The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 282 Multiple Actions

As soon as Fang Xiaoru left the Second People's Hospital of Beijing, he called Catherine.

"Fang, I just took a class. The history of China is so interesting."

Catherine sounds very excited, and today is also her first class for graduate study at Beijing University.

Fang Xiaoru smiled and said, "Catherine, I want to tell you one thing now. Do you remember what happened at the gate of Tianhai Hotel yesterday?"

Catherine replied: "Of course I remember, that man was shot down by you with his teeth full."

Fang Xiaoru's face flashed coldly and said, "I thought it would be fine if I taught him a lesson, but I didn't expect that he would dare to retaliate against me, so I can't easily let it go.

I would like to ask you to contact the Geely Embassy and tell the embassy what happened yesterday."

Zhang Dong's father relied on his authority to make a deal with Xiaoru's company.In that case, he would naturally not be polite.

Once Catherine got in touch with the Geely Embassy, ​​it would surely bring a devastating blow to Zhang Dong's family.

"Okay, I was just about to talk to the embassy."

After the phone was hung up, Catherine immediately asked Qin Anqi to make arrangements to go to Geely’s embassy in Beijing.

Embassy of Geely State.

Mr. Smith, the ambassador to China, heard about Princess Catherine's arrival and quickly came out to meet him in person.

"Your Royal Highness, I have long heard that you are going to study in China, but I didn't expect it to be true."

Smith is a middle-aged man in his fifties, with the style of an old gentleman in auspicious country.

"Nice to meet you, Mr. Smith."

In front of outsiders, Catherine is always a tall iceberg goddess.

Although her character has changed slightly now, she still feels inviolable.

After Smith took Catherine into the reception room, he asked: "Your Royal Highness, I wonder why you came to me today?"

Catherine told Smith about the situation she encountered yesterday.

"It's really unreasonable!"

After listening to Smith, he ignored the gentleman's demeanor, he slammed the table, his face flushed with anger.

"Your Royal Highness, don't worry, I will call Jingcheng Tian Weiguo. I will definitely ask you for an explanation about this matter."

Smith directly took out his cell phone and dialed Tian Weiguo's private number in Beijing.

"Secretary Tian, ​​I am Geely Ambassador Smith, I want to report to you a very serious problem today.

Our Princess Catherine of Geely, came to Beijing University to study.But just yesterday, he was insulted face to face by a man."

In Tian Weiguo's office in Beijing, Tian Weiguo was taken aback and said, "What! There is such a thing!"

Smith said angrily: "Secretary Tian, ​​in any case, you must give our princess an explanation and give us an explanation for Gili State."

Tian Weiguo nodded solemnly and said, "Please rest assured, Ambassador Smith, I will deal with this matter as soon as possible and give you an explanation."

After hanging up the phone, Tian Weiguo made another call on the landline and shouted: "Secretary Zhou comes to my office."

After a while, Secretary Zhou entered Tian Weiguo's office.

"Secretary Tian, ​​what can I do?"

Tian Weiguo's face was very gloomy and said, "I just received a call from Mr. Smith from the Geely Embassy. According to his response, the Princess of Geely was insulted face to face yesterday."

When Secretary Zhou heard the words, his face changed drastically, and he was surprised: "Secretary Tian, ​​there is this time! This is too bad.

When our country is negotiating with Geely to build a high-speed rail, if Geely's institutions are dissatisfied due to this matter, resulting in the loss of this high-speed rail order, the loss will be great!"

Tian Weiguo sighed heavily and said: "The seriousness of the matter does not stop there. If this matter is posted online, it will seriously affect our country's international image. By then, the trouble will be serious."

Secretary Zhou's face sank, and he asked, "What are you going to do, Secretary Tian?"

Tian Weiguo said: "This is exactly the purpose I am looking for. You should report this to Comrade Zhao Kaiyang of the Ministry of Public Security and ask him to handle it.

"Yes! Secretary Tian!"

After Secretary Zhou left Tian Weiguo's office, he immediately went to the Ministry of Public Security and responded to the Minister of Public Security Zhao Kaiyang.

In Beijing, after the two police officers returned from Zhang Dong's ward, they were immediately called by their bureau seat to speak.

"You two, just asked me to check a message named Fang Xiaoru, what is the case?"

"Seat, this matter is terrible." The security leader said with a look of fear. "Did Zhang Hongliang, the deputy bureau of the General Administration, called the police yesterday, saying that his son had been injured?

After we learned about the situation, we found the person who injured him this afternoon.And this person's identity turned out to be the chief instructor of the Sharp Sword Special Team of the Magic Capital Squad.We couldn't believe it, so we called the police station to inquire.

But this is nothing, after all, it's just a time for beating, at best, it's just a civil dispute, a small case.But do you know why he hit someone?"

After hearing him say so much, the bureau seat has not yet reached the key point, and cursed: "What are you going to do? Hurry up, don't go around with me."

The security leader said: "Fang Xiaoru, that is, the lieutenant colonel, he beats people because Zhang Hongliang's son Zhang Dong insulted and molested his girlfriend in person!"

The bureau seat frowned and said, "Isn't this still a civil dispute after all. How do you say this is a serious matter?"

The security leader said again: "Fighting and hurting people is certainly not a serious case, but the point is that the girlfriend of the lieutenant colonel is too old! She turned out to be Princess Catherine of Geely!"

"What!" The bureau seat was shocked, and immediately waved his hand and said: "Impossible, this is impossible."

Juzuo didn't believe that Princess Catherine of Geely, the dream lover in the eyes of Western men, would be the girlfriend of the Chinese man.

"Jingle bell, jingle bell"

But at this moment, the phone on his desk rang.


The bureau seat asked the two policemen to wait a while and picked up the receiver.

On the other end of the phone, a deep voice came, "Is it Liu Hong, this is Zhao Kaiyang."

Hearing this, Liu Hong, the seat of the bureau, suddenly changed his complexion, and immediately sat down in a precarious manner: "Minister Zhao, this is Liu Hong."

The Ministry of Public Security is the functional department of the State Council in charge of public security work throughout the country, and the Minister of the Ministry of Public Security is a ministerial (provincial) cadre with a high level of intimidation.

"Liu Hong, Tian Weiguo's secretary responded to me that yesterday Princess Catherine of Geely encountered some bad things in your jurisdiction.

The seriousness of this matter, I believe you don't need to say, you know.In any case, you must find and control the suspect, and then follow my instructions."

"Yes, Minister Zhao! I will take someone to arrest the suspect immediately!"