The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 271: The Beauty of Xiangche

Beijing Tianhai Hotel is a luxurious six-star hotel.

In addition to eating and lodging, it also provides various entertainment activities.

It is a place for leisure and entertainment of many powerful people in the capital.

At this time, Fang Xiaoru brought Liu Mengya to this Tianhai Hotel.

There are two reasons for coming here for dinner.

First, the Chinese cuisine here is very authentic and delicious.

Secondly, since the people who come and go here, the rich and the nobles for a long time, are either rich or expensive, so the staff here do better confidentiality.

At least she recognized Catherine as the princess of Gili country, and she wouldn't yell.

When Fang Xiaoru drove the lamborghini VenenoRter to the entrance of Tianhai Hotel, there was a parking boy who came to help Fang Xiaoru park the car.

If it is a normal car, the parking boy will park it in the underground parking garage.

But Fang Xiaoru's car is also the top super sports car in the world.

The parking boy parked it beside the fountain in front of the hotel. There was another car, the Rolls-Royce Phantom.


The two welcoming ladies at the door, when they saw Fang Xiaoru stepping down from such a car and bowing to salute, they wanted to expose all the hemispheres of their chest to Fang Xiaoru.

The smile on their faces is not a mechanical professional smile, but a smile from the heart.


Fang Xiaoru nodded slightly, but did not even glance at the two welcome ladies.

Just holding Catherine's hand, head high and walked into the hotel.

Although these two welcoming ladies are rare beauties, they are far behind Catherine.

Therefore, although these two people are also beautiful, in Fang Xiaoru's eyes, they are nothing more than vulgar fans.

The two welcoming ladies looked at Fang Xiaoru's fading figure, looked at each other, and sighed:

"Hey, when will we meet such a good-quality man. It's a pity that such a good-quality man is surrounded by such a beautiful foreign girl."

The Miss Yingbin standing on the left said: "If I am not mistaken, his car is a Lamborghini VenenoRter, a global limited edition. It will cost a full 50 million yuan!"

The welcome lady on the right also said: "More than that, there is no label on his clothes. If nothing else, it should be designed by a top Italian designer.

There is also the watch on his wrist, which is a watch that Patek Philippe just launched this year, known for its extreme luxury and dignity.I'm afraid that just this fast watch can buy a house in Beijing."

In the eyes of the two welcoming ladies, Fang Xiaoru and Catherine came to a window in the restaurant on the 41st floor.

Sitting here, overlooking the earth, you can have a panoramic view of the surrounding beauty.

The only regret is that it is still afternoon.If it is at night, with the addition of lights, the scenery will be even more beautiful.

When the food was on the table, Fang Xiaoru raised his glass and smiled at Catherine: "Welcome to China."

Catherine and Fang Xiaoru clinked glasses, took a sip of wine, and her pretty face instantly turned red and beautiful.

She looked at the scenery outside the window and said, "Fang, thank you for curing my illness. Before that, I had no courage to go outside, let alone go abroad to China."

Fang Xiaoru Weiwei smiled and said, "I take your gratitude. I am also very happy to see you walk out of the prison you set. Are you hungry? Let's eat quickly."

Catherine took a deep look at Fang Xiaoru, boldly leaned over and kissed Fang Xiaoru's cheek gently.

Fang Xiaoru only felt a fascinating fragrance, and then his left face was slightly warm.

After the Catherine chick kissed it like a rice peck, she quickly retracted her body, then bowed her head blushing and started eating.

It's just that she is used to eating with knives and forks, and now she eats Chinese food with chopsticks.

As a result, she couldn't hold the chopsticks securely at all, and she made a fool of herself, almost splashing the soup on her clothes, and suddenly panicked her hands and feet.

Fang Xiaoru couldn't help laughing when she saw that this woman, who had always been as calm as an iceberg, had such a cute scene.

Catherine looked at Fang Xiaoru complainingly, and said, "Fang, this chopstick, I can't use it."

Fang Xiaoru shook his head, and said, "You didn't hold chopsticks like you did. Let me teach you."

He left his position and walked to Catherine's side and taught her how to hold and use chopsticks.

Fortunately, Catherine's comprehension and learning ability are relatively strong. Under Fang Xiaoru's teaching, she can at least barely hold her chopsticks firmly.

They chatted again and ate again.After a meal, about half an hour passed.

Finally, Catherine put down the tableware and elegantly wiped her mouth with the tissue on the table, and said, "Thank you for your hospitality. This is one of the happiest meals I have eaten."

Fang Xiaoru smiled and replied: "It's good if you are happy."

He suddenly thought of something, and then said: "By the way, do you have a place to live now?"

Catherine nodded and said: "Angie has arranged the hotel. I originally planned to go to the school today and see you by the way, but I didn't expect to be surrounded by students."

"You're going to study graduate school here, how can you live in a hotel?" Fang Xiaoru thought for a while, and said, "Well, I will buy you a villa next day."

"Buy me a villa?" Catherine's eyes widened and said: "I know that China's housing prices are very high. A villa in the capital costs at least 20 million pounds."

Fang Xiaoru said: "Don't say 20 million pounds, it's 200 million pounds, it's all trivial to me."

Catherine smiled freely when she heard the words, and said: "I almost forgot. You spent £55 million at Sotheby's auction house in Geely and took the pair of earrings from Apollo and Artemis. It seems You are rich."

Catherine still didn't say a word. At the time, she thought that Fang Xiaoru took the pair of earrings and wanted to give it to her. It turned out that she was passionate.

She thought that Fang Xiaoru might have a favorite woman in China, so she promoted her idea of ​​studying at Beijing University.

She is not afraid of Fang Xiao having other women around her, because as long as there are successful people, there are many women around her.

But she is very confident in herself, and she is confident that Fang Xiaoru will definitely be her in the end.

Because she is the dream girl of all men from 18 to 80 in the West!

Because she is Princess Catherine, the first heir to the Queen of Geely!

However, when the two left the dining table, a young man saw Fang Xiaoru diagonally across from them and exclaimed with a frightened face:

"Fang Xiaoru!"

This young man is Wang Yang!

Since Ruihua Technology Co., Ltd. was controlled by Fang Xiaoru, Wang Yang's father disappeared because he wanted revenge, and Wang Yang lived in fear all day long.

Unexpectedly, after finally coming to the capital to go to university, but still meet Fang Xiaoru.

I have to say that his counterpart Xiaoru was already scared to his bones.

Sitting across from Wang Yang, there was also a man. He was dressed in casual clothes and looked good.

It's just that there is a faint arrogance in his eyebrows, as if no one can see it.

He was taken aback by Wang Yang's exclamation and couldn't help cursing: "Wang Yang, what are you doing when you step on the horse."

When he spoke, he turned his head and looked at Wang Yang's eyes.

At this look, I saw the angelic figure of Catherine.

His eyes lit up suddenly, and they were full of coveting and coveting.

He quickly asked Wang Yang, "Wang Yang, do you know them? Who is that foreign girl?"

Wang Yang also noticed this arrogant man's coveting Catherine. He moved in his heart and said:

"Brother Zhang, I don't know that foreign girl, but I do know that man. Like me, he is from the magic city."

The man named Zhang Ge by Wang Yang immediately asked, "The demons are here, does he have any background at home?"

Wang Yang replied: "He is an orphan and has no background at home. However, he has a small amount of money in his hands and opened a media company. The recent momentum of the movie "Song and Go" is their company's work."

A smile came up at the corner of Zhang Ge's mouth and said, "Is it the one who started the entertainment company? "Let's Song and Go" is still their company's work. This is easy."

He sat up from the chair and said, "Go, follow me to meet him."

"Yes! Brother Zhang."

Wang Yang looked respectful on the surface, but his heart was constantly sneered.

The man he became Brother Zhang was his college classmate and roommate, named Zhang Dong, a native of Beijing.

But just like this, how could Wang Yang treat him so respectfully.

After all, Zhang Dong has a profound background.

Zhang Dong's father is the deputy bureau of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television!Specially control the release of movies and TV series, and control the life and death of entertainment companies!The power is amazing.

This is why Wang Yang immediately revealed that Fang Xiaoru was the owner of an entertainment company after seeing that his partner Xiaoru was interested in the female companion next to him, and the recent normalizing movie was also his company's work.

Sure enough, after Zhang Dong found out that Fang Xiaoru was an orphan or started an entertainment company, he immediately got up and chased him.

He is the son of his own deputy bureau of the Radio, Film and Television Bureau, and he has decided Fang Xiaoru!

If Fang Xiaoru dared to have trouble with him, he would block the actors of their company and block all the works of their company!

In this way, he got on to an unknown number of teenage celebrities and received a red envelope from an unknown number of entertainment company bosses.

In this regard, he is very handy and very experienced.

He believes that as long as he reveals his identity as the son of the deputy bureau of the Bureau of Radio, Film and Television, Fang Xiaoru will certainly agree to all his requirements.

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