The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 331 Unspoken Rules

"GEEGEEGEE dumbstruck"

When the music sounds, girls dance and sing.

The girl group in Bangzi Country is very strange. For them, it seems that dance is more important than singing.

In the audience, the eyes of the men were all deeply attracted by the pairs of big white legs.

Eight girls, each with its own characteristics.

There are long-legged royal sister type, pure and beautiful type, petite and cute type, mature and charming type, in a word.

In the girlhood, there is always one you like.

In the middle of the auditorium, two middle-aged men sat.

One of them is President Kim of MS Brokerage Company, and the other man with a big belly is Zheng Yingmin, general manager of the line generation group of the biggest car company in the stick.

The line generation group produces cars all over the world, especially China, with very high sales.

This is a super-large enterprise that is only inferior to Six Star Group.

Zheng Yingmin, general manager of the line generation group, stared obsessively at the beating elves on the stage.

President Jin, who was sitting next to him, had a full view of his lustful eyes.

Jung Young Min pointed to the front and asked, "President Kim, is the girl in the middle called Yoona?"

President Kim nodded slightly, and said with a smile: "It's Yoona."

Zheng Yingmin looked at it for a while before looking back, and said, "President Kim, I have considered the investment plan you just mentioned, and it is not impossible."

President Jin was overjoyed on his face, and said quickly, "That's great."

Jeong Youngmin looked at President Kim with a smile, and said, "But, I really like that girl named Yoona. You should know how to do it, right?"

President Jin was shocked when he heard the words.The joy on his face disappeared instantly.

His brows are frowning, and his heart is constantly struggling.

Forget it, anyway, due to the pressure of Li Jaejun, they have already let them sleep with him once.

And this time, it was only Yoona alone.

Under Zheng Yingmin's gaze, President Kim's brows gradually stretched.

Finally he nodded and said, "I know what to do."

Zheng Yingmin's eyes lit up, and he couldn't wait to say: "President Kim, let's go backstage and wait for her. I'm already impatient."

President Kim tugged, but he didn't expect Zheng Yingmin to be so eager.

But since they have agreed to him, it doesn't matter when it will be realized.

President Kim nodded and said, "Please follow me."

With that, the two got up and went backstage.

However, it was said that Krystal and Fang Xiaoru were in the audience. After watching for nearly ten minutes, the performance of the girl era ended.

After it was over, Krystal’s counterpart Xiaoru said, “Sister Stephanie told me to let us wait for her here. She came to us after changing clothes in the background.”

Fang Xiaoru nodded slightly and smiled: "No problem."

So the two chatted while watching the performance on stage.

Fang Xiaoru asked, "By the way, are you also an artist in this company?"

Krystal's eyes widened and his face was incredibly full and said, "You... don't you know me?"

Fang Xiaoru touched his nose and said, "Should I know you?"

Krystal was frustrated when he heard the words, but suddenly thought of Fang Xiaoru's identity, and the decadence on his face disappeared.Said:

"I almost forgot. You are from Huaxia. It's normal if you don't know me. Then I will introduce myself. My name is Krystal and I am a member of the function combination."

Fang Xiaoru nodded and said, "So you are also a girl group."

It seems that most of the singers of MS are launched as a team.

After a while, just when Krystal wondered why Stephanie hadn't come, Fang Xiaoru's phone rang.

"Oba! Come and save Yoona."

As soon as the call was connected, Stephanie's scared voice came.

Fang Xiaoru said solemnly: "Don't worry, you can tell me slowly what happened."

Stephanie said anxiously: "Oba, the president wants sister Yooner to accompany the general manager of the agent company. Come and save her."

There was already a cry in her voice.

"You wait, I'll be here right away." Fang Xiaoru put down the phone and said to Krystal, "Take me to the backstage, your sisters are in trouble."

Krystal also vaguely heard something from the phone, and didn't ask much, and immediately got up and rushed to the background with Fang Xiaoru.

The two entered the backstage and went straight to the separate lounge of the girl's time.

They were still outside the lounge when they heard the girl sobbing inside.

With a "bang", Fang Xiaoru lifted his foot and kicked the door of the lounge.

Inside, seven girls dared to stare at a middle-aged man with a big belly.

And Yoona covered her face and sobbed.

There was a clear slap mark on her white face.

It turned out that she rejected President Kim's proposal and refused to accompany Zheng Yingmin, the general manager of the agent company.

Zheng Yingmin is highly powerful, so where can a small artist oppose him?

So embarrassed and turned into anger, Yuner slapped Yuner angrily.

Then Zheng Yingmin had to do it again, but was knocked to the ground by a flying door.

He made a sound like a pig and howl in pain.

Seeing this scene, everyone inside quickly looked towards the door.

After Stephanie saw that Fang Xiaoru came, her fears disappeared. She ran up to Fang Xiaoru and said with tears:

"Ouba, save Yoona's sister."

Fang Xiaoru patted her little head and comforted: "With me, everything will be fine."

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