The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 342 Why should Chinese people have such privileges?

Magic City, an ordinary community.

A middle-aged man was excited like a child and shouted: "Hahahaha! Wife, the stock price has gone up again! Your husband, I am already a rich man with a wealth of hundreds of millions!"

The wife who was preparing dinner in the kitchen also put aside her work and ran out and asked, "How much has it gone up?"

The middle-aged man said with excitement: "It's skyrocketing! The market value of Universe Technology has exceeded 50 billion Citicoin, it's Citicoin!

I now hold 0.5% of the equity, which means that my net worth has exceeded one billion!And if this trend continues, the stock price has to continue to skyrocket."

His wife was shocked, and then said, "Both have broken through one billion? Then we should sell it quickly and exchange it for money. Otherwise, if it falls by then, it will be bad."

"Selling?" The middle-aged man glared at his wife and said: "Women's family only values ​​immediate benefits. Do you know how many people want the stocks in my hands that I haven't sold?

The share price of Universe Technology will continue to double several times. I sell it at this time. Wouldn't it be a gift to others?"

"But, but who can tell the future with certainty. Don't be afraid of ten thousand, just in case, we'd better accept it as soon as we see it."

The middle-aged man's wife is still very worried. In her opinion, one billion yuan is enough for her to spend ten lifetimes, and she will never use it up.No need to take risks.

The middle-aged man just shook his head, "At the beginning, I was optimistic about the Universe Technology Company and bought the company's stock. For a while, the Universe Technology Company was slandered by Six Star Group, which caused the stock price to plummet.

At that time, you complained to me, saying that I would not trade in stocks, it was a waste of money.Now that I finally turned over, I couldn't stop there.

Just wait and see. From my professional perspective, the stock price of Universe Technology will continue to skyrocket in the next month.

We now only need to sit at home and watch the market trend every day, and watch the stocks in our hands continue to rise in value every day.No need to consider other things."

After his wife listened, she stopped talking.

Now she has already admired her husband's stock trading ability.

Who could have imagined that a domestic company with a market value of 10 billion yuan would have become the world's top super-large crossover company, and there is a strong and stable trend of the first company.

Geely’s London sales point, a long dragon that stretches for thousands of meters, runs from the Huanyu sales point under Big Ben to Victoria Street.

Citi Times Square, black-skinned, white-skinned, people from all over the world, crowded Times Square, waiting in line for the global mobile phone sales.

Outside the Port of Outlantis, Australia, young men and women braved the torrential rain and excitedly lined up in the squally rain to wait for the sales of Huanyu mobile phones.

The French Paris Centre Mall, with countless customers, is crowded with the sales locations of Huanyu mobile phones.People line up at the point of sale, from the fifth floor to the first floor.Everyone's faces were filled with excitement and expectation.

Oneworld mobile phones went on sale in 14 countries around the world, instantly igniting the excitement of the local people.

Beijing time, November 16, when the bell rang at zero o'clock, the whole world was boiling.

In Citi Times Square, a 17 or 18-year-old girl with a ponytail was the first to get her own Huanyu mobile phone and jumped in excitement.

Although the price of Huanyu mobile phones in Citigroup is twice that in China.

But for her, as long as she can own such a high-tech mobile phone, twice the price is not a problem at all.

And the group of people standing in line behind the ponytail girl looked at her with envy.

A young man wearing a peaked cap and tattoos on his arm is arguing with the sales staff of Huanyu mobile phone in the French Paris Center Mall.

He said with a painful face: "God, you can't do this to me. I have been in line since 5 o'clock in the morning. I have been in line for 19 hours. You actually told me that everyone can only buy a mobile phone. ?"

The salesperson gave a professional smile and said: "Sorry sir, this is the regulation of China Headquarters. In order to prevent everyone from buying a mobile phone of their own, each citizen can only buy one time with his ID card. It’s a mobile phone, so you can’t help your family and friends to buy things."

"Hey, the one in front, do you want to buy it or not? If you don't buy it, leave as soon as possible. There are still a large group of people waiting behind."

When the young man with peaked cap tattoos was arguing with the salesperson, a strong man in the back team urged impatiently.

Seeing that Huanyu's mobile phone was close at hand, he didn't want to delay even a minute.

The young man had no choice but to gritted his teeth and bought a Huanyu mobile phone for himself.

As for the family and friends, he really can't take care of it.

After this young man, several people bought mobile phones one after another.

At this time, a person appeared.

He took out his passport and politely said to the salesperson: "Hello, I am from Huaxia. I want to buy five enhanced version of Huanyu phones."

The salesperson responded with a smile: "Okay, please wait a moment, sir."

In a short while, the sales staff took out five enhanced version of Huanyu mobile phones.

After paying the money, the Huaxia guy happily left with five bags.

After seeing this scene, the people in the team broke out in an instant, and they complained in dissatisfaction: "Why did she deliberately buy five, we can only buy one?"

"Yes, why can he enjoy such privileges."

Faced with the questions of everyone, the salesperson smiled and replied: "He is from Huaxia, and Huaxia has the privilege of unlimited purchases."

As soon as the voice fell, the crowd in the team was in an uproar.

They shouted one by one:

"Why Huaxia people have such privileges, it's not fair!"

"It's too unfair. Why can we only buy one, but Huaxia people can limit it. I am not convinced, I want to protest!"

"This is discrimination, it is Hongguoguo's discrimination! You can't make such a difference in treatment!" ,,.