The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 329 Krystal

Fang Xiaoru left the Four Seasons Hotel and drove out the Sebel sports car bought yesterday in Seoul.

This Siebel sports car is one of the most expensive sports cars in the world.It can break a hundred in 2.78 seconds!The speed can reach 443 km/h!The price is as high as 50 million yuan.

Fang Xiaoru's destination this time is the MS brokerage company.

MS Brokerage Company is an established large company in Bangzi Country.

Most of the famous stars in Bangzi Country come from MS brokerage companies.

It claims to be the star maker of the East. In recent years, it has focused on women's and men's groups.

In the girl's time, this is the company's most proud girl group.

As soon as the girl era came out, it swept the club music scene in less than two years. After that, it was the best girl group combination for several consecutive years.

Following the navigation, Fang Xiaoru drove for about ten minutes before he arrived at the MS headquarters building.

Although MS is the strongest entertainment company in Bangzi Country, its headquarters building is very small and shabby.Very different from its status as a major company.

After parking the car, Fang Xiaoru called Stephanie.

"I'm at the door. Come out and pick me up."

At this time, eight girls in the girl era were waiting in the background.

It will be their turn for the next show.

Stephanie said: "Oba, we are going to sing on stage soon, and we don't have time to pick you up. But I have already ordered a good sister to meet you at the door. You can look for it."

With that, the phone hung up.

In the waiting room, all the members of the girl's era stared at Stephanie in amazement.

The captain swallowed, and said with difficulty: "Silly S, did you just hang up his call?"

Stephanie didn't know why the sisters reacted so fiercely. She blinked her eyes and said cutely, "What's wrong?"

The seven sisters, seeing Stephanie's cute look, all held their foreheads with their hands and sighed: "Silly S is really a silly S, forget it, let's get ready, it's our turn to play immediately.

Although no fans came to watch this family performance.But it is also not allowed to make mistakes, otherwise it will leave a bad impression on the top of the company."

Everyone nodded their heads and became serious, preparing to perform on stage.

And Fang Xiaoru at the door turned around after Stephanie hung up the phone, looking for the good sister Stephanie said.

"Are you Sister Stephanie's Obama?"

When Fang Xiaoru was looking around, a soft female voice appeared from his right back.

It's just that the voice is in Korean and he doesn't understand it.

Fang Xiaoru turned around and saw a girl about seventeen or eighteen years old with her big eyes looking up and down.

The girl has long black hair and is wearing a goose yellow trench coat.

Inside the windbreaker is a white tights, which perfectly outlines her towering chest and slender waist.

Her lower body is wearing a pair of ripped jeans, a pair of straight and slender legs, the legs are very good.

She has a pair of eyes that reveal cleverness and cunning, and under her small Qiong nose is a rosy vermilion lips.

The pointed chin is smooth and clean, forming a perfect face.

There is no doubt that this is a beautiful fashion girl.

Fang Xiaoru said in English: "Are you Stephanie's sister?"

When the girl saw Fang Xiaoru asking her in English, she was taken aback, but she immediately reacted and replied in English as well:

"Hello, my name is Krystal, and sister Stephanie asked me to pick you up."

Fang Xiaoru smiled and said, "Great, I'm looking for you."

Krystal asked curiously: "You speak auspicious, and you still speak authentic London auspicious, so you are not a stick?"

Fang Xiaoru nodded and said, "I am from Huaxia."

He once spent a little time learning Auspicious language with Catherine.So I can speak authentic London Auspicious.

Under the leadership of Krystal, the two walked into the headquarters building of MS.

A stage was set up behind the MS headquarters building. At this time, the stars of the company were performing one by one inside.

Along the way, Krystal looked back at Fang Xiaoru from time to time. After reading it, she frowned and shook her head again, making Fang Xiaoru a little confused.

He asked amusedly: "Oh, I said Krystal, what do you always see me doing like this?"

Krystal shook his head and said depressed, "How do I feel that you are like a person, but I can't think of it."

"Like a person?" Fang Xiaoru was taken aback for a moment, and immediately knew that Krystal must have seen himself on the news.

He smiled and said, "Does it look a lot like the chairman of Six Star Group Fang Xiaoru?"

"Yes, yes, yes! It's the chairman of the Six Star Group." Krystal heard this, and immediately said excitedly: "Aren't you Fang Xiaoru?"

Fang Xiaoru was about to answer, but was interrupted by Krystal.

Krystal said to himself: "Impossible, although you are also from Huaxia, you cannot be the chairman of Six Star Group.

Sister Stephanie, there is no reason to know such a big man.Well, maybe this is a coincidence, you are all Chinese, and they just look alike."

Krystal talked a lot to himself, and denied the other party's previous guess about Xiaoru.

In her opinion, Fang Xiaoru is a great figure, and it is impossible to know an artist like them.

Fang Xiaoru, who was on the side, listened to her self-talk all the way, but felt speechless for a while.

Just as he was about to explain to Krystal that he was indeed Fang Xiaoru of the Six Star Group, a sissy man ran over here with joy.,, ..