The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 255 Don't Steam the Steamed Buns to Fight

"Liu, you agreed."

Alice jumped up happily, and said to the two fans next to her: "Have you heard that, don't hurry up to prepare ten planks. Let Liu show you what is the real Chinese Kung Fu."

"This classmate, do you really plan to do this?"

The tall and thin man asked with a worried look.

"Senior Duan, people have asked for this, so leave it alone."

As they said, the two fans gave Alice a glance, and went to find ten boards behind.

The other two male Taekwondo club members raised these ten boards again.

It's just that the weight of the ten boards is not small. When the two big men raised them, their forearms were shaking.

This made Alice look at it, and even despised it.

She wrinkled her nose and curled her mouth in disdain.

"Hurry up and show us how good you are."

"Ten boards, hehe, even the president of our taekwondo, he keeps kicking."

"I wonder if her legs can be kicked so high, and if she kicks so high, will she fall."

The fans of the two seniors talked aside.

They didn't suppress the voice, deliberately let Alice and Liu Mengya hear it.

"This classmate, forget it. As long as you join the Taekwondo club, we are a family. There is no need to have trouble with yourself, right?"

The tall and thin Senior Duan said with a smile, he thought that he was giving Liu Mengya down the steps, showing his gentlemanly demeanor and winning the favor of beauty.

Liu Mengya smiled and said, "You let them put down the plank."

Senior Duan was overjoyed and said, "Are you agreeing to join the Taekwondo Club? Great!"

He quickly turned around and said to the two members who were holding the plank: "It's okay, let's put the plank down."

Upon hearing this, the two members breathed a sigh of relief and placed the wooden board under their feet.

One plank already has a little weight, and ten planks are really hard to lift.

Seeing this, the two fans suddenly collapsed.

Said sarcastically: "I still think how powerful it is. At the last moment, I still admit it. I cut ten boards with a palm. Do you think you are a master of martial arts?"

Liu Mengya didn't care, just got up and walked forward.

In the puzzled eyes of the members of the Taekwondo club, she walked to the ten boards and stood.

She saw her right hand gently waved, chopped down from top to bottom.


A clear voice came, and the ten wooden boards that were stacked up to nearly half a meter high were all broken into two pieces in the middle!


All those who saw this scene couldn't help swallowing.

The members of the Taekwondo Club looked at the ten broken wooden boards with shocked faces.

"This... how is this possible!"

"She actually split it! She split it in one palm!"

The eyes of the fans of the two seniors were totally unbelievable.

Such a scene suddenly defeated a certain belief in their hearts.

In their minds, Xuechang Duan is a master with 4 broken black belts, and the president is even more terrifying.

But these ten wooden boards stacked up to a height of nearly half a meter, even the president, could not be kicked off.

Even more terrifying is that Liu Mengya didn't let people hold it, but placed it on the ground. In this case, the difficulty will undoubtedly rise by a level!

"Gosh! It's terrible!"

"If a palm like this is slashed on a person, wouldn't it mean that the bones will be cut off!"

At this moment, everyone's eyes looking at Liu Mengya changed.

Senior Duan, who wanted to show off his personal charm in front of Liu Mengya before, blushed even more.

"I see it, this is Huaxia Kungfu, but it is not comparable to your Taekwondo."

Alice said triumphantly, she didn't know she thought she did the feat just now.

The members of the Taekwondo Club turned red when they heard Alice's contempt for Taekwondo.

But the facts are in front of them. Among them, no one is really better than Liu Mengya.

"Huh! Didn't it mean that ten boards were cut off? What's so good about it!"

"That is, I said that we can't do taekwondo. You can compare with our president if you have the ability."

"Yes! Since you look down on Taekwondo, do you dare to try it with our president?"

"Only in actual combat can I know whether Taekwondo is good or Huaxia Kungfu is good."

"Hua Xia Kung Fu is just a fancy, it must be incomparable with Taekwondo."

The fans of the two seniors spoke again, and their sacred Taekwondo was insulted, and they were very angry.

And also said that Chinese Kungfu is just a fancy.

But it's no wonder they think so, because the real masters of Kung Fu will not easily show it in front of ordinary people.

And those ostentatious society, they were regarded as real Chinese Kung Fu.

"Compared, who is afraid of whom!"

Alice also yelled with her hands on her hips.

Mimei said: "Okay! That's what you said. Come to our club’s training location at 7 o'clock this evening and fight our president!"

Alice also responded loudly: "A word is a deal!"

Seeing this, Liu Mengya hurriedly pulled Alice and blamed: "Alice, what's the comparison. Just let them say, let's go."

Alice said earnestly: "Liu, don't you Huaxia have a saying, called not steaming steamed buns and fighting for fragrant sticks."

Liu Mengya said funnyly: "I don't want to steam the buns to fight for my breath."

Alice waved her hand and said, "It doesn't matter. In short, they all look down on Huaxia Kungfu so much. How can you bear this tone?"

Liu Mengya thought that this was indeed the truth. When Fang Xiaoru taught her martial arts, she said that she would take action when she couldn't bear anything.

Now that the other party had said so and thought Huaxia Kungfu was a fancy, it was time for her to make another move.

So Liu Mengya nodded and said, "Well, at seven o'clock tonight, I will go to the training location of your club."

After speaking, he took Alice away and continued to visit other clubs.,, ..