The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 288 Ye Zhixin

Fang Xiaoru's mouth raised a smile and said, "Shall we go flying a kite?"

Zhixin glanced at Fang Xiaoru, then at the side with her mouth narrowed, showing the unhappy Ona, without answering.

Upon seeing this, Ona stood up and smiled: "Zhixin, let's go fly a kite, there is a small vendor selling kites just in front of her."

She walked directly to Zhixin, squeezed Fang Xiaoru away, and then took Zhixin to the small vendor selling kites.

In front of the vendor, Fang Xiaoru said, "Boss, bring us three butterfly kites."

"Good Le, twenty yuan each."

The small trader took out three butterfly kites and handed them to Fang Xiaoru.

After paying the money, the three of them came to a small beach and started flying their kites.

Fang Xiaoru and Ona's kite-flying skills are very poor, they are always low, and the kite can easily fall off.

But Zhixin is different. The kite is in her hand, as if she is using her arms.

In the end, Fang Xiaoru and Ona simply watched Zhixin's personal performance.

Zhixin pulled the kite and ran on the beach, her long hair fluttering in the wind, and Fang Xiaoru's ears of laughter like silver bells.

She is like a fallen angel, very beautiful under the sunshine in the afternoon.

Fang Xiaoru suddenly shouted: "Write a word, aren't you good at writing with kites?"

Upon hearing the words, Zhixin paused and stopped where she was, and the kite almost slipped off.

The next moment, her talking eyes were filled with joy.

Under her control, the kite flew flexibly in mid-air.

She used the flying trajectory of the kite in the air and wrote a word.

Ona didn't know what character she wrote, but Fang Xiaoru knew that Zhixin wrote a square character.

Childhood memories, like movies, flashed through Fang Xiaoru's mind.

In the summer vacation of the third grade of elementary school, Fang Xiaoru's mother took him to the grassland before he disappeared.

That year, he had a little girl as big as him.

The little girl is a born mute, can't speak, but her big eyes are very smart.

Because she couldn't talk, everyone didn't want to talk to her. She didn't have a friend of the same age.

Fang Xiaoru was the first person of her age to take the initiative to be friends with her. When she was particularly fond of flying kites, she made a butterfly kite for her with a clumsy little hand.

It's just that the kite is rough and ugly.

But when the little girl received this gift, she was very happy.

They spent the entire summer vacation on the grassland.

They played on the grassland, they watched the shepherds drive the sheep under the sunset, and they flew kites amidst laughter.

The little girl's kite-flying technique seems to be innate and very skilled.

She can use the trajectory of the kite to create various shapes.Her favorite is to use a kite to write a square character.

The two became each other's best friends during that summer vacation.

But soon, the summer vacation is over, and they will go back to their respective cities and their respective schools.

When parting, the little girl put away the ugly butterfly kite and wrote on the ground: No matter where you are, I will always think of you.

They also made an appointment and will come to this prairie every summer vacation.

However, that year, Fang Xiaoru's mother suddenly disappeared and never went to the grassland again. After that, this incident was gradually forgotten by him.

"Little bun, long time no see."

When Zhixin put away the kite, Fang Xiaoru walked to her with a smile on her face.

Hearing this nickname, Zhixin's eyes were filled with tears, and her beautiful face was instantly rainy.

She looked at Fang Xiaoru, who was smiling, and wept.

Her voice is very pleasant, even crying, like the sound that pops up on a piano keyboard, very sweet.

Fang Xiaoru stepped forward and rushed Zhixin into her arms in the midst of Oona's shocked and shocked eyes.

Zhixin threw herself in his arms, crying, and the cry contained deep resentment and deep grievance.

For so many years, she would go to the prairie every summer vacation.

But every time I leave with hope, I always return disappointed.

For so many years, she has never seen Fang Xiaoru once.

Time flies, and the two ignorant children who were once have grown up now.

After a long time, Zhixin stopped crying.

She took out her cellphone and typed on it: "I go to the prairie every year, but you never show up."

Fang Xiaoru's face was full of guilt and apologized: "Little Bun, I'm sorry, I broke my promise."

When Zhixin heard the three words Xiaobaozi again, she not only rolled her eyes, but also gave Fang Xiaoru a glance.

When she rolled her eyes, she really possessed all kinds of customs, which made her heart beating.

Even Oona, who is also a woman, was amazed.

The heavens took away Zhixin's ability to speak, but gave her big, beautiful eyes.

"Okay, I won't call you a little bun." Fang Xiaoru raised his hand in a gesture of surrender.

When she was a child, Zhixin had baby fat, and her cheeks were fleshy, just like steamed buns.

Fang Xiaoru always made fun of her with this, calling her a little bun.


On the side, Oona, watching Zhixin and Fang Xiaoru suddenly become so affectionate, her eyes widened and she didn't react at all.

Fang Xiaoru smiled brightly and said to Oona, "Nana, let me introduce you to this little bun. We already knew each other when we were in the third grade of elementary school.

Unexpectedly, after so many years, there will be one day to meet.I really have to thank the concubine later."

"I knew each other since I was young?" Oona was taken aback and asked: "Your appearance has changed a lot, why can you recognize each other?"

Regarding this matter, Oona could not understand, after all, the two had not seen each other for so many years, how could they know each other when they grew up.,, ..