The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 316: Hot Discussions in Various Countries

Two pieces of news shocked the entire Bangzi country.

Mr. Li Kaiming, the former chairman of Six Star Group, died of a heart attack due to stimulation.

This news, like a heavy punch, hit the hearts of the sticks.

The six-star helm suddenly passed away, and everyone could not accept such a result, especially Li Kaiming was still stimulated to death.

The second piece of news is the talk of Fang Xiaoru, the current chairman of Six Star Group, at the press conference.

"The reason why I bought Six Star Group was probably because it offended me."

"Since Six Star has offended me, it is easy to handle. I will not only kick off their chairman and president, but also make Six Star one of the companies under my name."

"I am buying Six Star, not because I am optimistic about its prospects, but because I want to find a contract factory."

These few words said by Fang Xiaoru at the press conference immediately spread across the globe.

The news of the sticks reveals Fang Xiaoru's arrogance and arrogance.

Bangzi Daily reported this: This rampant and arrogant Chinese teenager will surely lead the Six Star Group towards destruction!

The Seoul Daily is even more radical. It directly wrote: Six Star Group is a stick group.We can't let the six stars fall into the hands of Huaxia people!

Seoul Business Weekly also added a special issue. The pros and cons of the other party Xiaoru's takeover of Six Star Group gave a detailed explanation.

In the end, it was concluded that Liuxing was controlled by the Huaxia people, and whether it was going to demise or prosper, it would be a shame for the stick country.

A state-owned enterprise must never be controlled by foreigners, especially Chinese people!

All the mainstream news newspapers of Bangziguo expressed their concerns about the future of Six Star Group, as well as the anger and shame of Xiaoru Holdings!

Fang Xiaoru took control of the Six Star Group, which deeply affected the self-esteem of the sticks.

They have always been proud of an internationally renowned company like the Bangzi State-owned Six-Star Group. Today, their pride and self-esteem have been trampled on by Fang Xiaoru ruthlessly!

The pride and pride of the nation has turned into China’s mobile phone factory!Is there anything more unacceptable than this?

Many people in the Bangzi country are screaming and sorrowing.

At the junction of Seoul, there have been demonstrations one after another.

The first ones were the students of Seoul University. They clamored for Fang Xiaoru to get out of the stick under the slogan of safeguarding national dignity.

Driven by these students, many ordinary people also joined the parade.

For a while, the streets near the headquarters of the Six Star Group were all blocked by marchers.

The dense crowd raised their hands and shouted slogans to indicate that the other party was not welcome.

On the Internet, there was a bloody storm.

Numerous sticky netizens flooded the six-star group's official website on Twitter and on Big Face, leaving comments on them to abuse them.

"Huaxia Dog Get Out of the Stick Country!"

"Six stars don't need a chairman like you, get out now!"

"You can make money without controlling the Six-Star Group. As long as you don't leave, we will never buy any six-star mobile phones!"

"Yes, Huaxia Dog, hurry back to Huaxia. Don't use Six Star Group to earn us a penny!"

"For the sake of Bangzi's self-esteem, everyone joined forces to boycott Six Stars until Huaxiagou withdrew!"

Compared with the anger of the sticks, the Fusang people have a mentality of looking upset and gloating.

They also left messages on special tweets and big faces.

"The sticks are going to cry to death. The six-star group, a national enterprise, was actually controlled by Huaxia."

"Didn't they always use the Six-Star Group to suppress our Sony before, but now they can't say that."

"Across the distant bay, I felt the violent anger in the hearts of the sticks, hahaha."

"I also feel gloating about the acquisition of Six Star Group by foreigners, but what I want to say is why it is not our Fusang people who acquired Six Star Group!"

"Yes, it would be great if we Fusang people bought Six Star Group."

The incident is gradually fermenting, and news media in Europe, America, Africa, Asia, and all over the world are reporting on Fang Xiaoru's press conference.

Suddenly, countless people who followed or did not follow the Six Star Group knew that Six Star had changed hands, and its owner was changed from a stick to a Chinese.

Although Fang Xiaoru’s words at the press conference were very angry, the people of Geely felt different.

"Is this boy Princess Catherine's boyfriend? He speaks too powerfully, and he feels too confident. It seems that he has everything under his control."

"To be honest, when I first learned that Fang was Princess Catherine's rumored boyfriend, I could not wait to kill him. Now I know that he is worthy of her Royal Highness."

"Yes, regardless of his wealth or status, he is worthy of the princess. Bless them both."

"I found that I have more and more admired this boyfriend of the princess."

"But what I want to say is, this is too unbelievable. Six Star Group, the only company that can compete with Apple, the overlord of Android devices, was actually acquired in this way."

Compared with Geely’s news media, Citigroup is different.

Citi CNN published a news titled "China Rise" on its official website that day.

In the article, it focuses on Fang Xiaoru's acquisition of Six Star Group, which indicates that China's economy has caught up with developed countries in Europe and America.

He also stated that if China is allowed to continue to develop like this if there are not good constraints, the future economic center of the world will definitely be transferred from Citi to China.

And China Xia will definitely affect Citi's world dominance.

Such an obviously personal China Threat Theory became popular in Citi for a while.

When the video of Fang Xiaoru's speech at the press conference was transmitted back to China, it immediately caused a sensation in most of the motherland!,, ..