The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 280: Sorrowful

The two police took a deep breath and said, "Comrade Lieutenant Colonel, is your girlfriend really a princess of Gili?"

Fang Xiaoru nodded and said faintly: "You can search on the Internet. I remember that there was a news report at that time."

One of the police took out his mobile phone and searched the keywords of Xiaoru and Princess Catherine. Sure enough, he saw several news articles coming in from abroad.

These news are all covering the scandals between Fang Xiaoru and Princess Catherine.

Na Zhian walked to Zhang Dong, put the phone in front of him, and asked, "Zhang Dong, do you know the woman in the picture?"

Zhang Dong was shocked when he saw the woman on the phone news at first glance.

Because he discovered that this woman was exactly the same as the woman next to Fang Xiaoru yesterday.

He glanced online and saw the title read: A Chinese man and Princess Catherine walked into Sotheby's auction house intimately.


Zhang Dong swallowed hard, only feeling a chill coming out of the soles of his feet.

His eyes widened and he stammered: "This...this...I didn't even know that she was the Princess of Gili State. If I knew, how dare I do that."

The two police looked at each other, and finally said: "Zhang Dong, insulting Princess Gili, this is a very serious matter. I need to file a case with you for investigation."

One of the police took out a small notebook from his pocket and said: "You tell me the whole story, one to five to ten."

Zhang Dong looked terrified, he was terrified.

Zhang Dong's mother has not yet reacted to why Fang Xiaoru suddenly became a lieutenant colonel and why his girlfriend became a princess of Gili State.

And why was it to supervise their private security, but treat Zhang Dong like a prisoner?

Zhang Dong's mother, Ms. Wu quickly said, "Comrade Public Security, is there any misunderstanding in this?"

The police replied: "Insulting foreign guests, he is still the first heir to the Queen of Geely. This matter can be big or small, and we can't handle it carelessly."

Zhang Dong tremblingly said: "Comrade Public Security, I don't know, I really don't know her identity."

However, the police ignored his complaints and only asked him about the specific situation yesterday.

With Fang Xiaoru by the side, Zhang Dong wanted to conceal it, but he couldn't hide it.

Finally, after the inquiry was completed, one of the security officers called back to the police station, saying: "Captain, something very difficult has happened.

There has been a case of insulting Princess Catherine of Geely. Now the person who committed the crime is at the Second People's Hospital of Beijing. What do you think should be handled?"


In the police station, a middle-aged captain suddenly exclaimed.

He asked: "What happened?"

The police quickly told the team leader what happened.

After listening to the captain, he was greatly relieved, "It turns out that this is the case. Fortunately, Princess Catherine’s boyfriend is a Chinese. Otherwise, the impact of this incident will be great. If it is posted online, it will greatly affect our country. International image.

In this way, you must persuade the comrade lieutenant colonel to make him turn a big matter into a small matter, but don't make this matter bigger, otherwise we will lose the face of China."

"Yes! Captain, I know what to do."

After the police hung up the phone, the other party Xiaoru said, "Comrade Lieutenant Colonel, this matter can be big or small. All decisions are in your hands. I hope you will not make this matter a big deal. After all, this is about the country. image of."

Fang Xiaoru looked at Zhang Dong, with a bright smile on his mouth, and said, "I am a very easy-going person. I have always practiced that people do not offend me and I do not offend. If anyone offends me, I will pay back ten times.

Since they want me to pay one million in compensation, I will now ask them ten times, which is ten million!Otherwise, I will not give up legal means and accuse him of insulting my girlfriend, the princess of Geely!"

"Ten million! Dream about you!"

Zhang Dong yelled immediately after hearing this.

How could it be possible for him to spend a million.

His father Zhang Hongliang relied on his authority to corrupt and accept many bribes.Ten million can indeed be taken out, but the money is taken out just like cutting meat

Obviously he was injured, and in the end he had to pay compensation.

Fang Xiaoru shrugged and said, "Since we can't agree, we have to see you in court."

Although 10 million yuan is worthless for Xiaoru, Zhang Dong's mother and son are a huge sum of money!

Money is not Fang Xiaoru's purpose, it is his purpose to make them uncomfortable.

"Zhang Dong!" The security leader shouted loudly: "Comrade Lieutenant Colonel, this is an opportunity for you to solve privately outside the court. Don't you cherish it. You threatened the chief and insulted the Princess of Geely. Do you know that this is What a crime!

If the sentence is judged in court, not only will you not be able to eat, but also your father's position as the deputy bureau of the Radio, Film and Television Bureau."

Hearing this, Zhang Dong trembled, and a drop of cold sweat not only dripped from his forehead.

As the law and order said, threatening the chief and insulting the Princess of Gili State, if it is really investigated, his father will also be affected.

"I promised!"

Ms. Wu, Zhang Dong's mother, gritted her teeth and said.

After thinking about it in her heart, she finally came to a conclusion that she had ended up with Fang Xiaoru privately.

If it goes to court, it will really be as the law and order said, not only Zhang Dong can't eat, but also her husband Zhang Hongliang's position will not be guaranteed!


Zhang Dong is really unwilling, and at the same time his aggrievedness is about to explode!It is clear that I was injured, but why should I compensate the other party!

But at the same time, he was also very regretful in his heart, regretting that he shouldn't be upset, and provoke a madman like Fang Xiaoru, not to mention that the person who was molested and insulted turned out to be the princess of Geely!

He bowed his head deeply, and despite his unwillingness, he knew that there was no other way.

If Fang Xiaoru goes to court, it will not end well.

Although it is not a big crime, the bad influence it has caused is still huge.

Needless to say, his father's position is definitely affected.

Ms. Wu also regretted it in her heart. She came up with Fang Xiaoru and asked for one million in compensation.

If she knew that the situation would be reversed, she would not call the police if she was killed. Instead, she chose to wait for Zhang Hongliang to pass her authority and Xiaoru to retaliate.

But things have happened, and there is no regret medicine in the world.

One million did not arrive, but ten million was lost!,, ..