The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 300: The World's Leading Screen for 30 Years

One or two of these remarks is nothing, but when the comment areas of major portals are full of such remarks, it is terrifying.

In just two days, Ruihua Technology Co., Ltd. has been maliciously attacked by the other party because it has developed a screen far surpassing the Six-Star Group.

Under the overwhelming propaganda of the navy, the vast majority of netizens knew of the existence of a company like Ruihua Technology.

However, the vast majority of netizens have madly criticized those naval comments on the Internet.

"Joke! Although I don't like Bangzi Country, the screens of the Six-Star Group are among the best in the world. Then, if you have never heard of Ruihua Technology, how can it be possible to develop a screen with more than six stars."

"Yes! This group of brainless soldiers knows that they have a rhythm. Ruihua's stock has been declining recently. It has fallen from a market value of 10 billion to less than 5 billion.

However, the reason why Ruihua's stock has plummeted is entirely because Six Star broke the screen produced by its company, which has a series of defects.It is not that Six Stars intends to suppress."

"The ridiculous navy, the ridiculous patriotic thief. What kind of company is Six Star? The super-large multinational company among the top 500 in the world.

And what kind of thing are you Ruihua Technology Company?If it weren't for these navy forces, I would never know that there is such a company in China.May I ask, your Ruihua Technology Company, what is worthy of six-star suppression?"

"It's so sad! I think that in the past, Bangzi Country was one of our dogs. Now, not only is it technically left behind by others, it has also fallen to the point of asking the Navy to forcibly save face.

I said that as long as I use the screen produced by Ruihua Technology, I will not buy any mobile phones in the future, and I will refuse them!"

"The person upstairs said that you think too much. Ruihua Technology is now infamous. I am afraid that no mobile phone company is so irony and insists on using their screens."

With the fermentation of the navy’s remarks, netizens’ goodwill towards Ruihua Technology has fallen to the bottom.

But at least they all know that Ruihua Technology Company and Six Star Group are in contradiction.

Some reasonable people have already seen some clues from the plunge in stock prices.

But more keyboard men attacked and abused Ruihua Technology on the Internet.

When Fang Xiaoru learned of all this, he was not surprised or sad.

Not to mention anything else, at least Ruihua Technology Company's reputation has already resounded through China, although it is a bad reputation, it is notorious.

But it doesn't matter, companies like Ruihua Technology rely on technology to feed their food and their strength to feed.

As long as Hou Longshan successfully manufactures a screen that has been leading the world for thirty years, Ruihua Technology will take off by then!

Another day has passed, five days have passed since Ruihua Technology's stock price continued to plummet.

The company's market value has fallen from the initial 12 billion to less than 3 billion. It can be described as a heavy loss and almost bankrupt.

On the fifth day, Ruihua Technology released a Weibo on its official Weibo.

"Our company has developed a screen far surpassing the Six-Star Group. Six-Star wanted to buy technical data, but after being rejected, it launched a retaliation against our company, trying to stifle China's innovation path.

At ten o'clock tomorrow morning, Ruihua Technology Company will publicize its self-developed screen at the Magic Technology Exhibition Center."

Once this Weibo was posted, it was reposted hundreds of thousands of times by the navy.

Then it attracted the attention of ordinary people, and within half a day, the amount of reprint reached millions.

And the comments of netizens all look good.

"A new screen developed independently? Beyond the screen of Six Star Group? Haha."

"When does China have its own innovative products? Can it be funny?"

"The stock price of Ruihua Technology Company has fallen to the bottom, is it a desperate fight now?"

"It's a pity that his desperate fight seems so ridiculous. No company in the world dares to say that it has developed a screen that far exceeds six stars. I can't wait to see how Ruihua is beaten in the face."

"I like to watch this kind of scene the most. Tomorrow morning at ten o'clock, I will walk to the Science and Technology Exhibition Center. Is there any team to go there?"

"Count me in."

"I'll go as well."

Liuxing Group Headquarters Building, Bangzi Country, Seoul.

General Manager Li Kaiming heard the secretary's report and said with disdain: "This Ruihua Technology Company doesn't know good or bad, insults and disrespects us, but we are so arrogant and arrogant now.

Not to mention Ruihua, even Huawei, rice and other large Chinese companies, the screens produced by Liuxing are rubbish.

Otherwise, why do Huawei's high-end machines all use our screens?This little Ruihua Technology is really arrogant!"

The secretary said: "Hua Xia can only do processing and imitating work. In terms of technological innovation, it has always been behind. This Ruihua Technology company is just struggling before death."

General Manager Li Kaiming said jokingly: "But I want to see what kind of rubbish they will put out tomorrow to be ashamed.

Secretary Park, please contact the staff of Huaxia and ask them to broadcast the new screen conference of Ruihua Technology."

"Yes, Mr. General Manager."

One day passed quickly. On this day, many media and netizens who watched the show came to the Magic City Exhibition Center.

Of course there are also some colleagues.

Everyone came to the Science and Technology Exhibition Center with a different purpose.

At ten o'clock exactly, Hou Longshan, the general manager of Ruihua Technology Company, came to the presiding stage with a smile.

His face didn't look good, his eyes had sunk deep, and there were thick dark circles around him.

These days, he turned upside down day and night, madly rushing to the R&D progress, and finally yesterday produced a screen that was thirty years ahead of the world.

After witnessing the efficacy and magic of this screen, Hou Longshan burst into tears, and only felt that from now on, Ruihua Technology Company would dominate the screen market.,, ..