The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 276 The First Psychology Lesson

After buying the entire Binjiang villa group, the sun has already set, and the time has come to five o'clock in the afternoon.

Fang Xiaoru was driving Catherine to a hotel near the school and let her live there temporarily, and then moved in after all the furniture and decorations in the villa were in place.

When the car was on the road, Fang Xiaoru received a strange call.


"Hello, I am Jiang Feng, the owner of Chase Real Estate."

"It turned out to be the boss of Chase Real Estate, is there anything you want me to do?"

Chase Real Estate is a large-scale real estate company in China.

In addition to Yida and Yike, this Chase Real Estate has the strongest strength.This is a super large company with an annual profit of tens of billions and is one of China's top 500 companies.

Jiang Feng said: "That's it. Just now Mr. Fang bought the Binjiang villa group developed by our company. I specifically called to congratulate him. In addition, I have one more thing to discuss with Mr. Fang.

Fang Xiaoru frowned and asked, "What can you discuss with me?"

Jiang Feng smiled and said, "I don't want to hide it from you. It's like this. We, Chase Real Estate, recently developed a high-end community in Beijing.

But the original partner suddenly withdrew its capital. Now this community has only made a rough, but it can't do it because of lack of funds.

I heard from Xiao Liu that Fang Xiaoru not only bought all the villas in Binjiang Villa District, but also spent 14 huge sums of money to purchase luxury furniture and decorations.

So after thinking about it, I wanted to see if Mr. Fang was interested in real estate. We could cooperate."

Real estate, this is China’s most profitable industry, not one of them.

After thinking for a while, Fang Xiaoru said, "Well, let me send a cronie to discuss specific matters with you in two days."

Jiang Feng suddenly laughed and responded: "Then I will wait for your good news from Mr. Fang."

After hanging up the phone, Fang Xiaoru was already thinking about getting involved in the real estate industry.

This industry is not only a violent industry, but also a behemoth of swallowing gold.

Not to mention Fang Xiaoru’s 5.2 billion weekly funds, even if 52 billion were invested in the real estate industry, he would only spend a small amount of money.

After thinking about it for a while, he decided to pay attention to build a real estate empire of his own.

He has no shortage of funds, and he has the capital to join this industry.

After thinking about it, he called Lin Caizhe again and asked him to contact Jiang Feng tomorrow, and spend a lot of money to recruit a few professionals in the real estate industry to pave the way for him to officially enter the real estate industry.

When Fang Xiaoru and Catherine showed up at a Hilton hotel near the school, Catherine also received a call from Qin Anqi.

Qin Anqi was not worried at all about Catherine being taken away by Fang Xiaoru.

Fang Xiaoru's previous strength suffocated her and deeply convinced her.

She is calling Catherine now, mainly to ask her current address, so that she can come over and find her.

The Second People's Hospital of Beijing.

Zhang Dong was lying in a senior ward, and he kept screaming in pain.

Only one upper tooth remained in his mouth, and the other teeth were all slapped off by Fang Xiaoru.

This is also Fang Xiaoru's control of the power, otherwise his face would have been blown up.

"Son, who beat you like this."

Next to the hospital bed, a very fashionable middle-aged woman with a wavy head kept holding Zhang Dong and wept bitterly.

"Yes... it's Fang Xiaoru, Fang Xiaoru of World Media."

Because of the mouthful of teeth, only one was knocked out, and Zhang Dong's speech always leaked, making it difficult to hear.

It was only after he said it three times in a row that it was not understood.

"Have you heard, Lao Zhang, you must avenge our son!"

The stylishly dressed middle-aged woman kept slapping the bald man standing aside.

This man is a Mediterranean, all the hair in the middle of his head is bald.

Judging from his appearance, he is seven to eight points similar to Zhang Dong, and he is about 55 years old.

Between his gestures, he has a lieutenant aura.

At this moment, his face was also full of anger.

"World Media, the boss of an entertainment company, dare to do something to my son Zhang Hongliang! Good, good!"

Zhang Dong said bitterly: "Dad, you must block all the artists and all the works of Universal Media. The movie "Sing and Act" that is being released is the work of Universal Media."

Zhang Hongliang nodded to Zhang Dong and said, "Son, don't worry, I will take you for this hatred. I will not only block Universe Media, but also make him completely bankrupt!"

With that, he walked to the corner of the ward and called his assistant.

"Xiao Wang, help me collect information about Universe Media. I will see it tomorrow morning."

After speaking, he hung up without waiting for a response from the other party.

His eyes were full of anger, his face was very gloomy, and his face was grim and said: "How dare you put such a heavy hand on my son, I won't kill you, I won't be called Zhang Hongliang!"

Although Zhang Hongliang is only a deputy bureau of the General Administration, he is not a big official.

But for entertainment companies and entertainment stars, he is the great official.

He can intervene as long as he has things related to the entertainment industry and has great power.

It is not an exaggeration to say that he holds the power of life and death of entertainment stars and companies.

Over the years, he took advantage of his power and didn't know how much self-interest he had made for himself and played many teenage stars.

There are even many female stars who voluntarily ran to his bed.

The next day, Monday.

This day is October 8.

The military training and the National Day holiday are over. It is the day when the freshmen officially start class.

All 28 students from Psychology Class I arrived in the classroom on time.

No one was late or absent for the first class.

The first class was general psychology.

The teacher in class, named Ling Jing, is in her early thirties, looks soft and has a graceful figure.

But it was her eyes that attracted the most attention.

Her eyes are bright and thorough, possessing an indescribable magic.It seems to be able to see through your heart at a glance.

Ling Jing is a PhD in psychology who returned from studying in the United States. It is said that she was very famous in the Citi Psychology Association and published several papers that shocked the academic world.

Three years ago, Jingcheng University promised her an associate professor title, and only then recalled her to teach in China.

In addition, she has another identity, that is, Li Fei'er's aunt who is very unconvinced by the other party's Xiaoru.,, ..