The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 301 Number One in the World

The Modu Technology Exhibition Center, reporters, netizens and colleagues all stared at Hou Longshan closely.

Their eyes are either expectation, joking, or contempt.

Under everyone's gaze, Hou Longshan spoke on the host stage:

"Ladies and gentlemen. Friends from the press, fellow colleagues, good morning.

Today is a great day for Ruihua Technology, and it is also a glorious day.

We are about to show you that the latest products developed by Ruihua Technology are far ahead of the world's 3D holographic projection screens."

3D holographic projection?

The colleagues in the audience suddenly laughed disdainfully.

This kind of technology is still immature for the whole world.

Even the popular 3D eyes currently on the market cannot achieve true 3D holographic projection.

Now, Ruihua Technology Company actually said that they have applied this immature technology to the screen.Isn't this the tale of sliding the world?

All colleagues disdain.

Some people even sarcastically said: "This company was originally a very promising company. The screens they produce also occupy a small part of the domestic market.

Now it seems that I am afraid that I have come to a strange road.Not to mention the stock price plummeting, now that such false information is used to get people's attention, is it that he is a fool of us in the industry?"

Those netizens who came here to join in the fun have different attitudes.

The vast majority of people don't believe it. A few people are curious. No one believes that Ruihua Technology will develop such a world-leading screen.

Only the reporter friends have no stand. They all shined, waiting for Hou Longshan's speech with excitement.

The more shocking and unbelievable the words Hou Longshan gave, the more valuable such news would be to them.

"Please be quiet, everyone."

Hou Longshan yelled twice, and his hoarse voice from exhaustion became more serious.

When the uproar at the scene became quiet, he said with a smile on his face:

"I know that everyone is skeptical, and I understand it very well. But when you see the specific display, you will know that what I said is true.

Okay, let’s not say much. Let’s go straight to the subject. Now we have our courtesy lady to bring the display."

As soon as Hou Longshan's voice fell, the lady of etiquette who had been waiting for a long time, holding a beautiful box, placed it on the table in front of Hou Longshan.

The hostess opened the box, took out a white mobile phone from the inside, and then faced the audience below.

Hou Longshan pointed to the mobile phone in the hands of Miss Li Yi and said: "Everyone, this mobile phone is not a mobile phone in the true sense. It is just a carrier made by our company urgently and equipped with a screen.

Please keep the focus of your eyes on the screen of your phone.This screen, unceremoniously, leads the world for at least thirty years.

After hearing what I said, you might think that I am bragging.So, let us speak with facts."

With that, Hou Longshan stretched out his hand and tapped on the screen, and saw a blue light flashing, and the screen lit up.

Since there is no projector on site deliberately, people who are close can still slightly see things on the screen, but people who are far away can see nothing except the light spot.

Everyone couldn't help complaining: "What the hell is this, so far away, there is no projector, the ghost can see clearly."

"Trash Ruihua! I didn't even prepare the projector, so careless. I'd better go back and don't be embarrassed by coming out again."

"Hehe, what kind of exhibition is this Nima, so far and so small, who can see it on horseback?"

Suddenly, complaints and abuse sounded on the scene.

However, this complaint lasted less than three seconds.

Because Hou Longshan moved again, he only tapped twice on the screen with his index finger, and a beam of light projected from the screen, forming a holographic projection in front of Hou Longshan's eyes.

A virtual screen the size of a 13-inch laptop appeared in midair!

Such a picture is so similar to the future high-tech products shot in the movie!

Seeing this scene, the complaints and abuse on the scene suddenly stopped.

Whether it was a netizen, a reporter, or a fellow worker, their eyes widened one by one, and they looked forward with incredible faces.

Immediately afterwards, Hou Longshan's voice sounded again, and he smiled and said: "Such a virtual screen is still too small. Maybe everyone still can't see clearly. In order to take care of the friends behind, I will enlarge him a little bit."

As he spoke, he saw his two fingers stretch out in the void, and the virtual screen immediately became larger, and it didn't stop until the size of a wall.

At this moment, the people who had mocked and despised before closed their mouths and no longer spoke easily, but looked at Hou Longshan's operations with complicated eyes.

It turned out that it was not that people were not prepared enough, not even a projector.But people don’t need a projector at all.

Such a large holographic projection, such an ultra-clear picture, made everyone present feel extremely shocked.

Hou Longshan saw a radical change in the expressions of everyone in the audience, and the smile on his face became deeper.Continue to say:

"Dear friends, there are two reasons why our company's screen is leading the world.

First, it supports holographic projection.Second, it has an ultra-clear picture quality of 64K.

I have expanded the holographic projection to such a large size, everyone can still see clearly every hair on this giraffe in the picture."

Regardless of the application on the mobile phone screen, and the mature technology of holographic projection.This clarity alone has convinced all audiences.

There is no doubt that the picture quality of up to 64K is definitely the best in the world.,, ..