The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 344: Apple's Counterattack

The sales of the oneworld mobile phone outside of China Mainland will be launched in 14 countries around the world.

On the first day of sales, global sales exceeded 10 million units!

This kind of data is simply a miracle, and it deeply shocked all the people in the industry.

Whether it is China's Weibo, Moments, or foreign Twitter, Dalian, they are all talking about this crazy sales.

Many people complained on Twitter and Big Face, and many people were showing off the Huanyu phones they had worked so hard to buy in line.

"Why is the price of Huanyu mobile phone twice as expensive as Huaxia?"

"Yes, an ordinary Huaxia mobile phone is only 2899 RMB, but in other places around the world, it costs 5798 RMB!"

"The Universe Technology Company is too hateful, how can it make our money like this!"

"I want to protest, I want to complain! This is too unfair to us."

"Even if the tariff is heavy, it can't be sold to us at twice the price."

However, even though the price is twice as expensive as Huaxia, these foreigners are still willing to pay for it.

Without him, people around you use Huanyu mobile phones to pretend, but you are holding an Apple, which is too shameful.

In addition, anyone who has watched the promotional video of Huanyu mobile phone knows that such a high-tech product is worth buying no matter how expensive it is.

Compared with the complaints of foreigners, Huaxia people have praised the behavior of Huanyu Technology on Weibo.

"If I don't accept anyone, I will accept Huanyu."

"For the first time, I feel that being a Huaxia is actually so happy. Not only can I use high-tech products for the first time, but the price is also twice as cheap as foreign countries. I have to say that this feeling is great.

"So happy, so happy!"

"I'm already a fan, give you thirty-two likes."

"It's too cool. In the past, Apple mobile phones sold in China were more expensive than other places. Now I can finally breathe out."

"The universe is mighty, Chief Fang is mighty!"

"Fang Xiaoru is my husband, and my husband loves me."

Time flies, and another week has passed.

On this day, Apple’s headquarters, President Kuke held a high-level meeting.

At the meeting, Kuke pointed at the data displayed on the projection screen with a stern face, saying:

"Everyone, you have seen the current situation. Huanyu Mobile has sold 100 million units in just one week!"

Kuike’s facial expressions are savage, "100 million units, what is this concept? This shows that Huanyu Mobile will replace Apple in a short time.

We, Apple, are about to fall at the foot of Huanyu and become its stepping stone to dominate the global mobile phone market!How can such a thing be allowed, how can it be allowed?"

All the senior executives here are worried.

Huanyu Mobile puts too much pressure on them.

Just one week after it went on sale, 100 million units were sold, and the world is overwhelming, sweeping the global market.

"Mr. President, I have a way."

While everyone was in deep thought, a high-level executive stood up and said.

Kuke looked at him and said solemnly: "What way, say!"

The senior said: "Everyone knows that the price of a Universe mobile phone outside of China Mainland is twice that of their home country. We can use this to make a fuss."

Kuke snorted coldly and said, "Don't say double, triple or quadruple. Those crazy people won't care. Your method is useless."

The high-level executive didn't care, and confidently said: "Of course this method is useless, but we can use this to induce racial discrimination in Huanyu Technology.

In non-Huaxia regions, the price is doubled, and each person can only buy one mobile phone at a time, while Huaxia people can buy unlimited amounts.These two items add up, isn't it a living form of racial discrimination?"

Kuke and a group of high-level executives heard the words, their eyes lit up and thought it made sense.

A middle-aged woman in her fifties sighed: "But this alone cannot stop the expansion of Huanyu mobile phones. After all, their quality and functions are so good."

At the scene, he fell into silence again.Everyone frowned, wondering how to trouble Huanyu Technology.

I don’t know that after too long, the cool guest patted the table and said excitedly:

"Isn't it said that the quality of Huanyu mobile phones is good? We start from its quality. Almost 70% of Huanyu mobile phones sold around the world are produced by Six Star Group.

Before the acquisition of the Six-Star Group, the six-star S8 and S9 released by the group had explosions.Especially S9, it will explode if hit hard."

As he talked, the excitement on Ku Ke's face grew stronger.

"Order all public relations and immediately hype the quality of Huanyu mobile phones. With the lessons learned from S9, I don’t believe people will rest assured of Huanyu mobile phones."

Or the woman in her fifties asked: "Mr. President, if there is no quality problem with the Huanyu mobile phone, wouldn't it make people think that we are deliberately slandering?"

Kuke sneered and said: "Even if there is no problem, after we say this, there will be problems. Everyone will have a swell in their hearts and are not at ease about the safety of Huanyu mobile phones.

As a result, its frantically rising sales will definitely be curbed.And, in addition to quality and safety issues, we can also use information security to make a fuss.

Everyone knows that people in Western countries have always held tinted glasses for China.We can publicize that the existence of the Huanyu mobile phone has leaked information. Everyone's photos and data stored in the mobile phone may be stolen and leaked."

Upon hearing this, the high-level people present couldn't help taking a breath.

Cool off's methods are really vicious.

The matter of quality and information security has indeed hit the lifeblood of Westerners.

Westerners in particular attach great importance to personal information and hold prejudices against Hua Tiansheng. They are indeed afraid of worrying about the theft and leakage of information on their mobile phones.

It can be said that if Apple really announces the security issues of these two Huanyu phones, the sales of Huanyu phones may really be curbed.,, ..