The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 304 Plans to Acquire Six Stars

A disaster once again came to Six Star Group.

The charging explosion incident half a year ago has pushed Six Star to the forefront. S7, this ambition to compete with Apple, has also broken its wings.

Now that the S9, which has just been launched less than a week ago, has yet to explode again, which is tantamount to an extremely devastating blow to Six Star.

The last explosion event has greatly reduced the credibility of Six Star.The vast majority of international flights are not allowed to carry S7 on board.

And this time the explosion was even more serious than before.

Not charging explosion, but heavy blow explosion.

In other words, if anyone accidentally drops the phone to the ground, it is very likely to cause an explosion.

Less than three hours after the explosion of the six-star S9 landing, it has become a hot topic in all major social software worldwide.

Many internationally renowned news media published the matter in large print headlines.

Suddenly, all customers who bought S9 panicked.

They are not holding mobile phones, but bombs.

At the same time, the Internet again launched a condemnation of Six Star.

"Grass! It landed and exploded. Isn't this Nima a military weapon?"

"Six Star Group, when did it become a military factory?"

"I tell you, don't mess with me, I have an S9 in my hand. Whoever provokes me, I will throw it at you!"

"Big brother, I was wrong, don't throw me with your S9."

"Six-star disappointed me too much. For the sake of safety, I will never buy a six-star mobile phone from now on."

"Whoever wants to buy it, I won't buy it anyway."

On the day of the incident, the general manager of Six Star Group in Citigroup began a public apology.

A Citigroup authoritative certification company also announced to the public the cause of the explosion of S9 after investigation.

The company claimed that the ground explosion occurred because the temperature was too high at that time, which caused the battery to heat up and expand, and the huge pressure generated by the ground caused the mobile phone to explode.

But this kind of situation is extremely rare. As long as everyone does not go to places with high temperatures, there will never be an explosion.

There is no doubt that such an explanation is almost sprinkling salt on the wounds of the Six Star Group.

It seems that the sky is going to be against Six Stars. On the same day, Citigroup has two consecutive S9 explosions.

The reason for the explosion was that the mobile phone accidentally dropped to the ground.

The S9 explosion incident, after a day of fermentation, became one of the most popular topics in the world, almost overshadowing the limelight of Ruihua Technology's 3D holographic screen.

Almost all the people who bought the six-star S9 were panicked.

The six-star S9 is listed as a lethal weapon by the US federal agency. It is strictly forbidden for anyone to carry the six-star S9 into public areas.

On this day, Six Star's stock price began a cliff-like plunge.

It is said that the chairman of Six Star Group suffered a heart attack that day and was sent to the intensive care unit.Contrary to the cliff-like plunge of Six Star Group, after the 3D holographic screen exhibition, Ruihua Technology's stock price has risen rapidly.

From the trough all the way up, the stock price has surpassed its heyday in just three days.

Moreover, this upward momentum will be even more intense.

The stockholders who had purchased shares of Ruihua Technology Company and almost went bankrupt have ushered in the spring.

The stocks in their hands have risen five times compared to when they were bought!Some people immediately sold their stocks and got huge returns immediately.However, the vast majority of shareholders are still optimistic about the rising momentum of Ruihua Technology's stock and did not sell easily.

All major domestic investors and stockholders have poured in to buy shares of Ruihua Technology Company.

When the market closed on Friday, the market value of Ruihua Technology Company had risen ten times!

From the original market value of 10 billion, it has risen to more than 100 billion!

Moreover, it can be foreseen that the stock market will open next week, and its market value will continue to grow!

And Fang Xiaoru, who owns 88% of Ruihua Technology's shares, suddenly became a rising star in the business world.

on Saturday.

Fang Xiaoru rejected the invitation of Jiang Haisheng, the son of Jiang Feng, the boss of Chase Real Estate, to watch a racing competition, and came to the headquarters of Magic Ruihua Technology Company.

In the chairman's office, general manager Hou Longshan said with a worried expression: "President Fang, do you really want to make such a decision?"

Fang Xiaoru leaned on the spacious and comfortable boss chair, looked at the bustling street outside the window, and said lightly:

"I have decided to use the entire equity of Ruihua Technology Company as collateral to lend 100 billion to Soros Venture Capital.

Taking advantage of the sharp drop in Liuxing's stock price, it aggressively bought its stock.As long as I become the largest controlling shareholder of Six Star, this little money is totally worth the investment."

Hou Longshan sighed heavily, and said: "Since Mr. Fang, you have decided, then I can only do it. I will go to the top international trader."

Fang Xiaoru looked out the window without turning his head, and said, "The trader must find the best, don't care about the reward."

Hou Longshan smiled bitterly, and said: "Mr. Fang, the mobile phone explosion incident of the Six Star Group has completely caused people all over the world to lose his previous trust.

Six Star's stock price has already seen a cliff-like plunge.Why do you want to take the risk and buy Six Star stocks?

After all, our 3D holographic screen is 30 years ahead of the world, and no company can match it.

This is completely a cash cow. As long as our mobile phones are developed, Ruihua will surpass Apple and Six Star.

Mr. Fang, you are very likely to stand among the world's top rich.So I really can’t figure it out, why are you taking this risk?"

Fang Xiaoru turned around, looked at Hou Longshan, smiled, and said, "You don't understand, and you don't need to know, you just need to follow my instructions."

Hou Longshan nodded and replied, "I will do it right now."

After Hou Longshan left, Fang Xiaoru's face showed a mysterious smile.

For six stars, he is determined to win.,, ..