The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 281 The Existence That Can't Be Provoked

When Fang Xiaoru received the 10 million transfer from Zhang Dong's mother, Ms. Wu, he left the ward.

Naturally, he would not let Zhang Dong go, but just insulting the officer or the Princess of Geely, he couldn't convict him much.

What is great is to have a certain influence on his father.

But what Fang Xiaoru had to do was to completely crush Zhang Dong's family!

Just now in the ward, he said that people don’t offend me and I don’t offend people. What he had in mind at the time was the last half sentence.

If anyone offends me, I will give it back!

Since receiving notice from Lin Caizhe in the morning, when the General Administration has launched an action against World Media and the movie that is currently being shown, he has already made up his mind.

In the future, his principle of conduct is: to slap someone in the face, and to trample to death when stepping on someone!Don't give him the slightest chance to jump.

Not long after Fang Xiaoru left the ward, the two security officers gave Zhang Dong a few words and left.

When there were no outsiders in the room, Ms. Wu said with a worried look: "Son, I told you a long time ago. Don't provoke people who don't understand easily, and don't always put your mind on women. .

Look at you, even if you offend Fang Xiaoru, even the Princess of Geely should be molested!If they were to pursue it, the consequences would be unimaginable!"

Zhang Dong was also extremely depressed. He said impatiently: "Mom, who would have thought that the boy's girlfriend was actually the Princess of Gili? This time I hit the iron plate. I have nothing to say, I can only say Recognizing bad luck."

Ms. Wu said bitterly: "You have to change this habit, otherwise, there may be some misfortune in the future."

Zhang Dong turned over on the bed and said, "I am only in front of people in the entertainment industry. People in other industries, I never provoke them."

Ms. Wu shook her head. For this son, she really didn't know what to do.

Lecherous, thinking about playing with tender models and female stars all day.

This time he finally hit the iron plate.

Suddenly, she seemed to remember something.Exclaimed:

"Oops! Your father has already retaliated against Xiaoru's Huanyu Media today, I have to stop him quickly!

Fang Xiaoru's girlfriend is the princess of Gili State. It is conceivable that his identity is definitely not simple, we can't afford it!"

Zhang Dong's expression changed when he heard this, and he immediately urged: "Mom, please call."

Ms. Wu dialed Zhang Hongliang's phone, the phone beeped seven or eight times, but no one answered.

This made Ms. Wu and Zhang Dong anxious to death.

If Zhang Hongliang had already retaliated against Xiaoru, then everything is over!

After the phone beep ten times, it finally got through.

"Hey, wife, what's the matter? I'm busy here."

Ms. Wu asked nervously, "Lao Zhang, you haven't started to retaliate against Xiaoru, right?"

Zhang Hongliang smiled and said, "How can I not take revenge for my son. A few hours ago, I had issued a document to Universe Media and was about to investigate their company. Show their movies."

Ms. Wu only felt dizzy when she heard the words. She said in a panic: "Lao Zhang, the other party is an existence we can't afford, so stop!"

"Existence that can't be offended?" Zhang Hongliang smiled contemptuously, and said: "Don't worry, there are no people in the Chinese entertainment industry that I can't offend.

Even if the Citi Hollywood blockbusters are going to enter the country, it won't work without my permission!This area of ​​the world media, I will destroy it in a short time!"

"No, Lao Zhang!" Ms. Wu's voice didn't know how much it was raised, she said with a panic and scared face:

"The origin of Fang Xiaoru is not as simple as we thought. Did you know that his girlfriend turned out to be Princess Catherine of Gili!"

"What?" Zhang Hongliang's expression changed, and he exclaimed, "What happened?"

Ms. Wu described everything that happened in the ward just now to Zhang Hongliang.

"Asshole! I was really hurt by your precious son this time!"

After listening, Zhang Hongliang cursed and hung up immediately.

Zhang Dong looked at Ms. Wu and asked nervously, "Mom, how is it? Dad hasn't acted yet, right?"

Ms. Wu looked desperate and said: "Your father has already launched revenge against Xiaoru's Huanyu Media within a few hours."

Hearing this, Zhang Dong's heart felt a little, and he looked at Ms. Wu blankly, with despair in his eyes.

Two words flashed in his heart: finished.

Zhang Hongliang, the deputy bureau, urgently took back all the staff who had “engaged” the Universe Media, and then personally called Lin Caizhe, the general manager of Universe Media.

At this time, Lin Caizhe was releasing a reward task through a hacker reward channel.

Reward content: Bad record of Zhang Hongliang, deputy bureau of the State Administration of Taxation.

Reward amount: 50 million yuan.

As soon as this reward task was released, it was like a bomb dropped into the calm lake water, causing a huge wave.

50 million yuan to investigate a deputy bureau of the General Administration. The amount of the reward was too high. It immediately attracted the attention of many advanced hackers.

Lin Caizhe connected Zhang Hongliang's phone and asked, "Hello, hello, who are you?"

Zhang Hongliang smiled and said: "Mr. Lin, I am Zhang Hongliang, the deputy bureau of the General Administration."

"General Administration Zhang Hongliang?" Lin Caizhe frowned, and said coldly: "Deputy Bureau Zhang, you have issued investigation documents to our company for unwarranted reasons, and you have to take down the movies that are currently on the shelves. This is not kind."

"Misunderstanding, misunderstanding, everything is a misunderstanding." After Zhang Hongliang heard the things his wife told him, he immediately admitted.

If it is an ordinary entertainment company, he will do it.

But this Fang Xiaoru's girlfriend is actually the Princess of Geely Country. Doesn't this show that his identity is not as simple as it seems.

The boss of an ordinary entertainment company can't even reach the Princess of Geely, let alone become her boyfriend.

Lin Caizhe sneered in his heart. Through Zhang Hongliang's attitude, he had already judged that Zhang Hongliang knew that he had provoke someone who shouldn't be offended. This would come to seek peace and admit defeat.

He said lightly: "Deputy Bureau Zhang, you know whether our company has violated the relevant regulations of the Bureau of Radio, Film and Television. I don't want to tell you more, so be it."

With that, Lin Caizhe hung up the phone without hesitation.

"Hey! Hey! President Lin!"

Zhang Hongliang looked at the phone that had been hung up, and collapsed on the chair.

At this moment, a terrible premonition suddenly surged in his heart.He might be involved in his career and even his entire life because of this incident.,, ..