The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 335: Eastern Star Factory Changed Owner

MS company, president's office.

Just as President Kim was about to force Yoona to make a decision, a phone call came.

He glared fiercely at everyone in the girl's time, and took a look at the phone. The call was from the director Li Xiuman he mentioned earlier.

MS company was founded by Li Xiuman twenty years ago.

It was only later that Li Xiuman was gradually squeezed out by the board of directors due to various reasons and the company's equity did not reach the point of absolute control.

In the end, the board of directors appointed the current President Kim, and the two have been fighting for power, which is very wrong.

President Jin answered the phone, sat in the boss chair behind him, and said, "Director Li Xiuman, hello."

On the other end of the phone, a low-pitched man's voice came: "President Jin, I want to inform you about something. This morning, Six Star Group President Hou Longshan contacted me and said that their chairman Fang Xiaoru was willing to pay a big price. Acquire the equity in my hands."


President Jin was taken aback. He just talked about Fang Xiaoru here. He still doesn't believe that he still has the power to acquire MS.

Unexpectedly, the next moment, I received a call like Li Xiuman.

His face was full of anxiety, and he asked quickly: "You won't agree to him?"

Li Xiuman shook his head and sighed: "This is exactly the purpose of calling you. MS is my half-life effort, how could I sell it to others."

But it's useless if I don't agree. According to Hou Longshan, the new president of Six Star Group, most of the shareholders of the company intend to transfer their equity at a high price.

I called you because I wanted you not to be fooled by money, and you must not sell equity, otherwise our MS company will fall into the hands of others just like the Six Star Group."

President Jin nodded his head with a heavy face, and said, "Thank you for the director's reminder, but if he wants to acquire my equity, it is no different from a dream!"

After the call was over, President Kim gave Stephanie a deep look.

Now, he dare not touch Yoona for the time being.

Time flickered, another two days passed, and the weekend came in an instant.

This week, Six Star Group broke out four major events one after another.

The first is the collective resignation of the company's senior management and core technical personnel.

The second case, the group shareholders, headed by the former president Li Zaijun, all chose to withdraw their capital and retreat.

These two things instantly pushed Six Star Group to the cusp of the storm.

In just a few days, the market value of Six Star Group has evaporated by billions again.

And the third thing really shocked the people who looked down on Six Star Group before.

On the second day after Li Zaijun and others retired, a group of wealthy businessmen from China filled the vacancies after their divestment.

The shareholders of Bangzi withdrew their shares, and wealthy China Merchants bought shares.

The close connection of things stunned many economic experts.

All of them shouted that Fang Xiaoru had a wide network of contacts and had met many wealthy businessmen, and unexpectedly saved the Six Star Group from the brink of collapse.

And the fourth thing is related to the stick entertainment circle.

The MS company known as the Oriental Star Factory has changed ownership.

Fang Xiaoru, chairman of Six Star Group, spent a full RMB 5 billion in his personal capacity to acquire a 63% stake in MS at a price that was nearly double the stock price, and once again controlled a stick company.

The remaining 37% of MS shares are firmly in the hands of Li Xiuman and President Kim.

They are determined, no matter how high Hou Longshan's price is, they are not willing to sell equity.

Seoul, a private club.

Li Zaijun put the wine glass in his hand heavily on the table and said excitedly: "Everyone, in the future, we will work together to create another six-star family.

And that Huaxia person must know that the six stars can only be the six stars of the stick, not what he can control.

Although he was surprised that he was able to attract a few shareholders so quickly, it was obviously meaningless.

Let's watch, the Six Star Group will certainly go to extinction under the leadership of Huaxia people.

And we need capital, technology and technology, and management and management. There is no reason why we can't create the glory of six stars in the past!"

All shareholders, senior managers, and core technical personnel in the clubhouse cheered excitedly.

Like Lee Jae-jun, they have absolute self-confidence, and they can definitely create a more brilliant six-star group out of thin air.

However, they overlooked one point after all.

That is how much the mobile phone that Universe Technology will produce soon will have a big impact on the mobile phone market!

It is a mobile phone that has been leading the world for thirty years. As long as it comes out, it will surely sweep the global market.

And their newly established company will surely become a stepping stone for Huanyu Technology to stabilize the world!

MS headquarters building, high-rise meeting room.

At the long conference table, there were five people sitting.

They are Fang Xiaoru, Hou Longshan, Stephanie, President Jin, and another middle-aged man Fang Xiaoru has never met, Li Xiuman, the director of MS.

In the huge conference room, there was silence.

The atmosphere at the scene was very depressing. Before Fang Xiaoru spoke, no one took the initiative to speak out.

President Jin and Li Xiuman lowered their heads, their eyes kept flickering, not knowing what they were thinking.

And Stephanie sat uncomfortably at the bottom left of Fang Xiaoru.

About five minutes later, Fang Xiaoru tapped on the table with his fingers gently, breaking the silence of the scene and attracting everyone's attention.

With a faint smile on the corner of his mouth, he said, "Two people, I came to you today because I wanted to tell you something.

Starting today, as the boss of MS, I officially appointed Ms. Stephanie as the company's president, with the assistance of Director Li Xiuman and assisting Stephanie to manage the company.

As for President Kim, you are just an ordinary shareholder from today. You don't need to intervene in the operation of the company."

When Hou Longshan translated Fang Xiaoru's words, President Jin yelled on the spot.,, ..