think for the good, and cried with Qi Hong for a while before she hung up the phone.

Next to Zhang Li, Wang Yang frowned and asked, "Mom, where do you think Dad will go?"

Ever since he got in touch with Fang Xiaoru, Wang Zhi has been smoking him at every turn.

So in fact, Wang Zhixue was not at home these past two days, and Wang Yang was still a little bit happy.

"It's not all you! Who is wrong to provoke, why provoke him!"

Her husband is missing, Zhang Li, who usually wants to spoil her son, not only blames Wang Yang.

Wang Yang is afraid of his father, but not Zhang Li.

Seeing Zhang Li blaming him, he immediately jumped up and retorted: "You are to blame. How can I be blamed? If you didn't want me to pursue Oona, I wouldn't provoke the filial piety."

"you you……"

Zhang Li was trembling all over, pointing at Wang Yang, you, you, and you were speechless.

In the evening, Qi Hong returned home, found Fang Xiaoru, and asked: "Xiaoru, Wang Yang's father, Wang Zhixue has been missing for two days. Do you know the news about his father?"

Fang Xiaoru nodded unabashedly, and said, "I know."

"You know?" Qi Hong looked at Fang Xiaoru's indifferent appearance, and a bad premonition suddenly rose in her heart.

Asked: "Wang Yang's mother and I are good friends. Can you tell auntie where Wang Zhixue is now?"

Fang Xiaoru glanced at Qi Hong and said faintly: "The night before yesterday, he found someone to assassinate me."


Ou Zhengfei, who was reading the newspaper on the side, heard the word assassination and hurried over and asked worriedly:

"Xiaoru, do you have anything to do?"

Fang Xiaoru shook his head and said with a smile: "Uncle, how can I have anything to do. You don't know, the person Wang Zhixue was looking for was actually a member of our Fangmen.

That night, he was controlled by my subordinates.As for how to deal with him, I didn't ask."

When Ou Zhengfei and Qi Hong heard this, they only felt incredible for a while.

Looking for someone to assassinate Fang Xiaoru, but found his subordinates.What kind of sad reminder is this?

But then they thought about Fang Xiaoru's identity as the underworld emperor of the magic capital, and they were relieved.

Qi Hong looked at Fang Xiaoru, and finally asked, "Xiaoru, can you help me ask how Wang Zhixue is now?"

Fang Xiaoru laughed and said, "Auntie, Wang Zhixue is going to kill me. Even if he is willing to spare him, my subordinates will not spare him.

Now that it hasn't harmed his family, it's my auntie's face, and I am open to him.So this matter is over."

After all, he went straight upstairs.

Qi Hong looked at Fang Xiaoru's back and muttered: "Zhengfei, I can't see him more and more now."

Ou Zhengfei shook his head and sighed, "A Hong, when do you look through him. As he said, he is the boss of the gangster in the city.

And Wang Zhixue finds someone to assassinate him. Now that there is no family involved, Xiaoru is already looking at your face and opening up.You know, as the emperor of the underworld, his majesty cannot be easily provoked.",, ..