The richest man in the magic city

Chapter Three Hundred and Three

It's on fire, it's completely on fire.

After just one day of fermentation, Ruihua Technology's 3D holographic screen has become popular throughout the Internet.

Even Western countries on the other side of the ocean shouted incredible about this.

The term 3D holographic screen is like a bamboo shoot after a rain, rising crazily.

The next day, a reporter from Imperial TV went to Ruihua Technology Company to interview Hou Longshan.

And in the news that evening, a detailed introduction and display of the 3D holographic screen were made.

All of a sudden, China has made a great innovation. No one knows the 3D holographic screen, and no one knows the Ruihua Technology Company.

This is how the Empire Daily commented.

The emergence of 3D holographic screens indicates that my country has taken a crucial step from China's manufacturing to China's innovation. This is undoubtedly a milestone.

People's News Report: This is an amazing innovation, this is a leading global technology product.

Domestic authoritative newspapers have all launched a series of reports and introductions on 3D holographic screens.

There are countless comments on Ruihua Technology's official Weibo.

"Such a screen is so handsome, a strong sense of future technology that is vision, great!"

"Is it only a mobile phone screen? Will there be a TV or computer screen in the future?"

"This kind of product has always been only seen in movies, and I never thought I would see it in my lifetime."

"Great innovation, the 3D holographic screen deserves such a name."

"I didn't expect such a great product to be produced in our country. It's great!"

"I will give you 99 points. One point less is for fear of your pride."

"I give 82 points, and the remaining 18 points are given to you in the form of 666."

In addition to these crazy like comments, there are more expectations for the new mobile phone launched by Ruihua Technology in a month.

The screen is so powerful, I can't imagine how shocking the phone will be.

Everyone looked forward to it.

The impact brought by this 3D holographic screen is also huge.

The previous condemnation of Ruihua Technology Company has almost disappeared.

Before, I knelt and licked the Six-Star Group and yelled at Ruihua Technology's netizens without speaking.

The people who clamored to watch the jokes of Ruihua Technology Company before also disappeared.

In the face of this absolute fact, in front of the 3D holographic screen full of future technology, that is, the sense of vision, all the language seems so pale.

As a result, many netizens began to fight against Ruihua Technology Company.

"Cao Nima's six stars actually said that Ruihua's screen has such fatal flaws, which turned out to be malicious suppression."

"The stick is stupid, knowing that the competition is not enough, do you still have a face with this method?"

"The upstairs told the truth, if Bangzi wants to face, how can he say that Confucius belongs to their country? How can he say that Li Bai was born in the country of Bangzi?"

"We were all teased by the Six Star Group. It controls public opinion and treats us as guns."

"It's just that I heard that Ruihua's stock price plummeted because of the relationship with the Six Star Group. It is said that it has fallen to the bottom and is about to collapse."

"That was all two days ago, and Ruihua's stock has risen sharply today."

The orientation of public opinion always changes inadvertently.

Just two days ago, almost most of the netizens were on the side of Six Star Group.

And now, after seeing the 3D holographic screen displayed by Ruihua at the exhibition center, he immediately felt deeply regret and guilt for his previous abuse and misunderstanding of Ruihua.

This kind of regret and guilt made them hate the Six Star Group.At the same time, due to guilt, the 3D holographic screen is indeed shocking, so these people began to support Ruihua Technology.

Liuxing Group Headquarters Building, Bangzi Country, Seoul.

The chairman slapped the conference table with anger on his face.

He spits wildly: "Hua Xia unexpectedly appeared such a product, we do not know. Can any of you tell me what is going on?"

The high-level groups below all bowed their heads and remained silent.

No one will stand up at this juncture and feel bad and provoke the angry chairman.

After cursing for a long time, the chairman leaned back on the sofa with a helpless face.

The meeting room fell into absolute silence in an instant.

Those high-levels did not even dare to increase their breathing.

"Jingle bell, jingle bell"

But at this moment, a pleasant cell phone ringing rang.

The secretary next to the chairman immediately handed the phone to the chairman and whispered:

"Chairman, it's a call from Manager Zheng of the Citi branch."

The chairman glared at the executives below, and then answered the call.

As soon as the call was connected, an anxious voice came from the other side: "The chairman is not good, the company's latest six-star S8 exploded."


Hearing this, the chairman bounced off his chair.

He said with a heavy face: "What is the situation, you will report to me carefully."

Manager Zheng of the Citi branch said: "Just an hour ago, a person bought a six-star S9. As soon as he left the house, he tripped and fell. Then the phone fell to the ground. After that, an explosion occurred. ."

The chairman's face was already gloomy and water was about to drip out, his voice was extremely low, and he asked: "How are the consumers? Have you found out the cause of the explosion?"

Manager Zheng replied: "The injury suffered by the consumer is not serious, but she has been disfigured and is now looking for life.

The cause of the explosion has also been found out. Our company's mobile phones cannot be hit hard.Once hit hard, it will explode."

Hearing this report, the chairman almost fainted.

He was bloodless and pale.

He can already predict that after this incident, Six Star Group will probably suffer an unprecedented hit.

Some time ago, a charging explosion happened on a new machine. They shirked responsibility and said that the battery was produced by Huaxia.

And now S9, another explosion occurred, and people were blown up.

The key is not to charge and explode, but not to suffer a heavy blow, which means that as long as it falls from the pocket, it may explode!

(From tomorrow, the sixth watch will start.) ,,..