The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 277

I don't know if it was because of the first class, or because of curiosity about psychology, or because Ling Jing did give a good lecture.

In short, Fang Xiaoru listened very carefully to the first class of this university.

As time passed, the two classes in the morning passed.

There are two classes in the morning, three or four byes.

After class, Fang Xiaoru received an urgent report from Lin Caizhe as soon as he returned to the dormitory and before putting down the books on his hands.

"Fang Shao, something big happened."

Lin Caizhe's voice sounded very anxious.

"What's the matter, don't worry, speak slowly."

Fang Xiaoru put the book on his desk and poured a glass of water.

"Fang Shao, just now, ten minutes ago, I received a call from the Office of the State Administration of Taxation, saying that the movie our company is currently showing, suspected of violating national regulations, will be completely removed from the shelves within three days, and A full investigation of the company is also required.

What national regulations have we violated? Isn't this obviously nonsense?If this movie is really taken off the shelves, the company will be investigated, and our reputation in the industry will be ruined in the future.No one will be willing to cooperate with us."

Lin Caizhe spoke very quickly, telling Fang Xiaoru the whole story.

Fang Xiaoru immediately judged that this was Zhang Dong's revenge against him.

There was a sneer at the corner of his mouth, and he murmured: "If you step on someone, you will step on your face, and if you hit someone, you will kill. It seems that I am still too soft-hearted."

"Fang Shao, what do you think we should do now?"

Lin Caizhe asked very worried.

Although he is now the general manager of Universe Media, with a high position, his status change, after all, only takes a few months.

As soon as he encountered such a major emergency, he couldn't handle it, and he was flustered and lost his backbone.

Fang Xiaoru was silent for a while, and said, "Cai Zhe, to tell you the truth, the reason why the company encountered this kind of thing is because his son was beaten by me yesterday, and people are now retaliating against me.

But you don't have to panic, I will give you a task now.I want you to use all resources and spend the highest price to offer a reward for investigating the information related to the deputy bureau of the General Administration.

I don't believe it. With his son's arrogant and domineering character, he will not commit any crime!"

Lin Caizhe was shocked and said, "It turned out to be an act of retaliation! Don't worry, Shao Fang, I will arrange it now."

After hanging up the phone, Fang Xiaoru's eyes slowly turned cold.

The opponent's retaliation came so quickly, which was beyond his expectation.

But this is even more proof of how rampant the vice bureau is.

"Xiaoru, I asked some classmates to play basketball. Are you going?"

At this time, roommate Wang Guodong rushed in and asked Fang Xiaoru.

Fang Xiaoru shook his head and said, "I have something to do later, you can go."

"Take us and go."

After Wang Guodong left, Fang Xiaoru picked up the car key and left.

Today is Monday, and Gu Nianwei has been busy throughout the National Day. Today, she gave herself a vacation and asked Fang Xiaoru to go to her house for lunch.

When Fang Xiaoru arrived at Gu Nianwei's villa, she found that her parents were both there.

He understood right away. He had previously refused the invitation of Gu Nianwei's parents, and they invited Fang Xiaoru over under the guise of his daughter.

"Xiaoru, you are finally here."

Seeing Fang Xiaoru entering the door, Gu's mother immediately greeted her with enthusiasm.

Fang Xiaoru had never seen her passionate appearance.

When she faced Fang Xiaoru before, she was either indifferent or disdainful, and she had never had any good expressions.

What is the prestige?This is the most typical example.

When Fang Xiaoru was a poor man, she looked down on Fang Xiaoru in every possible way and asked Gu Nianwei to drive him out of the house countless times.

Now that he knows Fang Xiaoru's extraordinary identity, he directly transferred 31.5% of the equity, allowing Gu Nianwei to surpass her grandfather Gu Tianbo and become the largest shareholder of the Gu Group.

After that, the attitude of her counterpart Xiaoru reversed one hundred and eighty degrees.

Faced with the enthusiasm she never had before, Fang Xiaoru rejected the slippers she handed over, bent over to take a pair of them, and walked directly past her side into the living room.

Although she is Gu Nianwei's mother, Fang Xiaoru will not easily forget her bad attitude towards herself.

Although Fang Xiaoru would not retaliate against her yet, he would not forget the past events in a blink of an eye.

Mother Gu looked at the slippers in her hand, neither was it to put it, nor was it to keep it, and felt embarrassed.

She can now feel Fang Xiaoru's previous feelings.

Two years ago, Fang Xiaoru had just moved into Gu Nianwei's villa.

He had done something like this before. He personally took slippers for Gu's mother and Gu Chengjian, but the two of them didn't even look at him, and walked over him directly.

Now the past repeats itself, but the roles of the two parties have been reversed.

Mother Gu was very uncomfortable at this time, only feeling very bitter.

At the same time, there is also a deep remorse welling up in my heart.

"You are here, I am going to cook myself today, thank you for the gift you gave me. But I didn't expect my parents to buy you a meal, so I asked them both to come."

In the kitchen, Gu Nianwei was busy with an apron.

She heard the movement outside and knew that Fang Xiaoru was here.She turned her head and wiped the sweat from her face, Xiaoru said.

Gu Nianwei rarely cooks, at least Fang Xiaoru lived with her for a year and never saw her go to the kitchen.

"I'll help you."

Fang Xiaoru also went into the kitchen and got busy with Gu Nianwei.

In the living room, Gu Chengjian looked at Mum Gu with a full face of complaint, and said: "It's all because of your bad attitude towards him at the beginning, but now people have a good attitude towards you!"

Mother Gu sighed heavily and said, "What's the use of saying this now? We have to think about how we can make him abandon our prejudice."

Gu Chengjian looked at Fang Xiaoru who was cooking with Gu Nianwei in the kitchen, shook his head, and whispered: "It's too late to do anything. The only thing we need to do now is not to let him deepen his disgust with us.

At the very least, there is one thing to ensure, that is, it will not affect his relationship with Weiwei.As long as Weiwei can tie him, everything is easy to say.But if you lose this super golden turtle son-in-law, you won't cry anymore."


Mother Gu also nodded in agreement.

At the same time, a voice rang in my heart, why should I have known today?

At the beginning, they tried every means to get Gu Nianwei and Fang Xiaoru to break up. Now the situation has changed, and they are now afraid that the two will break up because of some conflict.

I have to say, 30 years in Hedong and 30 years in Hexi.,, ..