The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 285 The Bureau Seat personally greeted

However, no matter how Zhang Dong kowtows, no matter how he asks for forgiveness, Catherine is indifferent.

The day before yesterday was the first time she was so offended by words in so many years.

Even without Fang Xiaoru’s reminder, she would choose to respond to the embassy.

She has always been an arrogant princess, and now she has been offended by such an unprecedented offense, how could she easily forgive Zhang Dong.

Catherine raised her head and said lightly: "I will tell my grandmother about this matter."


As soon as this statement was made, everyone's face changed drastically, including Smith.

Once you talked about this to the Queen of Geely, the situation was completely different.

With Catherine’s image in the hearts of the people of Geely, if they were told that their princess was offended by others, it would inevitably seriously affect the relationship between the two countries.

At that time, both Geely and China will suffer unnecessary losses.

Smith hurriedly persuaded: "Your Royal Highness, this matter needs to be carefully considered, there is no need to let the queen know."

Although Smith also hates Zhang Dong, he can't wait to teach him personally.

He was also upset for Catherine, the princess of his country was offended and insulted, and he was also very angry.

But he knew that this anger could only be vented on Zhang Dong personally, and could not make a big deal.

Because once the trouble is big, it will not benefit both parties.

Catherine did not speak, but just got up, took Qin Anqi and left the meeting room, leaving Zhao Kaiyang, Wang Weiguo and Smith sitting there with their faces changed greatly.

The atmosphere at the scene was immediately suppressed to the extreme.

And Zhang Dong was even more frightened at this time.

He also knew that if this matter was known to the Queen of England, it would be over.

After a long time, Liu Hong, the seat of the bureau, suddenly thought of something. He said to Zhao Kaiyang with excitement on his face: "Minister Zhao, maybe I have a way to solve this."

Zhao Kaiyang said: "What is the solution, quickly say."

After hearing the words, everyone immediately cast their eyes on Liu Hong.

Liu Hong said: "Minister Zhao and Secretary Tian, ​​I heard from the film police that this Princess Catherine is the girlfriend of a young man named Fang Xiaoru in our country. As long as we find Fang Xiaoru and ask him to come forward, everything will be fine soon. Have you done it?"

When Zhao Kaiyang and Tian Weiguo heard the words, their eyes lit up.

But after a while, their faces sank again because it was unbelievable.

Princess Gili has never made a foreign boyfriend, let alone an oriental boyfriend.

Tian Weiguo asked suspiciously: "Little Liu, are you sure that Princess Catherine has a Chinese boyfriend?"

In fact, Liu Hong was not sure in his heart, he just listened to his subordinates.

He pointed to Zhang Dong and said: "Zhang Dong is the person involved, and his tooth was shot down by Fang Xiaoru. He must know the relationship between Fang Xiaoru and Princess Catherine. Why not ask him?"

Zhao Kaiyang looked at Zhang Dong and asked: "Zhang Dong, come on."

Zhang Dong hurriedly replied: "At that time, I saw that Fang Xiaoru's female companion looked good, so I went up to strike up a conversation, and was beaten by him.

I don't know what the relationship is between them, but they were very close at the time, even if they were not lovers, it was not far off."

When Zhao Kaiyang heard this, he immediately said to Zhang Dong: "No matter what, you must first contact Xiaoru, and you must ask him to come forward and persuade Princess Catherine. We are waiting here today."

"Yes! Minister Zhao!"

Liu Hong got the order and turned around and walked out of the living room to find Fang Xiaoru's contact information.

Beijing University, school playground.

This lesson is physical education.Fang Xiaoru chose football for his physical education class. At this time, he was finished playing and sitting on the lawn to rest.

"Jingle bell, jingle bell"

A pleasant cell phone rang, and Fang Xiaoru's phone rang.

It's another strange Beijing phone.


"Hello, this is Liu Hong, the seat of the Beijing Municipal Bureau. May I ask Mr. Fang Xiaoru?"

Fang Xiaoru nodded and said lightly: "It's me, what can Liu Juzuo want to do with me?"

Liu Hong said with a smile, "Mr. Fang, it was not for Zhang Dong. The day before yesterday afternoon, didn't Zhang Dong offend Princess Catherine of Gili country face to face."

No, Princess Catherine has already responded to their Geely country's embassy in China.This incident attracted great attention from Tian Weiguo and Minister of Public Security Zhao Kaiyang. We just had a meeting with Princess Catherine in the embassy's living room.

But Princess Catherine looked like her anger had not disappeared, and she refused to forgive Zhang Dong, and she also planned to inform the Queen of Gili.You know, it's not a big thing, and it's not a small thing.

Once the trouble is big, it will be difficult to clean up, it will inevitably affect the friendly feelings between the two countries, and even affect our image in the world."

Fang Xiaoru interrupted Liu Hong's long talk and asked, "So what are you planning to do when you ask me?"

Liu Hong replied: "We learned that you have a good relationship with Princess Catherine, so we want you to come forward and persuade her to let this matter go."

"Just forget it?" Fang Xiaoru laughed, "Impossible!"

Liu Hong was disappointed and said: "Mr. Fang, Comrade Zhao Kaiyang, Minister of Public Security, would like to meet you for a talk. I wonder if you are free?"

Fang Xiaoru was silent for a while, and said, "Tell me your address."

Seeing that Fang Xiaoru did not refuse, Liu Hong was overjoyed and said quickly, "Mr. Fang, we are at the Geely State Embassy in China at this time."


Fang Xiaoru hung up the phone and left the playground directly. After returning to the dormitory to change into clean clothes, he drove straight to the Geely State Embassy in China.

As soon as Fang Xiaoru arrived at the door of the embassy, ​​he was greeted by someone immediately.

The person who came to greet him was Liu Hong, the seat of the Beijing bureau.

There is no one to let a bureau seat meet at the door in person.,, ..