The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 272 Who is pretending to be forced

But when Zhang Dong asked Wang Yang about Fang Xiaoru's situation, Fang Xiaoru and Catherine were already on the elevator.

Upon seeing this, Zhang Dong quickly ran to another elevator next to him.

In the lobby on the first floor of Tianhai Hotel, when Fang Xiaoru and Catherine walked out of the hotel entrance, Zhang Dong chased them up from behind.

He stopped Fang Xiaoru and Catherine from going, with a smile that he thought was handsome, and said, "This beauty, is it an honor to meet you?"

When he spoke, his eyes were tightly fixed at Catherine, and Fang Xiaoru, who was on the side, was completely ignored by him.

The beauty of Catherine is well known to Westerners.

The famous Hollywood niche Paul once publicly stated on social software that he would drink her bath water.

Zhang Dong was originally a hungry wolf. When he saw Catherine's appearance from close range, only possessiveness remained in his heart.

The look in Hong Guoguo's eyes made Catherine alive immediately.

"Go away!"

Fang Xiaoru couldn't bear to talk to his girlfriend openly in front of him.

In particular, Zhang Dong's eyes also showed a disgusting and licentious light!

Without mercy, he raised his right hand and slapped it.


A crisp sound rang at the entrance of Tianhai Hotel.

Zhang Dong was slapped by Fang Xiaoru's slap and rotated three times in place like a top before staggering to the ground.

A clearly visible red palm print suddenly appeared on his right face.

Zhang Dong covered his right cheek, staring at Fang Xiaoru fiercely, and said, "Do you dare to hit me! Do you know who I am?"


Without hesitation, Fang Xiaoru slapped Zhang Dong's face again.

His eyes were like electricity, and he said coldly: "Dare to show off to my girlfriend, you are looking for death!"

Zhang Dong struggled to stand up from the ground and yelled: "Boy, I know your identity, the boss of Magic World Media.

Although you have small assets, but I control your fate!Do you know who my father is?"


Fang Xiaoru slapped it again and said, "I care about who your father is, so get out of here, or you will definitely regret it."

After being contacted by Fang Xiaoru and slapped three times, Zhang Dong was going crazy.

The other party actually played cards so unreasonably, before they could tell their identity, they started beating people.

He stared at Fang Xiaoru with bitter eyes, and said, "My father is the deputy bureau of the China General Administration, and he controls the life and death of your company's movies!

As long as my father says something, the movie "Song and Go" currently being shown by your company will be removed from the shelves.And in the future, your company's artists and film and television dramas will be blocked in all directions!"

Fang Xiaoru looked at Zhang Dong indifferently, and said faintly: "So what?"

Seeing that Fang Xiaoru didn't slap him this time, Zhang Dong thought he was shocked by his background.

With a proud face, he said: "I am not a person who will kill you. You just slapped me a few times. Just ask me to double back and send the foreign friend next to you to my room. Forgive you."

This is a trick that Zhang Dong is accustomed to to people in the entertainment industry, and he has tried repeatedly.

Because his father is in an important position, almost anyone in the entertainment industry does not want to offend him.

Zhang Dong used his father as a threat. Over the years, he has no idea how many female stars he fancy has been cheated.

Even the bosses of some entertainment companies often bribe him and often ask him to play with young models and female stars.

This also made Zhang Dong deeply aware of the awesomeness of his father's position, so he has a natural psychological advantage in the face of people in the entertainment industry.

Fang Xiaoru's face was completely gloomy when he heard Zhang Dong's words.

He said coldly: "I don't know whether to live or die!"


As he said, he waved his right hand like lightning and drew it on Zhang Dong's right face.

"Flap! Flap! Flap! Flap! Flap..."

Fang Xiaoru slapped ten times a second, and after ten slaps, Zhang Dong's right cheek was already swollen like a bun, very scary.

"you you……"

Three of the teeth in Zhang Dong's mouth were knocked out, two of which were front teeth.Because his front teeth were knocked out, he even leaked his words.

He stared at Fang Xiaoru with astonishment and disbelief, "You dare to hit me!"

As the son of the deputy bureau of the General Administration, he should be the target of everyone in the entertainment industry.

Even if the boss of the top domestic entertainment company and the super-first-line female celebrity meets him, he must wait cautiously for fear that he will be unhappy and be blocked.

But now Fang Xiaoru's face was swollen and his teeth were knocked out.

The two welcoming ladies at the entrance of Tianhai Hotel saw Fang Xiaoru being so powerful, their faces were full of excitement and excitement, and their eyes toward Fang Xiaoru became even more intense.

But Wang Yang, who shrank from the side, dared not come out to meet Fang Xiaoru, clenched his fists.The excitement and excitement on his face are better than those two nymphomaniac welcome ladies.

"Great! Hit Zhang Dong, your world media must have no good life!"

Wang Yang knew that he was so far from Fang Xiaoru that he would never be able to avenge him in this life.

He could only find another way and use Zhang Dong's father's rights to retaliate against Fang Xiaoru.

Judging from the current situation, his plan has been successful.

With Zhang Dong's character, his face was hit and his front teeth were knocked off, he would smash to the end with Fang Xiaoru anyway.

Wang Yang stared at Fang Xiaoru's back with a sullen face, gritted his teeth and said, "You will never end well!"

Fang Xiaoru held Catherine's slender waist with his left hand, walked step by step in front of Zhang Dong, looked down at him condescendingly, and said:

"I am a person who never offends me, and I do not offend. You should not threaten me, let alone hit Catherine's attention.

For someone like you, I didn't even bother to take a look at first, and I was not qualified to stand and talk with me, but you successfully won this opportunity for yourself.

Stand up for me now and take the initiative to stretch your left cheek over!"

It doesn't matter if he hit Zhang Dong's right cheek, he has to stretch his left cheek to him!,, ..