The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 257 Kung Fu

Park Yongjun, the president of Taekwondo Club, was amazed when he saw Liu Mengya.

Unlike the women who had plastic surgery in their southern country, Liu Mengya's beauty is a natural beauty, a beauty of Xiaojiabiyu.

Park Yongjoon said very gentlemanly: "Although he has no eyes, but this classmate can rest assured that I will not hurt you later."

His Huaxia language is very ugly and not standard at all.

At the moment of the beauty, Park Yongjun suddenly forgot the awakening that the senior section raised to him.

The seemingly weak woman in front of her had the strength to split ten boards with one palm.

"The president still has such a gentlemanly demeanor, even though the opponent is provoking first, he doesn't want to hurt her."

Some of Park Yongjun's fans looked at him one by one with nympho.

Liu Mengya said lightly: "You don't have to be merciful, otherwise, you may not be able to catch my punch."

This remark immediately caused an uproar in the entire training venue.

Everyone stared at Liu Mengya with wide eyes.

Park Yong Joon, as the president of the Taekwondo Club, is in the seventh dan of black belt.

The captain of the school's martial arts team, the president of Jeet Kune Do, and the president of karate, have all been defeated by him.

It is precisely because of his extraordinary strength that the Taekwondo Club is thriving by him, with more than two hundred members.

"Too arrogant!"

"When things are coming, I dare to speak such big words!"

"President, don't show mercy, let her see how taekwondo is amazing!"

"Yes, the president, she despises our taekwondo, you must teach her a lesson, don't show mercy!"

Some sisters of the Taekwondo Club glared at Liu Mengya.

The president's humiliation means that they are humiliated. It is simply unbearable!

The man from the martial arts team said, "Captain, look at this new classmate, you seem to be very confident."

The captain nodded and said, "Perhaps she can really defeat Park Yongjoon."

The man said again: "By the way, it is said that this freshman is a martial arts practitioner. When you say, should we bring her closer to our martial arts team?"

The captain stared at the situation on the ring tightly and said: "If she can beat Park Yongjun and is willing to join our martial arts team, I can give her the position of captain."

Hearing this, the man was shocked.But he didn't say anything. In the past two years, in the National University Wushu Competition, Beijing University fell into the group stage every time and never achieved good results.

On the ring, Park Yongjun looked at Liu Mengya with a calm face, and was a little skeptical.

Could it be that she is really strong?

At this moment, Liu Mengya said, "You should take action first."

Park Yongjun's mind was condensed, and he had already made up his mind.

"Classmates be careful!"

After that, he rushed forward and punched Liu Mengya.

"The speed is too slow, the force is too weak."

Liu Mengya saw Park Yongjun's weakness at a glance, and his right hand became a claw, and the claw shook his arm.


In an instant, Park Yongjun let out a scream, and fell to the ground embarrassedly.

Five clear paw prints appeared on his right arm.

If it weren't for Liu Mengya's deliberately keeping her hand, with just one click, his entire right arm would be dripping with blood.

"How is this going?"

"The president was defeated by one move!"

"This is impossible! The president must have been too careless."

All the people watching the battle around the ring exclaimed one by one.

They didn't expect that the president of the Taekwondo Club, Park Yong-joon, who is a black belt 7th dan, was actually beaten to the ground by Liu Mengya, in embarrassment!

Park Yongjun only felt a deep humiliation rushing to his heart, he looked at Liu Mengya with red eyes, and said: "I just saved a hand deliberately, so you will succeed.

But I am very sorry, in order to maintain the reputation of Taekwondo, I must defeat you!Next, I will not show mercy!"

He struggled to get up from the ground, looking at Liu Mengya with cold eyes.

Liu Mengya nodded lightly and said, "I know you didn't use all your strength just now, so I also took in most of the strength. But whether you keep your hands or not, the ending is the same.


Park Yongjun let out a low growl, kicked his legs violently on the ground, and then jumped high into the air.

A beautiful three-hundred-sixty-degree whirlwind kicked, whistling towards Liu Mengya with the whistling wind.

Feeling the strength of Liu Mengya, Park Yongjun used his best trick.

"Look! This is the president's whirlwind kick!"

"God! The president used his trick. I'm afraid this female classmate will be seriously injured!"

The boys present all looked at Liu Mengya with worry.

Park Yong Joon’s three hundred and sixty degrees whirlwind kick is extremely powerful.Even a strong man with a height of 1.9 meters would be kicked by this kick.

At this moment, Liu Mengya, a weak woman, faced such a very powerful whirlwind kick, many people closed their eyes in fright and did not dare to look.

In the audience, the two fans looked at Liu Mengya with a sneer, eyes full of jokes.

"Aren't you very arrogant before, and you said that Taekwondo is inferior to the skill of fisting and embroidering legs. I will see what you will end up later!"

But more, it was a reminder to Liu Mengya.

Many Taekwondo boys, upon seeing this scene, directly cried out:

"Be careful!"

"Hurry up!"

However, Liu Mengya remained motionless, and she quickly reached out her right hand until Park Yongjun was about to kick her in the leg.


She made a palm with her right hand, and slapped Park Yongjun's leg with a heavy palm.

A scene that made everyone stunned appeared. I saw Park Yongjun's whole body flying upside down like a cannonball and knocked down the ring!

He lay on the ground, wailing in pain.

"This unscientific!"

"President Park Yongjoon actually lost, and the 7th-dan master of taekwondo black belt unexpectedly lost!"

"Is this kung fu?"

"This new student really knows Chinese Kung Fu!"

"It's incredible, it's shocking!"

The students who were onlookers were completely shocked.

This scene can only be seen in martial arts TV series.,, ..