The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 345 A reward of 100 million Citicoins

With the global sales of Huanyu mobile phones, the stock price of Huanyu Technology has soared like a rocket. Apple posted a paragraph on the official Twitter, face, and Weibo, making Huanyu mobile phones the global focus.

Discussions about the quality and safety of Huanyu's mobile phones and information security are madly breeding.

Colleagues who have been crushed by Huanyu's mobile phones have begun to actively promote and spread.

For a while, the safety of Huanyu's mobile phones was hotly discussed around the world.

Even many people who care about information security are hesitant to buy and use Huanyu mobile phones.

Under the counterattack of Apple, the sales of Huanyu mobile phones are no longer as crazy as before, and the growth rate has dropped significantly.

Magic City, Huanyu Technology Company, Chairman's Office.

Fang Xiaoru smiled faintly after listening to the report of the company's public relations manager.

"Apple is eager to make a move, indicating that it has been driven to a dead end by us."

The public relations manager said worriedly: "President Fang, if we do not clarify, I am afraid that no matter how good the mobile phone is, some people will dare not use it.

Fang Xiaoru sank to death for a while, and finally said: "Everyone knows how our mobile phones are. Apple can only use such inferior methods."

He threw the file in his hand onto the table, walked to the window, looked at the tall buildings and the dense crowd in the distance, and said:

"You go to make arrangements and announce to the public that tomorrow I will personally prove the quality and safety of Huanyu mobile phones."

"Yes, Mr. Fang."

Although the public relations manager did not know what Fang Xiaoru was going to do with this matter, he respectfully obeyed the order.

The next day, a golf course in the suburbs of Magic City.

Fang Xiaoru came here with several photographers and a public security officer.

He wants to broadcast live to people around the world who have purchased Huanyu phones to verify the quality of Huanyu phones.

When the film crew was ready, Fang Xiaoru stood up, nodded to the police, and said, "Let's start."

This law and order is a young law and order.

He was extremely worried and said: "President Fang, you shouldn't test it yourself. Just put the phone on the ground, why do you have to put it on your body to conduct such a dangerous test."

Fang Xiaoru smiled slightly and said, "Only in this way can it be shocking. I want those who question Huanyu's mobile phone to shut up. Okay, let's start, and make a quick decision."

With that, Fang Xiaoru put a normal version of the world phone in his chest pocket under the camera of the photographer.

The young policeman finally settled under Fang Xiaoru's gaze. The expression of worry and concern gradually became firmer.

He took out a police pistol from his body, then slowly raised it, aiming at Fang Xiaoru's chest.

At this moment, all users with Huanyu mobile phones opened the software on their mobile phones at this moment and watched the live broadcast.

More than one billion users worldwide have all poured into the world's live broadcast client.

Watching a live broadcast on Huanyu's mobile phone is like being in it.

These billion users seem to have come to this golf course, standing face to face in front of Fang Xiaoru.

When they saw the police pointing a gun at Fang Xiaoru, they couldn't help but exclaimed:

"Whatthefuck! What is he going to do?"

"God, the boss of Universe Technology, how was the police pointed a gun at him?"

"Gosh, he's not going to test the quality of Huanyu's phone with a pistol, right?"

"It's terrible, so desperately."

"My husband, don't, you don't use this method to prove the quality of the phone."

All the people who watched the live broadcast stared at the 3D picture in front of them without blinking.


With a gunshot, a silver bullet flew towards Fang Xiaoru's chest at a speed invisible to the naked eye.

In this very realistic 3D holographic projection, everyone only felt the bullet passing through their body and flying towards Fang Xiaoru.

Hearing the gunfire, many people screamed involuntarily.

Some timid, even closed their eyes, for fear of seeing the bloody scene.

However, after the gunfire, a scene that shocked everyone happened.

I saw Fang Xiaoru standing there calmly, taking out the Huanyu phone from his pocket and putting it under the camera for everyone to watch.

The phone is intact, and there is only a white mark left by the impact of a bullet on the screen.

Everything seemed to have never happened, except Fang Xiaoru left a hole in his jacket pocket.

The 100 million viewers who watched the live broadcast were in an uproar.

Everyone was deeply shocked, and such a scene completely exceeded their imagination.

It's just a mobile phone, it's comparable to bulletproof glass, it can block bullets fired by a police pistol!

Fang Xiaoru used facts to prove to users around the world that the quality of Huanyu mobile phones is leveraged and can even block bullets for you at critical moments!

The audience watching the live broadcast in front of the screen was shocked for a long time and could not speak.

Immediately afterwards, texts from all over the world appeared densely in the live chat room like a tide.

If it weren’t for the world’s live broadcast software, which is extremely powerful and divided into 100 service areas, it would really not be able to accommodate so many barrage.

"This... how is this possible?"

"Mobile phones are comparable to body armor?"

"Mom asked me why I was playing on my phone while kneeling."

"Will the pistol be fake? Otherwise, it would just leave a white mark on the screen, which is incredible."

As if knowing that everyone would question this, Fang Xiaoru said to the camera: "Maybe everyone doesn't believe the scene we saw just now, thinking I'm cheating.

Well, if you don’t believe it, you can try it yourself.I am here to offer a reward, no matter who it is, as long as he penetrates the Huanyu mobile phone with a pistol, I will reward him with 100 million Citicoins!

Of course, you can't use high-destructive weapons like the Desert Eagle.You can only use an ordinary pistol, and the power is just like the one used by the police."

Fang Xiaoru's offer of 100 million Citicoins immediately made the 100 million viewers in front of the screen boil.

Everyone's breathing was short, and ordinary people in China couldn't get guns.

People in the West who could get guns immediately picked up their pistols and ran to the yard to experiment.

Suddenly, many western countries heard intensive gunfire from time to time, frightening the local police.,, ..