The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 339 The sky is going to change

The next day, at ten o'clock in the morning, the R&D room of Magic Universe Technology Company.

Fang Xiaoru nodded in satisfaction with the newly developed mobile phone in his hand.

This phone is perfectly equipped with a 3D holographic screen.

The phone body is smooth, feels very good, and the appearance is even more cool.

But the most important thing is the system of this phone.

This is a brand new system, different from IOS and Android.

Fang Xiaoru named it Huanyu System.

Whether it is operability or fluency, the Huanyu system is far behind the mobile phones on the market.

This is a truly world-leading system. With the current technology, it will take at least thirty years to develop independently.

The head of the R&D team of this phone asked with a smile: "Mr Fang, I wonder if you are satisfied with this phone?"

Fang Xiaoru said happily: "I am very satisfied. I will hold a product launch conference tomorrow to officially show this phone to people around the world. I want them to know what a real phone is!"

In the next time, Huanyu Technology Company, while releasing news to the outside world, will hold a product launch conference tomorrow.While preparing for the related matters at the press conference.

The news of a mobile phone equipped with a 3D holographic screen developed by Universe Technology Co., Ltd. immediately spread across the country like wings.

For a while, everyone was discussing what kind of mobile phone this is.

"Have you heard that the latest mobile phone developed by Universe Technology will be officially displayed tomorrow."

"Is that the phone with a 3D holographic screen?"

"Yes, that's the phone. Seriously, I'm looking forward to it now, I'm just worried about whether it will be too expensive."

"Such a high-tech mobile phone, even if it is a kidney, I have to buy it!"

Due to the development of the Internet, what happened just now in China will be transmitted to foreign countries via the Internet in the next moment.

Not only Chinese netizens, but also foreign netizens are looking forward to it.

After all, there are shocking precedents such as 3D holographic screens, and Hou Longshan said at the time that this is a disruptive technological advancement.

Moreover, he believes that this phone will sweep the global mobile phone market as soon as it is released.

Under the attention of everyone, the mobile phone conference of Huanyu Technology Company was finally held.

At the press conference, reporters from all over the country and industry colleagues gathered.

The crowd sat on the chairs with excitement and discussions.

"You said this Huanyu phone, what kind of phone will it be?"

"Its screen is so shocking and capricious, I think the phone should not let us down."

"Yeah, didn't you see how people promote it. Break with the conventional mobile phone and reconsider the mobile phone. Such arrogant publicity, if it is not worthy of the mobile phone, wouldn't it be a slap in the face?"

"It doesn't make much sense for us to discuss it. Anyway, I will know later."

In the expectation of everyone on the scene, the leader of the mobile phone R&D team boarded the chair.

He smiled confidently in the face of the overwhelming reporters and colleagues below.Said:

"Dear guests, friends from the press, and colleagues, I am very glad to be here at the launch of our Huanyu mobile phone.

I am Ding Kaihui, head of the R&D team of Huanyu Technology. Next, I will show you the latest products of our company."

Below, immediately remembered a round of applause.

Amidst the applause, a lady of etiquette wearing a cheongsam, holding a white mobile phone, walked to Ding Kaihui's side.

Ding Kaihui took the phone and showed its appearance 360 ​​degrees to everyone.

But the appearance of the phone caused an uproar among those present.

Netizens who were watching the live broadcast on the Internet left messages to express their inner shock.

"Is this really a mobile phone? It's just a work of art."

"I buy Karma! This phone is too cool. Just this shape has conquered me."

"Whether it is good or bad, I want to buy and try this phone for its appearance."

After showing everyone the appearance of the phone, Ding Kaihui pressed the power button and turned on the phone.

The phone turned on quickly, tightly within a second.

Ding Kaihui said: "Last time, our President Hou Longshan Hou showed everyone a 3D holographic screen.

Today, I will show you what functions this mobile phone equipped with a 3D holographic screen will have."

In the next two hours of the press conference, Ding Kaihui showed all the functions of the Huanyu mobile phone.

According to statistics, Ding Kaihui was interrupted by thunderous applause 12 times during these two hours.

In other words, every ten seconds, there will be a burst of warm applause.

Two hours, saying that it is not long or short.

When Ding Kaihui put away his mobile phone and ended this display, the people present had not recovered.

This is a feast of science and technology, and this is a cross-age experience.

Everyone looked at the line of words displayed on the big screen: "Huanyu, redefine the phone."

All feel well deserved.

In these two hours, both the people on the spot and the netizens who were watching the live broadcast were deeply shocked and impressed by this future mobile phone that has been leading the world for three decades.

After a short period of silence, the press conference site once again erupted with thunderous applause and cheers about to overturn the roof.

The people in the industry, OPPA, VIVA, HAWEI, Apple, Rice, Meizu and other mobile phone industry personnel sent over, have only one thought in their minds.

That is the future of the mobile phone market, which is about to change.

In the future, it will belong to the world!

No matter which mobile phone is on the market, compared with Huanyu mobile phones, they are all crushed.

The gap between the two sides is too big, because the sky is insurmountable.

On this day, people all over the world who love high technology and mobile phones are boiling.

The function display of Huanyu mobile phone was recorded as a video, and it was reposted crazy on the Internet.

Everyone who watched this video said that as long as the world mobile phone is on sale, they must buy it.,, ..