The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 322 The Coercion of Fang Xiaoru

Fang Xiaoru's eyes narrowed, and a coercion that was like a deep sea swept away in an instant.

Everyone present, including Hou Longshan and Lin Caizhe, felt a sense of suffocation.

One by one, their chests became stuffy, as if there was a mountain lying above their heads.


Facing Fang Xiaoru's coercive impact, Li Jae-joon fell from the seat with a soft slam.

He sat on the ground, looking at Fang Xiaoru in horror.

At that moment, he smelled death.

In front of Fang Xiaoru, he felt like an ant that could be pinched to death at any time.

That kind of deep powerlessness was something he had never encountered in more than 40 years.

Even when he met the chief of Citi, he had never felt such an overwhelming pressure.

This kind of coercion, without disguising, is simple and direct.

Let Li Zaojun's heart set off a monstrous wave, his eyes are full of fear.


Fortunately, this kind of coercion, like a sea like a deep sea, came and went fast. In just a moment of effort, it disappeared like a tide.

Li Jaejoon supported the table, his legs trembling, and climbed up from the ground with difficulty.

Although the weather is slightly cool now, it is late autumn.But Li Jae-jun's back was already wet with sweat.

His forehead was also covered with a thin layer of cold sweat.

The rest of the people who were not directly impacted by Fang Xiaoru's momentum couldn't help but shudder in their hearts.

Those shareholders didn't dare to look into Fang Xiaoru's eyes, all of them lowered their heads and sat trembling in their chairs.


Fang Xiaoru glanced at the embarrassed Li Zaijun, and said coldly: "Shareholders withdraw their capital, high-level resignations, you just do whatever you want.

I really thought that without you guys, the Six Star Group wouldn't be able to function?"

After all, he didn't want to talk to Lee Jae Joon Dao, so he stood up and walked outside the meeting room.

Hou Longshan and Lin Caizhe looked at each other, finally sighed and hurried to catch up.

Li Zaijun and the other six shareholders were left alone, sitting still in shock.

I don't know how long it took before a shareholder woke up from that panic.

With a face full of fear, he said leisurely: "This Chinese man is so powerful that he is even better than the chief."

After him, the other shareholders also woke up one by one.

There was a feeling of fear on everyone's face.

"Yeah, it's horrible. He just narrowed his eyes, and I felt like a lone boat in the rough sea beautiful."

Finally, a shareholder looked at Lee Jae-jun and asked anxiously: "President, this chairman is tougher than we thought. Are we really going to fight him to the end?"

Li Jaejun closed his eyes, took a deep breath, then slowly opened his eyes and said:

"Up to now, we have no retreat. Either fight him to the end and take control of the company in our hands. Or give up and lose control of the company."

Several shareholders heard the words and their eyes kept flashing.

In the end, the desire for power prevailed in their hearts. They gritted their teeth and said: "Anyway, I have reached this point, President, what do you say?

All of these shareholders are very wealthy people.

Their money will never be spent in a lifetime.But we have to argue with Fang Xiaoru to the end, and it's not that the word "right" is at fault.

Money, beauty, and power, these three things are the eternal pursuit of men.

They already have the first two, but they are absolutely unwilling to give up this last right.

Li Jaejoon loosened his tie and said with a gloomy face: "The company's management and technical department are basically promoted by me and my father.

Now that we are falling out with the new chairman, I believe that most of them will still be on our side.I will contact them later and let them all resign.

Without the management and technical staff, I see how Fang Xiaoru runs this huge group!"

As Li Zaijun said, for a company, especially a company like Six Star.Senior management and technical personnel are the lifeblood of a company and the core of a company.

If these two things are lost, then the company will lose its backbone, its source of power and the backbone of maintaining its operations.

Li Zaijun's move is tantamount to digging the corner of the Six Star Group.

The expressions of the six shareholders changed. They remembered Fang Xiaoru’s strong appearance just now, and couldn’t help but asked worriedly: “President, if the company’s senior management and technical staff resign collectively, Fang Xiaoru is still unwilling to compromise, then we should How to do?"

Li Zaijun smiled mysteriously and said, "That's why I called you over. If Fang Xiaoru is unwilling to compromise, then we will divest! All of our shareholders have withdrawn, leaving Fang Xiaoru alone, and see what he can do!"


Upon hearing the word divestment, the six shareholders suddenly exclaimed and their voices changed.

"President, are you really going to get to the point of divestment?"

Li Zaijun's eyes were full of indifference, and said: "You have also seen Fang Xiaoru's attitude. Withdrawal is our last killer.

If he is still unwilling to compromise, then we will take advantage of this opportunity to take the company's senior management and core technical personnel to go out and re-create a Six-Star Group!"

"Rebuild Six Star Group!"

The shareholders' eyes brightened, and they only felt that this approach was feasible.

As long as they take away the company's senior management and core technical personnel, it will not be difficult to create another six-star group.

As for reaching the height of the current Six Star Group, it is open to discussion.

But no matter what, it's better than working under a Huaxia person.

Time flickered, and another half day passed.

This afternoon, Fang Xiaoru was drinking afternoon tea, but received an emergency call from Hou Longshan.

"It's not good for Fang Shao. Thirty-seven senior managers and twenty-six technicians of the company jointly submitted an application for resignation to me. What should I do?"

Fang Xiaoru murmured: "Joint resignation? Or the management and technical staff, haha, it's interesting."

He put down the teacup in his hand and said heavily, "All approved!"

With such a large domestic population, the management can recruit a large area with one move.

As for the technicians, I'm sorry, Fang Xiaoru really doesn't like it.

The technology that Huanyu Technology has mastered has been six stars for at least 30 years. The absence of these technical personnel will not have any impact on him.,, ..