The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 263: Go to the Gu Group

Another day passed, and time came to Sunday.

On this day, the two sisters Gu Nianwei and Gu Nianjie had different moods.

Gu Nianwei was in a panic. She didn't know what kind of person this shareholder who was about to come to the board of directors was, and what kind of influence it would bring to the Gu Group.

Will he propose to reorganize the board of directors and serve as chairman himself.

All of this was like a big mountain pressing on Gu Nianwei's chest, making her almost impossible to kick.

Grandpa has worked so hard to establish a company for decades, and she is not allowed to be taken away by others.

Compared to Gu Nianwei's anxiety, Gu Nianjie is full of excitement and excitement today.

Yesterday, Lin Caizhe called to inform him that Fang Zong will come to the Gu Group to participate in the board of directors. After the board of directors is dispersed, he will meet alone with him.

The board of directors starts at ten in the morning, but Gu Nianjie is not a director or president, so he is not qualified to participate in such a meeting.

At this moment, Gu Nianjie was sitting in her office, with Erlang's legs folded, and said to herself:

"As the company’s largest shareholder today, Mr. Fang has invested so much money in, he will definitely not ignore it.

He has just arrived and has no acquaintances in the Gu Group.I am the grandson of the chairman, and I was the first to show his favor to him.

I believe that as long as I show my sincerity, I can impress Mr. Fang.At that time, it is very possible to persuade him to propose to remove Gu Nianwei from the position of president and change me to president."

At this time, Fang Xiaoru was driving from Gu Nianwei's villa, following the navigation to the headquarters of the Gu Group.

Last night, he came to Gu Nianwei's villa to stay with her for one night.

Yesterday, without knowing what was going on, Gu Nianwei gave the initiative to Fang Xiaoru.

This was the second time Fang Xiaoru had the initiative after the first took advantage of Gu Nianwei's drunkenness and forced her to do it.

He was very excited and excited, and worked hard for more than three hours.

Based on his physical fitness, when he got up today, he also felt a pain in his waist and back.

As for Gu Nianwei, like a okay person, she went to the company early in the morning.

This is exactly what he said, there are only exhausted cattle, no bad farming.

"Stop! I'll shoot when I run!"

When Fang Xiaoru was waiting for a traffic light on a small road, a woman's violent shout came.

On his left front, a fiery policewoman was chasing a pale, very thin man.

The man ran towards Fang Xiaoru from the gap between cars.

As he ran hard, he looked back and saw the hot-bodied policewoman getting closer and closer to him.

"This damn note, you are chasing so tightly! One day, I will ask my brothers to turn you around!"

The pale and thin man, with a trace of heartache flashing in his eyes, took out a small bag from his pocket, and threw the small bag into the position of the co-pilot when he passed Fang Xiaoru's Lamborghini.

Seeing this, the policewoman who was chasing him immediately gave up chasing the thin man and stopped in front of Fang Xiaoru's car.

She slapped the car door violently and said unceremoniously: "Come down!"

Fang Xiaoru looked at the red light that had turned into a green light at this time. He didn't want to waste time with the woman, so he reached out and took the small bag in the passenger seat and threw it to her.

The fiery female police took the small bag and immediately put it away cautiously.

However, she obviously did not intend to let Fang Xiaoru leave, and still said viciously: "Get out of the car!"

Fang Xiaoru was taken aback, and asked in a puzzled way: "I said the police officer, isn't this small bag for you? Why do you want me to get off the car?"

The female security officer yelled: "Don't talk nonsense! Get out of the car!"

Fang Xiaoru frowned, and said dissatisfied: "Although I don't know what that person committed just now, what do you mean by stopping me here if you don't chase him?"

"Also pretend garlic with me?"

The female security officer banged and slapped the car door hard, and said coldly:

"Do you think I didn't know you were in the same group? He was chased by me and had no way to escape, so he had to throw drugs into your car.

Although he threw it concealed, I didn't expect it to be seen by me!I'll give you one last chance, come down quickly!"

"Drugs? Associate?"

Fang Xiaoru shook his head, pointing to the sitting Lamborghini dumbfounded, and said:

"Police officer, you said that the person who drives this kind of car still needs to sell drugs?"

The policewoman then noticed that the car Fang Xiaoru drove was a super sports car. Although she didn't know the specific price, she knew that it was definitely not cheap just by looking at the cool look that had no friends.


She slapped the body again and shouted: "You can buy a sports car. You can imagine how many drugs you have sold over the years!"

Fang Xiaoru opened his mouth, and he could see that the female security officer in front of him had already determined that he was an accomplice of the pale man just now.

Had it not been for the very hot figure of the woman in front of him, and a rare beauty, he would have been angry.

Fang Xiaoru took out a document from his pocket and handed it to the female policeman.

"Look, I'm not a drug dealer."

The behavior of Xiaoru, the other party of the female security officer, was unknown, so she took the documents carefully and looked through it.

This is an officer's card with a picture of Fang Xiaoru printed on it.

It is indicated that he is a lieutenant colonel!

He is also the chief instructor of the Sharp Sword Special Team of the Magic City!

After the female security officer read it, her eyebrows raised, and she was furious: "Okay, I didn't expect you drug lord to even dare to pretend to be the chief! You are really bold!"

She snapped, took out a pistol, pointed at Fang Xiaoru and said:

"Hold your head in your hands and get off the car immediately!"

It was said that when Fang Xiaoru was stopped by this hot female policeman as a drug lord, the director of the Gu Group and the president of Gu Nianwei had been waiting in the conference room for some time.

Gu Nianwei looked at the time. It was ten o'clock, but the mysterious president of Universal Media was still missing.

She said to Lin Caizhe, who was sitting on her left hand, "Mr. Lin, why hasn't Mr. Fang arrived yet?"

Lin Caizhe murmured: "This shouldn't be, Fang Shao never arrives late for no reason."

He looked at Gu Nianwei with a gloomy expression and said, "Well, let me call and ask."

At the corner of the street, Fang Xiaoru parked the car on the side of the road, unscrupulously scanning up and down the hot figure of the female policeman.

Under Fang Xiaoru's X-ray eyes, the female police only felt that she appeared in front of Fang Xiaoru as if Hong Guoguo, there was no secret at all.

Dense sweat came out of her gun-holding fingers, and her apricot eyes were full of anger.

Had it not been for the police station’s regulations to not shoot in the busy city, she would have pulled the trigger long ago.

"Jingle bell, jingle bell"

But at this moment, Fang Xiaoru's cell phone rang.

It was from Lin Caizhe.

After the call was connected, Lin Caizhe asked: "Shao Fang, the board of directors has already started, why haven't you come yet."

Fang Xiaoru glanced at the female policeman next to the car, and said faintly: "Unlucky, I was blocked by a female policeman. She suspects that I am a drug lord, don't you think it is funny?"

Lin Caizhe exclaimed: "Younger Fang, you are blocked by the security? Are you still suspected of being a drug lord?"

Gu Nianwei on the side frowned when he heard the words, and said to Lin Caizhe: "Give me the phone. I have an acquaintance in the Public Security Bureau."

Lin Caizhe glanced at her and handed the phone over.

Gu Nianwei took the phone and said, "President Fang, please give the phone to the police, and I will take care of this."

Fang Xiaoru heard clearly, this was Gu Nianwei's voice.

He directly turned on the amplifier and placed it in front of the female police.

Three seconds later, Gu Nianwei's voice sounded again:

"Hello Comrade Public Security, I am Gu Nianwei, the president of the Gu Group. The gentleman next to you is a major shareholder of my Gu Group. Now we are holding a board meeting. I hope you can let him come to Gu Nianwei. The Group is grateful."

"Weiwei!" A hint of surprise flashed across the female police's face and said: "Weiwei, this is Qi Wen. Is this person really a shareholder of your company?"

"Qi Wen?" Gu Nianwei was taken aback, and then she was happy, and said: "Great, it turned out to be Wenwen. Wenwen, he is indeed a shareholder of our company. You may have misunderstood him, please be sure Let him come to the Gu Group, please."

The female security officer Qi Wen looked at Fang Xiaoru up and down, and said, "Even though you say that, Weiwei, I still don’t believe him. Let’s do it, I see you in your face and personally escort him to your company. Later, I will bring He went back to the Public Security Bureau to investigate."

By doing this, Qi Wen already gave Gu Nianwei enough face.

Gu Nianwei nodded and said: "Then thank you very much."

When the phone was hung up, Qi Wen walked to the other side of the car, opened the car door straight, and took a seat to the co-pilot.

Said: "Let’s go, go to the Gu Group. But don’t think that you have Sister Weiwei’s guarantee, and I will let you go. I have asked colleagues from the Public Security Bureau to inquire about your information, whether it’s drug trafficking or forged officer IDs. Enough for you to eat a pot." ,, ..